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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 27, 2019


The classical formula is no mystery, but has been done well so few times. Pack the essential into two minutes for maximal punch, repetition only thematic rather than filler for proles.

Drums steady and insistently pushing forward, laying a pulsing cyclical bass structure establishing frame and boundaries holding the whole. Rhythm guitar thickens by filling the middle on tempo. The determined backbone steadily pushes the surge forward and holds the stroke strong, interlocking with lead guitar when the chorus engine shows its might.

Relentless lead guitar expansion overlays motifs to complete measures, chaotically unhinged as an unregulated free spirit going where it is called, exhibiting intelligent wild instincts with tasteful conclusions and texture via tremolo, slides, and bends. Reusing themes but playing them out differently, turning their forms over to dissolve or resolve so a new one can enter and show itself.

You can't get there without practicing hours every day. How rare is anything good; so few willing to perform the necessary, instead tolerating mediocrity and pretending it is an acceptable offering rather than admitting it lazy, uninspired, cheap, and disappointingly empty.

Not just one person building out their effort, but several together toward a shared goal with purpose. Usually when we do anything, we are fighting against one another for contrary aims, sabotaging the striving of others, forcing them to waste time and money in stupid battle and creating isolation from them so their attacks cannot stop us, -- or we self-medicate in depression with ballgames, shows, and drugs to paralyze our consciousness of this malengineered means of organizing society.

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