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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 6, 2016

Big Brother May I?

Anarchy reigns in neighborhoods, such that no one is required to inform his neighbors or receive consent before impositions interfering with an otherwise perfectly unperturbed day.

You can make as much noise as you want, launch dust clouds upon the neighborhood, or send fumes at those living near you. There would be dramatic chatter if you so rudely violated his daughter, but no one is bothered if you do far more to all of your neighbors simultaneously. You don't know them and never loved them, so can befoul them repeatedly with the most egregious acts.

Modern romance grows beyond couples, injecting into each dalliance a hack lawyer neurotically guiding through the nuances of legal risk, and a lecturing bureaucrat seeking signed forms indicating one's formal permission so that later reconsiderations do not mischaracterize events and demand costly state protection ex post facto. With budgets under pressure to minimize debt, preventing the consumption of state resources is essential.

Progressive universities demonstrated their social leadership by imposing a code of conduct that required amorous couples to explicitly ask permission prior to each new physical act they wished to perform.

This policy governing romance was beautifully bureaucratic because its intent was to create a system requiring stated intent combined with a direct means of mutual termination so that rape could never occur or be claimed, neither tying up campus resources nor dinging the perception of the campus community with negative crime statistics. Compliance is obtained by threatening draconian consequences for disobedience, in addition to mandatory classes so no one can say they weren't well informed about policies governing nature and restricting its expression.

The pesky loose ends of passionate couples exploring one another based on their torrid instincts and unspoken urges had to be made concrete and formalized. Through this introduction of institutional governance over affection, the possibility of rape was eliminated, as was the possibility of love.

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