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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 13, 2017

Shock Media

I once knew a girl who was a perpetual insomniac and to her consciousness was indistinguishable from dreams. She lived like a sleepwalker dutifully going through motions without belief they had any purpose or lasting impact. This made her skeptical of human interactions and doing much of anything because all she had invested could vanish in an instant when the dream ended.

Much the same way, opinions voiced on media suggest that for most people fantasy and reality are interchangeable.

In the media world, real world functioning is far subordinate to a social stance a person can take to get praise from other simpletons. Popular social signaling usually promotes stupid choices that produce damaging results thrust upon everyone, imposing a collective cost to fix mutual damage. It's like terrorism with good intentions.

Media only wants to tell an entertaining story and make a cute argument without having to face the implications of what they are promoting by their stance. They are unconcerned with what's real since they are just in the entertainment business to sell commercials. They create drama and stir the pot to keep people watching, producing shocking material that will never make a positive addition to anyone's life.

Anyone can make a shocking statement that attracts attention like setting off a bomb in a shopping center, but we should recognize that this is just an extreme tactic to attract attention and should mock anyone crazy enough to claim this behavior somehow improves society.

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