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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 16, 2020

Stories, Fables, Myths, and Tall Tales

Religious people are seduced by childish fairy tale stories that are obviously fictional narrations about fantastical violations of reality in which doom is repeatedly defeated by magic.

These fables attempt to offer relief from realistic comprehension of conflict, hunger, sickness, or death by promising dreadful terrors overcome by the intervention of their deity who possesses supernatural powers and can be summoned by secret utterances and steadfast belief.

Some people will never be able to face reality with maturity, so better to tell them ridiculous stories for childish minds so they can remain calm rather than exploding into chaos when facing difficult situations and making things worse for those who are handling them.

Sacred texts claim instances where normalcy was conquered by need of morality, causing impossible feats of physics observed by crowds of faithful peasants.

And with strange aeons even death may die.

Believers want to hear the stories. They want to tell the stories to others. They want you to acknowledge the truth and wisdom of these fabulous tall tales. They feel good thinking they possess special knowledge.

They memorize their stories and keep them close in mind, eager to offer them as solutions and rebuttals to the tricky life situations, thinking phony pre-packaged solutions are supremely helpful. Rather than study the normal cases of reality, they have built a foundation on silly stories that started as exaggerations and became crafted into soothing parables for the downtrodden, suggesting the actual world could be defeated so that another reality would burst through the seams and one day reign.

The irreligious discard the moral and religious aspects of these tall tales, but have many more crazy stories claiming magic solutions to difficult situations, and cling to their secular fables even more strongly than the religious. They are free of religion but totally lost, delusional with neither foundation nor north star. The human instinct for irrationality and magical explanations of complexity is unsatisfied by their life of drudgery.

Secularists find great appeal in conspiracies, accusations, blame, revisionism, and sham pretexts. They use fake science to argue against their perceived enemies, who have been considered so because they dissent from the crazy narratives of the secular believers. The irreligious burn with envy over the success of others who are supposed to be as equally mediocre as their meager abilities, in accordance with the surely true beliefs of their adopted doctrine.

Consider how privileged it is to live among people capable of civilization, yet be unable to contribute meaningfully to it. Products and skills abound as if summoned into existence by a magical deity, yet many people cannot understand the world around them or correctly do the simplest acts, whether born with limited abilities, addicted to something stupid, or perpetually distracted so no thought or learning can ever take root.

Cheap, false answers prosper in such a climate. Are you not rich? Someone else who has more money is hoarding what should be deservedly yours. They are obviously cheating because it is unimaginable that someone could be doing better than you, smarter than you, more creative than you, more ambitious than you, more attractive than you, or better adjusted for doing something valuable. Their wealth should be yours for doing nothing because no one should be allowed to be exceptional so long as botched people struggle from their inherent deficiencies.

Nearly all complaints are rooted in envy. Some wish they were born capable of fostering civilization, or at least to enjoy its material rewards, as others are by virtue of following from two sensible and well constituted parents continuing positive life onward.

Rather than look at the actual origins of inability, the envious will tell tall tales and wacky stories to provide false soothing justifications for inabilities. Their reasons are all lies. Watch who tells stories while the successful simply go out and do what is necessary to obtain results.

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