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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 9, 2019


Before they are pacified and thereby destroyed, your curiosity leads to the discovery of frontiers where new possibilities are uncovered and no laws prevent finding them out. Reality is wild in full force.

There is some risk, just as there is in crossing the street or laying on the sofa. Usually the reckless are the main casualties and eventually authorities move in and outlaw the frontier, driving the frontiersmen to increasingly sketchy and dangerous, but ungoverned alternatives so they can enjoy some semblance of the unrestricted joy they previously lived. As open space becomes ruined by authorities, many leave the community until it consists mostly of those late to find out, and the lingering insane experimenters trying to recreate what once was excellent when unhampered.

Often the newly illegal frontier remains in degraded and banned form for decades, retracted and now dysfunctional. Some ignore the prohibition and continue explorations, accepting the legal risk and thinner community.

Communities can thrive so long as they remain below the radar. Others don't care or understand the strange world they have uncovered, where the firm rules people believe are demonstrably overcome, and an unbridgeable gap exists between those who have experienced this and those who ignorantly repeat babble asserting the opposite because they heard someone else say it.

In quietude, revelations are not in the top ten list of societal menaces that the fake elite need to pretend they have a solution for, so they take no action to create new laws allowing force against citizens on the frontier.

Lawmakers don't care about legislation, only the need to uphold the appearance of leadership, even if doing pointless or stupid things. They have infinite public money to waste on mistakes, and soon will have a different leadership position and will escape responsibility for their terrible actions and inactions, typically blaming large governmental bodies for policy failures. Officials refuse to be help responsible for the harmful public impact of their office.

The lawmaker does not hate the frontier, he is just doing a job of filling a paid position. He doesn't know much about anything nor care. The essential psychological aspect of being a democratic politician is understanding that nothing the politician does matters, i.e. that he chooses to do whatever, which could be blowing up a country or fixing a transportation system. Either way, the act is done and cannot be undone, and he will never do it again nor face consequences or benefits, as he is insulated from both and detached from concern.

The politician has no honor, having done away with the notion of honor entirely. You can call him names and he will politely disagree. You can point out his corruption and great wealth accumulated while on a modest government salary, supplemented by bribes and insider information. He merely shrugs and says you are entitled to your opinion, which is truthful.

There will be no duels. He will not try to defend his name and has no need to, for he has renounced all beyond the immediate and cares not to take on bold efforts to be remembered as one who contributed to making civilization great. He is disposable and takes no concern over what happens, nor cares for the damage he causes that is forever attached to his name, which will be buried with his body soon enough. Just as his office is a vehicle for power and wealth, his name and soul are likewise just temporary vessels to use and discard.

Some are bothered that frontiersmen have found a new place and value it greater than the boring world. They do not understand why someone would leave the joy of television and cheap intoxicants.

Why would someone seek something greater than life than watching a civilization lose its capabilities and lock in on third-world failure?

When all around you becomes weak, fat, and stupid, why should you object and look for better outcomes found through unconventional means?

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