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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 13, 2019

Average Is Not Desirable

Recommender systems aggregate data and suggest popular paths from a single origin.

When you buy trash bags, a recommender system might suggest a disinfectant or paper towels because previous consumers of trash bags were thinking about cleaning they would do in association with hauling away trash and bought those products at the same time.

Democratic suggestions for music are accurate in capturing crowd choices of what songs were consumed after others, and connecting pop band associations, but this assessment only captures the generic taste of consumers who listen to whatever identical pap is pushed upon them, telling about popular crowd tendencies and suggesting more of it.

For people with discerning tastes, a human is much better at recommending what is actually good.

Tastes vary, and different experts can described their preferences, so several could suggest a wide survey of music for consideration instead of safe repetition of essentially identical products for dopes who don't know any better.

Solutions of quantity replacing quality continually fail, leaving supporters baffled when bulk genericism remains unsatisfying. Zombies are happy doing whatever everyone else has been instructed to do, but the sentient prefer what is good. To fix this, some attempt to reduce the number of sentient and their critique of bad solutions so they can be safely dismissed as an irrelevant minority.

One rule for all is oppression to those who are not equal zombies.

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