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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 11, 2019

Living Just to Keep Going

Designating suicidal ideation as mental illness assumes every subject has an incorrect comprehension of one's life. It might very well be the case that someone lacks discipline, self-control, has put themselves in a terrible situation, lacks the willpower or ability to upright themselves, and has no particular purpose, as they live in a diverse failing society that will be converted into primitive peasantry controlled by technological bureaucrats.

Those ready to give up are rarely taken seriously when they announce their decision and so have to act in secret, which causes others confusion which they resolve by calling the quitter wrong, ill, and in need of help.

Well founded instincts might correctly sense nature's wise instruction to exit, just as hunger calls when appropriate.

Modernity wishes to keep around the maximum number of people after making them miserable and removing the conditions of their meaning of life. Rather than restore previous conditions to health, the miserable are drugged up to sense nothing, along with abundant lesser tranquilizers to make the hours pass, such as media and jobs so people observe many random senseless events capturing the struggling of fragmented consciousness around them, occupying them like junk versions of everything replaces fulfillment.

When someone has already given up and decided they aren't going to straighten out their life and begin doing something interesting, how could someone else argue against the basis of the conclusion and say it cannot have been reached correctly?

Vacuous souls fill every day with the same narcotic consumption of entertainment and drugs. They've admitted they won't stop and begin doing something better, so what's the point of dragging the self-created hell out any longer and insistently refuse to fix simple problems?

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