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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 3, 2019


One would not say that a life filled with accomplishments and demonstrations of potential was tragic to lose to inevitable death. Though we would give much for Mozart to have created a 50th symphony or Beethoven a 15th, we also accept they did much with limited time and their configuration of spirit with so much to show shall never appear again in that form, and likely was filled with more before too early an end.

We shall all soon perish. But some shall live for a while and in that short time fulfill their purpose rather than being pulled away into idleness and contradiction.

The devil and his minions steal life's potential by putting us with nonsense pushing away the divine mysteries of life. They shall be the lost, childless, handicapped, and incapable of love.

They advocate a living death of nothingness, promoting soda and video games for imaginary triumphs while real life atrophies. They are merchants of death robbing life.

Libertarians say we need no strong laws against abortion, for only rejects would kill their own children. Those concerned with civility suggest we shouldn't tolerate senseless death and dismiss it as the work of deranged fools, thereby allowing them to demonstrate such behavior as normal for others to accept.

Devils keep the flock occupied and fruitless, and many quietly forsake everything until it is too late.

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