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  July 26, 2020

Sad Day At The Gallows

After the Revolution and Counter-Revolution, there needed to be a grand explanation for what had transpired so they could push a single narrative and quash dissent. It was decided that blame would be placed upon the career politicians whose inept leadership had led to decades of societal decline that had unraveled the project of civilization.

Schools and the media were instructed to teach that our expectation of politicians was that they should raise societal standards, but they had collectively demonstrated generations of incompetence and tried to distract from their failed responsibility by stirring up the public with nonsense. Statistics proved what we sensed, and what they tried to hide.

Each politician was good enough on paper. They were all educated and most had law degrees, which means they thought like lawyers who obeyed the words of the law rather than its spirit. Law was a final resort anyway, when culture had failed and conflict needed resolution according to rules, so these were experts in societal strife and human disunity.

With lizard brains, politicians protested the gallows as a improper legal process, rather than critiquing it as a possible solution to begin rebuilding society from a functioning and healthy orientation.

This was not to be a kangaroo court like in leftist nations or like cute legal cases in the US where definitions decided the outcome before any facts could be considered. Much like judgment before Saint Peter at the gates of heaven, each politician's career was carefully reviewed in context, and the consequences of their leadership measured to determine whether their actions raised or lowered the quality of civilization.

In a few cases there were acquittals, typically from those who had entered politics having observed failed leadership and realizing they could contribute with just a few relevant efforts. They had some reason to volunteer, however small, and reluctantly fell into politics without losing sight of their purpose even as their passion for it declined.

The rest were cold reptiles in remarkably human-like skin technology, though noticeably gray in appearance and demeanor. Their behavior at the gallows was alarmingly inhuman. They fell upon excuses and evasions as if unaware of their responsibilities and utter failure to meet them.

Upon realization that one cannot meet basic expectations and cannot uphold the requirements of a position, they are expected to resign and step aside. No one should create new problems and dramatic sideshows to hide from their inability to perform basic duties.

The rooms were isolated to prevent public spectacles, which led to maddening comedy when each politician uttered the same procedural defense proclaiming their innocence.

We are a democratic nation with a representative government. The citizens and near-citizens elected me to vote and promote policies. I was merely their representative doing their will. My personal preferences never intervened.

In fact, I have rather strong beliefs that I never voiced because I considered that inappropriate in my position. To remain fair, I acted as a character so that voters would clearly know how I would represent them, and remained true to this as their steady avatar.

Therefore I fall upon the mercy of the court to find me innocent, as I was only serving the people and acting on their behalf with the many years I sacrificed as a public servant, obeying the structure of our system and upholding the laws by which we are governed.

After a few dozen nearly identical speeches, the judges began smirking upon hearing these recycled sentiments. There was always an omission of the decline in societal quality that went unmentioned by these speeches, as if the hangings were happening for no reason and innocent public servants had been gathered randomly.

The guilty were taken through back hallways to a chamber outside the gallows. Before their final consultation with a priest, each was customarily taken aside by a philosophy professor with a specialty in ancient Greek civilization, and each politician was given a brief explanation of the duty of leaders to at least uphold if not raise the quality of the civilization they inherit. Few listeners understood this, as if the professor was speaking an incomprehensible language about foreign topics. Some smirked at archaic notions of public duty.

They were given a few minutes to say their farewells before a proper rope was prepared by the hangman. Each execution was appropriately fulfilled in an attempt to provide some solace to the lawmakers who never bothered to measure results, but selflessly devoted their lives to ensuring codified definitions were followed.

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