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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 9, 2017

Radicalized Towards Stupid Aims

Ostracism means expelling those who disrupt what your community is working towards refining I had the joy of traveling through Greece during their 2015 currency crisis. The beautiful islands were unimpacted, as they flourished on a tourist economy making them independent of the mainland. Rural Greece was also mostly unimpacted by currency problems, running on a barter system of food and goods with neighbors to avoid paying taxes to a largely irrelevant parasite government. City people who had voted benefits far beyond their productivity were crushed.

Greece's problem wasn't the EU or European standards. It was politicians who flattered the citizens and gave them more than was sustainable by their work. This effectively Ponzied the people by spending big on the credit card of the people and paying only partially while interest on debt compounded to unmanageable levels.

All of this fake wealth was a drunken shopping binge.

In multiple cities, communists proudly waved the Soviet flag and related symbols while demanding an alternative to European culture and standards. They were literally requesting the same horrors and failures previously forced on millions to be forced on them by choice.

Consider: how would you sell someone corn chips, soda, or a life-crushing ideology so they affirm a harmful imposition rather than resist and reject it?

You can't directly address the downtrodden by saying "Hey, you are depressed losers untethered to reality and eagerly delusional, so here's a sweet fantasy lie you can believe in that will give you temporary relief from the consequences you have created for yourself while you keep digging the hole deeper."

Instead, you ignore the elephant in the room, which would be rational evaluation of the proposition, and instead pretend the offering is perfectly valid and sane, finding some positive attribute or speculative possibility to talk about, as if talking about the weather.

"Yummy corn chips with salt grains -- that's what you want. The grooves are cut to maximize flavor and they're great for parties." rather than "You know diabetics, the obese, and undirected screen watchers eat corn chips, and all of them share common flaws they should venture to overcome."

By normalizing horrible decisions, degenerates are able to form communities of the like-minded and corporations happily sell them products of their willful impairment.

There's no check and balance on proposals. Products are universally shown with pro-product commercials absent of critique and consideration, just as all ideologies are promoted as positive despite their histories of destruction conflicting with their positivity and innocent claims of good intentions.

Nor do companies or politicians care what happens to those who obey commercials, thus they are free to say anything, take reckless gambles with public monies, population, and national responsibilities -- and keep moving on to the next scheme.

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