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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  April 1, 2017

Politics is Downstream of Biology

First you start with zero: nothing does nothing.

From there, to do better than nothing, you must do something, from which economic value can be ascertained.

The frail and rotund bodies everywhere tell you most people have become undisciplined and disconnected from reality such that they no longer realize they are dragging around a decrepit body that announces their disregard for health. Just a few hours a week and freeing themselves of bad habits would quickly bring them excellence.

Consider all the other obvious things they don't notice or care about, far smaller than the profound psychological illness they quietly confess to when renouncing good results. They are so miserable they seek destruction of everything great -- including themselves -- and settle into a relationship with the world by choosing to lose, give up, and make up wonderful explanations.

Neither side is sacred
No one wants to win
Feeling so sedated
Think I'll just give in

And if you wouldn't mind I would like to lose
It's fun to lose and to pretend

Feeling trapped and hopeless in their inactive hell, they silently lash out. Depression and laziness lead to denouncing good results, whether in health, wealth, romance, art, adventure, or spiritual matters.

As sniveling mopers, they settle for the choices requiring the least effort, which is usually the worst, and spend considerable energy justifying its adequacy.

By their bellies you shall know them.

They eschew vigorous exercise in favor of counting the number of steps they walked today, which is barely worth getting off the couch and putting away sugar products. They attain data, but not results.

Those who don't do simple things known to win good results don't really want good results. Their complaints are merely for attention. If they wanted a better life, they'd choose actions to create it instead of making noise that achieves nothing.

When biology displays a sudden surge of flabby, weak, idle people, you can expect their politics will be driven by the same sickly motives. And how could you fault the effete for wanting proper representation? Or fault the opposite population wanting more strong, beautiful, and noble people?

No wonder the deranged become furious when held responsible for their behavior and realistic consequences are openly discussed, or when shown a counterexample to their provisional illness.

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