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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 14, 2017

Resist with Feigned Innocence

Violence is unacceptable say all the forces that foment violence but disclaim its messy results. Some want to make use of the threat of violence against critical thinkers who reject or hesitate to repeat its catechisms of expected conformity. How better to push insane falsehoods than to make them slogans?

"disunity is our strength"

"the capable and incapable are identical"

"we are a nation formed by and dependent upon impoverished disorganized backwards third-world idiots"

They renounce violence as a way of directing public action and locking in the results they want, directing action and results by producing endless delusional propaganda, strife, radicalizing rhetoric, and societal conditions that alienate people from civilization while giving them a scapegoat to blame. For legal compliance and deniability, they tell the radicalized not to harm the enemy that the message has identified as the sole cause of all moral and structural problems.

Made crazy from media, frustrated from a pointless life, and spaced out on diverse pharmaceuticals, receptive losers get their ideas from television shows and are the end consumers absorbing a chain of toxins from a polluted ecosystem. It's no surprise that such conditions makes them antisocial, with some willing to take out their hatred with violence instead of merely angry words and passive aggressive deeds.

Normalizing violent resistant normalizes violence. Protests for the purpose of shutting down society soon normalize riots, which normalizes war against society (the civilized and organized), which soon normalizes violence and assassination as a way to resist order and forcibly change leadership when candidates are elected that you don't want.

Note that the resistance does not debate ideas or in any way use reason to express disagreement. There is no discussion about differences in structural organization, nor do they even posit a goal other than resisting for its own sake. The forces of resistance have no end goal, other than them ruling and attaining satisfaction when no other alternatives are permitted.

The forces of resistance been able to radicalize a few with their fire and brimstone story telling, but should take responsibility for the violence they've stirred up, as well as all future violence that will surely result from the conditions they've deliberately created.

Pretending to be innocent doesn't work when dirty hands and money trails reveal years of toil towards this goal.

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