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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 25, 2016

Greatness is Good

Who rakes leaves better than me? In this realm, I acknowledge none as my superior, nor do I hesitate to avoid bragging or feign modesty about greatness. Some call this a small claim to being great, while they rest idle and do nothing, forever.

My vast estate is plush with old trees and requires many days of raking. I use no hired workers or blowers, just as my ancestors provided their own labor, an endlessly renewable energy source and secret wealth that endures.

My raking is fierce and durable, lasting hour upon hour without a single bad thought or complaint. Completing this work is my only consideration. Each tall bag filled is joyful accomplishment, one step closer to success.

Some days wind, cold, or rain initially makes uncomfortable, a pesky challengers trying to dissuade, until accepted and made irrelevant. As always, I willingly go forward to meet them and never wither. Without fail, I devote my full powers to my task to find triumph waiting for me. Destiny requires merely continuing upon my goal and standing my ground with noble spirit unbroken.

Others who do battle with leaves perform labor for money, not their own need. They could never have as clear purpose as mine, nor as straight a path.

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