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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 9, 2016

Canonical Fraud

The early versions of Artificial Intelligence weren't very good. They were crude attempts and could be beaten. When Grand Master Kasparov played Deep Blue in chess, he could sense strategic flaws in its simulated thinking and was able to manipulate and lead it into traps.

After several years, Deep Blue was improved and was able to beat Kasparov. Now basic desktop computers typically beat almost any chess player.

The media, entertainment, and political ruling class are still refining their public manipulation technique. They invent and designate which opinions are acceptable and then spread them using schools, movies, shows, and political discourse.

"Maledetto colui che contrista, un spirto immortal!"

"Cursed whoever saddens an immortal spirit!"

Manzoni (Conte di Carmagnola, Act II)

Elections rejecting globalist power are met with efforts to demoralize resistance. Phony polls are published showing large leads for globalists, while opponents are insulted and described as supporting losing efforts.

Globalists will learn from their mistakes and refine their manipulation techniques. They will begin implanting millions more fake accounts in social media, develop more sophisticated psychological techniques to dissuade criticism, and make their propaganda more subtle and nuanced. Eventually they will be nearly undetectable.

Brexit and Clinton were caught in the act from their overconfidence in early versions of public demoralization. Rulers will use the finest advertising methods, including personalized propaganda to control public opinions to repeat the whims of the political class and shame people from thinking for themselves.

Primitive attempts of manufacturing consent are losing now, but it's clear the ruling class is willing to do anything to win. They will tighten up their game and will soon be using better techniques to accomplish their aims.

Investors spend billions so a figurehead willing to sell off the nation cheaply will take a job paying $400,000/yr.

Controlling the public and a nation's power is worth a fortune to them. Though they are failing now, they aren't about to stop.

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