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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 28, 2020

Consigned and Expended

Extraneous adventures beckon! Come drain away your youthful inspiration and lust for life on someone else's tasks. You are probably a lost consumer anyway. Why not lose yourself completely?

There are many witches to burn. The dejected say they can only become free after history, truth, and civilization are destroyed -- or at least they will have temporarily satisfied themselves with petty revenge against nature and imaginary conspiracies of oppression.

You could be one of 52% who pays income taxes to transfer money to the unproductive so they can have families in place of yours. Why not go barren fighting something irrelevant to your mission in life?

They want you to renounce the possibility of family to give up on civilization and let it fall to orcs and gremlins bringing about total degradation and ruin.

Rejects and failures badly separated from reality insist you follow their model and crazed ideals.

Loudly repeat the catechisms and extract statements of doctrinal compliance from others, under threat of violence, theft, and forced poverty.

You could have done something with your life, but instead you are made useful for a power grab so new mediators of resources can seize control and profit while you work for a zombie mob, contributing to degeneracy pushing civilization to fall into a new dark age.

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