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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 28, 2017

Mass Depression

You are locked in a death match with a strange incomprehensible consciousness and must trust in your lineage to battle on and prevail, as the war will outlast you yet is bound to your spirit When you see there no future in your country and all projections indicate it will be overrun and transformed into a cultureless disaster that would be easy to prevent, yet there is no will to do so, why have kids? You wouldn't condemn others like you to grow up in Guatemala, Algeria, Nigeria, or Turkey, but now that level of society and the people who create it descend upon the open gates of advanced nations to replace founding populations and clear away all that came before.

This widespread ruination is why the creators of civilization have renounced having families. Purpose and unity have been spoiled,and now decline into third-world misery appears inevitable, just a decade or two from full realization when all will be made to suffer equally and depend upon politicians who created the problem for relief from it.

As children, we were encouraged to create a better future than our present, to dream big and achieve. That hope is smothered by the sight of everything valuable being replaced by the useless.

Responsible adults reflect on their spiritual health and renounce any possible future. They sense looming despair, knowing what awaits in coming decades. In public they are brow beaten into compliance with a horrific agenda and must call it wonderful or stay silent while pretending that destruction is a positive achievement.

Taxes are extracted from the capable and used to create the opposite of what citizens want, creating undesirable circumstances through deliberate disunity using components that have failed everywhere else. That which is known to succeed everywhere is rejected from consideration because it's time to try out deranged experiments that no one believes will turn out well.

In this stormy tumult, quitters will quit, and the weak will be quickly felled by circumstances that healthier souls shake off and recover their strength. They will leave no progeny to continue, resigning from humanity forever because the cards were atrociously stacked for a moment in time.

No wonder so many are depressed. It's hard to imagine a positive future when the forces of destruction and wickedness are aligned to make the good become lost, and call those initiatives progress.

However, that is exactly why to fight back openly as well as by stealth, to loudly reject undesirable change and to create a future that will be capable of organizing around timeless principles of life and civilization.

This flood of desperate migrants is part bluff, part psyop, part madness unleashed for the purpose of wrecking nations. Even if they take over, all they will be able to do is ruin what they control. Life will go on and the capable will work around dysfunction. The founders of civilization have endured and outlasted numerous setbacks and resettlements through the ages. When their work is ruined, they move away, regroup, rebuild, and exclude the destroyers from their community.

As society crumbles around them in obvious and predictable ways, the next generation will know what to do and join one another to create a new future for the good who remained resilient and believed in what they are made of. It's inspiring to fight the evil zombies creating a wasteland of ignorance while keeping the possibility of a future alive. You bequeath your children a purposeful life restoring great gifts that have been refined for millenia.

You know you could face the challenge of fixing what disunity harbors -- and triumph. Your descendants will be made of the same soul and raw abilities as you. They will endure and heroically face the opportunities presented by rubble, pioneering a rebirth of civilization that is not yet possible today.

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