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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 21, 2020

Patterns of Misfortune

You should never wish ill upon others, but understand why it happens. Everything is slowly falling apart and left in unmanaged instability so its parts pull away upon conflicting trajectories until eventually the whole is torn apart.

The general tendencies of unfolding patterns announce themselves with abundant warning about their incipient branches of conclusion, yet even when collapse is slow moving, most passively watch undesirable ends develop while denying the obvious preparations coming together before them.

Will you set the unstable right while you can, or let it slide into terrible consequences?

The events are so powerful they can only be denied and turned away from, not considered and grasped in perspective. No sane comprehension is attempted. They are discussed as a mystery, as if caused by magical forces from another dimension and then their origin and demonstrated meaning ignored.

How thick the calluses? How disassociated by lust for numbness? The next event looms as its conditions slouch into inevitability.

The joyful spread joy, and the miserable specialize differently, each repeating to sustain itself for the next generation to experience. The joyful spread joy from instinct and positivism. The miserable cultivate their preconditions not because they think trauma is good, but because its sting reminds them of a home's comfort.

Habit obeys lazy dullness, and in obedience to habit, the trivial quickly overtakes possibility, crowding out potential for growth.

You can't fix the troubled nor relieve the troubles they conjure. They too know this, having many times endured its heavy misery, yet find enough soothing relief in it they do not take basic measures to interrupt its appearances or attempt an honest confrontation.

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