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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 6, 2020

Perennially Safeguarding Against Ideology

First you'd show forbidden truths that uncover a rich history of bold efforts by immortal spirits. They echo in old tales, books, and lingering perennial knowledge no longer taught; buried by silly diversions and agreeable fables rather than formally suppressed. This subversive reminder of civilization's previous high water marks is foundational for scattered remnants that still measure by quality rather than popularity, steadfastly rejecting capitulation to modernity.

Then you'd show natural patterns that sort abilities -- uniting those capable of organizing thoughtful action as well as gathering the disordered, delusional, credulous, undirected, and foolish with appropriate peers and fruits befitting their predilections.

A shallow glance suggests glaciated ancestral traits tamed into docility or demoralized into passive obedience, but the innate cannot be eradicated, only faltered into hesitation or lulled to latent dormancy. Awoken from long slumber, those late in still possessing unbroken capabilities innocently clash with sham ideals and phony posturing beliefs no one thinks are actually true.

From the absence of religion, ideology fills the moral and spiritual vacuum with zealous servility to an insane gospel with a rotating cast of interchangeable pied pipers promising material salvation through revolution against eternal truths. Ideology seduces against reason and experience by offering a system of relations connecting incongruous poll-tested propositions that crowds with dubious judgment find pleasing to believe, noticeably avoiding scrutiny of functional consequences to feign obliviousness of what follows advocacy of noxious ideals.

At every reckoning, ideology presents itself as more important than reality. Through spastic revolt, it insists its merits be judged by dreams, hopes, imaginings, and suppositions of unrealistic possibilities were the world entirely different than it is -- namely blandly absent of its essential characteristics and means of sustainment -- and then attempts a logical heist by acting as if that is how things really are. On this basis it wishes to overthrow civilization so its early adherents can profit by establishing rent-seeking in a conscriptional multi-level marketing scheme, the presumptive right of all revolutionaries.

Fairy tales and magical lands were thrilling in childhood, and after accepting Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, a welcome home was prepared for other delightful stories about imaginary realities. Magicians on stage in costumes conveying authority fascinated by chanting nonsensical incantations where every trick was a slightly different formula of misdirection, hiding actual causes, making implausible claims, and deceiving by showing a fake result as supposed proof of the illusionist's supernatural abilities. Ideologues offer a less skilled version of this technique by impudently concocting browbeating dogma they insist others should accept without pointing out its inherent defects and stupidities. While making excuses for the misfortune they predictably cause, they aggressively demand more power and promise more encompassing illusions.

To avoid contacting facts that would debunk beliefs, ideologues shelter behind denial of established knowledge. Devoted conformists dutifully repeat silly neologisms to fog language and impair communication used for critique. Ideological doctrine relies on censorship and misrepresentation to defeat more accurate ideas and superior alternatives. Its only chance of prevailing depends on attrition through purges leaving it the single remaining permitted choice, like a totalitarian election with a single candidate on the ballot. Loyal lackeys do their part to enforce orthodoxy with dramatic pearl-clutching to repress plain observations outside the official narrow worldview and quash dissent from sacrosanct platforms.

Activists believe their movement superior to nature and wage total war against the natural world by replacing it with their prejudices and handicaps. Choices contrary to ideology are penalized with progressive new laws threatening theft and imprisonment for non-compliance, thwarting natural order by imposing symbolic gestures making the unnecessary mandatory.

Caught up in devotion to ideology, they disingenuously promote untruth to persuade others toward a theoretical greater good only reached by lies, deception, and coercion.

Eager missionaries promulgate propaganda to cajole silent surrender to socially engineered failures, shifting the burden for the public to accept disaster as normal and well-devised. The urgent cause of the moment mandates ostentatious avowals for a system's superstitions and empty slogans.

Movements rely on a giant bluff assuming a fabricated conclusion and then working backwards to justify it with bogus evidence, dishonest narratives, specious arguments, and misrepresented misapplied cherry picked data divorced from context. Supportive catechisms uttered by true believers are portrayed as sensible rather than a deranged secular religion buttressed by sports team cheering.

To prevent Stockholm Syndrome compliance that justifies degradation for the sake of appearing amiable, observers can be taught to recognize the disharmonious symptoms of apologists for popular prejudices. Ideologues are reliable for conspicuously spreading malaise scapegoating healthy people for not devoting themselves to wacky ideological tenets that have never worked anywhere and never could.

Ideology's groping hand doesn't pause for reflection on its habitual compulsion to violate everything previously stable and balanced. Repurposing the well-constituted to contradictory aims for gradual implosion, it intrudes to worsen by requiring accommodation for an ill-conceived multiplication of errors to ensure the ruin of the previously bountiful, whether by unstated goal or blind ignorance.

Removing ideology simplifies so one no longer feels pressure to repeat Sovietesque slogans and saccharine praise for foolish pursuits promoted as fashionable despite their obvious thread-bareness. No one should feel compelled by ideological servility to agitate against the good and proven, nor to enthusiastically champion pursuits eroding civilization, nor to be stirred to hysteria over the make-believe and strained misinterpretations, nor to participate on the side of screaming dregs, detritus, lemmings, and dopes.

Ideology blames the world for its failures, turning its believers against fellow man, society, and the principles of life. This lunacy accuses heretics of mortal sin while clamoring about imaginary causes and effects. The unsaved rejecting the swindler's fantastical claims, or worse -- reminding of their previous incarnations -- are warned of tremendous punishment for their transgressions against grift.

Dismantling ideology is demonstrative theater, either helping dislodge deceived believers from a cultish system or provoking their defensive powers to produce wildly complicated explanations to remain faithful disciples reluctantly acknowledging undeniable facts but ignoring implications that reveal their movement's shortcomings and flimsy mystique of enlightenment, exposing its saviors as little more than opportunistic snake-oil salesmen.

You can free some from the toil of marching under a ridiculous banner. As all ideologies are just a combination of Utopian delusions, phony narratives, false promises, and ruthless pressure for subservience to undesirable ends, you can save others many years of devotion to degeneracy that addicts them to increasingly crazy explanations for how supposedly wise insight and angelic intentions repeatedly create systems that only debase civilization.

Failure can be understood as a mismatch of function, knowledge, and action, and anyone incorporating accurate feedback can gradually correct their errors and overcome mendacity, rather than becoming angry with the world and projecting emotional disturbances onto it in the manner of ideologues.

Without ideology, they will not desire power to coerce others or extract statements of allegiance to nutty beliefs. Neither will they deem it decent to deceive, slander, dismiss better choices, contrive panic to provoke a patterned response, tolerate engineered bad outcomes they pretend are desirable, or expect obsequiousness from others who want no part of pointless nightmares.

They'll desire no preconstructed media opinions to take the place of their own thoughts, with neither appetite for irrelevant drama created from deliberate lies, nor feeling need to repeat clever phrases created to distract from rational scrutiny and derail realistic comprehension.

Having no sect for which to spread dogma and no imaginary paradise to proselytize, they will spare others the damage of promoting debilitating ideas that carry dreamy souls far off course.

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