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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 17, 2018


With the death of a wise and active teacher, you realize countless insightful lessons and essential corrections have been lost, and now you will find a new master to guide your development.

He was right about so many things! Time and time again, he took a bold and uncompromising stance and was proven right years later. He saw errors early and refused to be a party to its ritualistic toleration when a diverging solution was possible.

How blessed to be his pupil. Such blessings do not often last long before disappearing. Thus we do well to recognize and appreciate rare intersections with wisdom, beauty, and love while they flickers into light for short moments before shrinking into mere memories of what is possible.

He thankfully left you with road maps for years of study with which additionally internalize his spirit in the framework and methods by which he wanted to show you the secrets of his art.

You will never approach his level of achievements. Nevertheless, becoming very good serves as an ongoing foundation for the art and he knew it would be rewarding by itself and introduce unexpected benefits in other areas of your life.

Your master had detailed knowledge of the contemporary greats with whom he competed and collaborated throughout the world. This art is a bridge to the greatness that lives in the midst of failure and mediocrity.

First tier excellence should develop itself maximally while in its prime to discover and exhibit what is possible and push it to its limits through the challenge to be the best in the world.

Second tier excellence should teach, having recognized it lives just next to the championship stage or its skill has passed its peak and will not be a champion again, yet has ability to develop young talent and expand quality broadly.

In nearly all cases, our masters exceed us, which pays tribute to their mastery, without which we would not have the excellence needed for civilization.

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