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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 5, 2019

Downgoing, Turning Against, and Onward

From downgoing you nestle inward, now close enough to take first sight at what something really is, usually a brutal accidental exploration from which few beliefs remain undebunked. Upon taking in the actual substance, one feels cheated: there is far less than the image and mystery suggested.

It was shallow but esteemed as incredible by fools who have never experienced anything great but wanted to act like others they have witnessed from afar who were familiar with transcendent experiences.

Some get caught up in travel, which is valuable for how it reveals the variance of the world and recharges by removing from routine, but is disruptive and yields little to most people who are dull no matter where you put them.

Exploring great food similarly shows the potential of raw materials as well as the skill to prepare it and pair it excellently, but once this lesson is understood, putting time aside and planning for yet another presentation isn't worth having to accommodate.

Many have complained through the ages about the worthlessness of news, while others assumed it was an accurate information service rather than a semi-reality based entertainment product -- and the Internet supercharged that into wrong-headed consumers repeating opinions about topics they've never bothered to examine in the slightest.

Similarly, drink and drug are promoted as insightful yet their practitioners have little to show for the wear they've taken that could have been spent on worthy aims.

Consider how little music, art, literature, and philosophy are of first rate and able to last centuries? All the rest is promoted for sales before being discarded as trash for morons.

Descending from hype to actuality is transformative.

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