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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 17, 2017

Birth Control

Blue hair, obesity, graduate school, and exhausting jobs keep women barren and age them out by wasting their youthful fertility so they don't reproduce.

Idiocracy plays out no so much with consuming neurotic worry about being ready for a family as it does by psychologically demoralizing normal people with the threat that any children they have will be swallowed up by and sacrificed to a third-world population. Tax payers must fund this government's policy of replacing natives with diverse 80 IQ dregs from the world's failed civilizations to recreate remnants of broken nations in new borders and repeat its proven levels of inherent ability. How will you build another generation with this replacement population being constructed? And yet, such demographic results are not inevitable and could be easily reversed, but we are told not to think about getting the results we desire -- rather to dwell passively tolerating misery no one wants.

While it's beneficial to nullify leftists and encourage them to consume sports, video games, and the latest Netflix series that must be watched until all of their time and reproductive ability has been stolen by foolishness, you don't want good people to get caught up in the excuse factory and pity party that turns so many unhealthy and consumes them with elaborate justifications for the nuttiness that is harming them and distancing them from a natural relationship with life.

Birth control keeps sex recreational until women grow too old to have children, and men extending adolescent fixation on pointless amusements into their 30s or 40s helps ensure there is no threat of pregnancy so that both sexes are kept from their timeless expression and purpose in a slow suicide.

Mating of released sterile males with native females leads to a decrease in the females' reproductive potential and ultimately, if males are released in sufficient numbers over a sufficient period of time, to the local elimination or suppression of the pest population.

SIT is a proven, cost-effective strategy for eradication or suppression of target populations.
[The Sterile Insect Technique]

The smart people with kids tend to be balanced: educated, physically fit, able to eat normal sized portions, realistic, positive, active, and professional. Time is short, and a willing pair finds one another to begin their family while the sun shines.

Some blame feminism and call it a fake movement that deceptively invents grievances, spreads false claims, and deliberately misinterprets data in an attempt to defy nature and harmonious relations between men and women.

By psychologically poisoning women to make them bitter, resentful, and hostile while teaching them to dissolve their old hopes for an identity as victims of an oppressive conspiracy, feminism guarantees them unfit for a loving relationships, ensuring they will be barren unless they overcome feminism and recover the internal joy they had before the psyop. It's no coincidence that feminism is designed and spread for its observed purpose, just as many similar agents of sterility are used against the populations as a war for future advantage.

The cheerful don't forsake life for ideology.

Those who declare devotion to childlessness tend to be ajar and ideologues who were sweet and joyful in youth, but then became true believers with crazy politics or social movements at odds with reality, and kept spinning out.

If they can't stop believing in and promoting destructive fantasies, its best they have no kids, but terrible their lineage lasting hundreds of generations was terminated by a stupid lying ideology.

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