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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 16, 2019

Working Backwards

First you prepay your funeral plot and service. Your life insurance will leave your family a generous cushion so they never need worry about anything big. What they do with that is their burden. When your time has passed, you will have made their lives a little easier and give them a chance, if they are able.

You write your final letters to all those you wish to leave with one more embrace when you are no longer able to do so in person. You think of them deeply recollecting your moments together and let them know what they meant to you and that you appreciated all they are.

From here the rest is easy. Whether you are slowly or forcibly removed from the world, your preparations are in order so when your connections are severed, you can let go without any frantic concerns.

Continuing still further backwards: now there is only you and your family. Your own obliteration is of no personal concern, and with comfort and awareness you can carefully do the best that is possible with the unknown amount of time allocated to you.

For your family you will wish to provide as much continuity possible without your intervention. The structure that you have created for your wife and children carries with natural momentum, and they will know how to interpret your instruction.

Your wife will run the estate, your children will continue to grow onward and measure the world wisely, both pursuing wise opportunity and avoiding luring pitfalls.

Backwards still more: consider your special skills that no one else can do or create, and therefore you must in your remaining moments? Those are yours alone. How shall that work persist? For to take action only to have it obliterated is of dubious worth, though it is yours to do with as you wish.

How would you show the uninitiated that it has worth, which is to assume you have the ability to correctly judge or assess non-triviality?

If you do have something exceptional to create, how are you pulled in to foolishness such as watching shows or ball games? You could be creating what the universe shall never see again but instead you listen to fools and take in foolishness while losing precious time.

Your essence is nullified by frivolity.

Some time remains. We are still able to do the exceptional and set out a superior situation, as you are a spirit of the universe.

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