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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 30, 2020

Don't Be Late

Her presence captivated as an undeniable force of nature. Lean and strong like a leopard, she needed only walk into a room for everyone to at once know what she was. Her compelling presence swung all situations in her favor.

Her powers seemed infinite, yet she was wise and took on every worthy aim offering reward while the sun still shined gracefully upon her.

For this grace is as short as it is powerful. Very soon the clock would strike midnight and restore normalcy. She would become a babushka sans magic, and there would only be memories of the wild terror she once was, and treasures her well crafted weapons had won.

How privileged one feels when the world is yours by needing only to appear and claim your take, until one day when creatures no longer feel compelled to yield and never do so again.

You can only run at breakneck pace for a while until tolls must be paid. Wildness abrades into exhaustion just as indolence ruins by atrophy. Discipline falters as she gradually falls apart and never quite puts herself back together to extend the ride a little longer.

For a while you can win many bets in a row, and some come to believe they possess skill or fateful luck, but the house always wins in the end. Gambling is just an expensive form upon which to cast fantasies of fate.

Everything eventually slips away, and it only matters what one has to show for their opportunities, which is ultimately reflection of spiritual resilience and realism about the nature of life.

Difficult choices must be made despite uncertainty while it remains possible to do so, within one's mighty powers.

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