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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 1, 2017

Not My Society

It's rude for people to try to put irrelevant things in your head, but they do it anyway. Such behavior is standard operating procedure for companies and organizations that make money and wield power by getting people to pay attention to their theatrical promotion of fabricated issues. They will say anything to provoke a reaction, and it's all based on garbage.

Ignoring their manipulation frees you to become grounded in aims other than caring about their frantic make believe nonsense invented to profit by stealing your time.

Their dramatic noise also distracts from worthwhile efforts elsewhere in civilization. Ignoring loud noise also benefits society by starving a parasite.

The newest version of the arts is usually the most inferior, as it comes from people of low talent, an idiotic culture, and no knowledge of what came before. Those products are created to make money from rubes.

Read no books from the last 100 years unless the author demonstrates familiarity with Schopenhauer. @nntaleb

Instead, seek the best versions of the arts that reveal the genius potential of mankind that continues to inspire generations.

We are nearly British with our stiff upper lips: calm in the face of chaos and cold while watching fools act as they must, while we do what is necessary rather than participating in commercial foolishness.

Hours were stolen from you watching grown men throw a ball around, the contest having no consequences in the real world. People told you it was important, just like the latest celebrity opinions and products, so dummies talked about them and participated like good obedient subjects.

So many stupid news stories to fill space and time, terrible shows, and formulaic movies took away precious hours each week. You could have been doing something interesting.

Tuning it out breaks the addiction to trivial frivolity. You'll find non-marketable activities and timeless art far more rewarding the mediocrity. All you have to do is ignore endless garbage.

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