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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 19, 2020

With Contempt

Were you dealing with a system accusing you of using illegal words and harboring forbidden ideas, you could only consider the judge an executioner of civilization and hold such proceedings in contempt.

Were screws brought to bear would you call out the kangaroo court proceedings while you could, before you were smothered and silenced?

Or would you grovel before demons and frauds seeking a safe path out? No one has ever seen apologies to mobs achieve anything but signal willing submission to being entirely picked apart.

Would you seek ingratiation by quietly pretending the aggressive attacks against your experiences, thoughts, and spirit were legitimate and deserved? Would you testify against yourself and every truth you ever knew, hoping this demonstration of weakness and self-renunciation would make you look so pathetic that the eternal enemies of humanity would have mercy just before they entirely destroy you?

Would you proclaim yourself ashamed and wicked? Would you deny reality and nature if its open recognition offended man's law and the ridiculous fashion of the day?

"The ideas of the herd should rule in the herd, and not reach out beyond it."

There are boundaries, and we shall not tolerate encroachment, nor the introduction of the undesirable into our lives by greedy liars seeking to establish power over us.

"At what point, then, should one resist? When one's belt is taken away? When one is ordered to face into a corner? When one crosses the threshold of one's home? An arrest consists of a series of incidental irrelevancies, of a multitude of things that do not matter, and there seems no point in arguing about one of them individually...and yet all these incidental irrelevancies taken together implacably constitute the arrest."

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