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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 21, 2018

Misunderstood Fake News

News reporters draw conspicuous attention by looking like mentally deranged liars when they try to explain the meaning of events while demonstrating they don't understand a thing about them. They act like they have no memory, no access to information on the topic, have never visited planet earth nor met its humanoids, and are too lazy to bother with a basic study of what they are being paid to authoritatively write about.

But if you consider that most news reporters are daily users of amphetamine cocktails so they can write voluminous gossip, their behavior makes sense. All they have to do is produce a massive quantity of news that will soon be forgotten, but in the meantime is very valuable for breaking up space between the commercials that bring in all the money.

Insight is a luxury not afforded to news. Programming runs on a format, whether a word count, page size, or a show duration. When there is no important news, the daily hourly news program must still fill an hour. Just because there is nothing to report does not mean news can stop writing stories for those eager to consume exciting stories.

Adderall is great for bulk schoolwork, cleaning your house, and other tedium, and to news writers a story deadline is one more boring task that has to get done.

Dependency on stimulants doesn't produce calm reflection and deep understanding. News writers use stimulants to produce a deluge of words for stories that are usually superficial, incoherent, and resemble frantic schoolyard chatter.

Consider how scatterbrained news is, presented as if there's no past against which to measure it, only their fake urgency promoting panic and fears about the present that never amounts to anything. It takes a while to realize news reports rarely cover anything significant.

The perpetual drug binge of reporters is only made weirder with consideration that a management layer has awareness of what's going on and has to herd the unstable drug users to produce maximum usable context so the aggregate can be used as a backdrop for selling advertisement space. Managers tolerate the drug users and need them to keep writing crazy half-true articles, while drug users need the drugs to be able to produce a massive volume of nonsense barely connected to the real world. News is totally dependent on drugs to keep up its pace of production.

News skips discussion of how a story today fits into historical context because its economic concerns aren't related to being informative and no longer wastes money on fact checking or experts to clarify discussions and relate them to previous events of a similar nature.

Featured political and economic pundits are wrong about nearly every prediction, yet are regularly invited back to give their next incorrect prognostication because they produce more material to sell for advertisements.

A great many bad writers make their whole living by that foolish mania of the public for reading nothing but what has just been printed -- journalists... a most appropriate name... journeymen, day-laborers.
[Schopenhauer, On Authorship]

French: journalier - day laborer, journeyman, commuter, ordinary daily events of no concern

They don't mean to create fake news. They just lack a mandate to be accurate or informative and corporate cultures based on heavy drug use lead to sloppy results. Their sole task is to produce value for shareholders, which is satisfied by creating content that temporarily stuns and captivates audiences so they can be shown advertisements.

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