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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 23, 2019

The Earth is Flat or Round

It doesn't matter much whether you believe the earth is flat or round, because realistically you aren't going to act on that belief. Your beliefs only act as a placeholder that supposedly answers a question with assumptive speculation or a silly definition game so that you no longer think about the question or its implications.

The placeholder become permanent so you never consider again whether the question was really answered, nor doubt its veracity unless too many other placeholders stacked upon it all start to come undone with unconscious realization that you've internalized a bunch of silly lies just to keep away from another truth you couldn't handle.

This is that because of this, thus it is clear -- and now you can move on to other ideas.

Likewise it doesn't matter much whether you believe the world is governed by dozens of major and lesser gods that are inherent living aspects of nature, or one Big Daddy schizophrenic multiplexed God who is terribly concerned with your being because you are so special, especially when you post frivolous idiot fodder for attention on your social media attention outreach campaign.

Sin, forgiveness, and scapegoats are obvious ways to explain situations so we can lay them to rest and move on. We have many such mechanisms that combat defective examples of remembrance manifesting as anxiety, OCD, and related mental errors that stem from undisguised repetition.

At some point there is nothing more to squeeze out of a rock, and we must not waste time on the pointless. When we are done with dramatic displays, deliberate techniques help break from consuming cycles.

It's hard to take anyone's beliefs very seriously because of how erroneous and wacky most people are, but we care very dearly about the quality of their results and that they end up living in harmony with reality.

We wish all a rich and natural life in accordance with how their ancestors lived, and they too deserve to experience, though no one can help them find the way. They must realize much for themselves through neglected paths, which means not spending too long looking into lavish opiate dens full of lost and resigned spirits.

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