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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 20, 2016


Every game is essentially the imposition of encroachment, with players both attacking and defending. Politicians tell us not to attack or defend, but rather to tolerate all encroachments and prepare conditions so we can become still more easily encroached upon. Politicians make a fortune peddling this perpetually losing strategy, but given their terrible results would never be allowed to coach a child's sports team.

At most, we are encouraged to watch pointless contests, but never to do anything or draw attention to what enemy groups do to us and how they impose a lower quality of life for us, though theirs is selfishly improved for a while until the whole is gradually ruined for all.

In real life, you have to stop encroachment or accept the loss. We pretend no loss occurs, and then act surprised when the formerly capable has been degraded until it has become unsalvageably worthless.

One by one, the previous markers of civilization fall and we retract as locusts encircle us, claiming more land that previously fulfilled our needs and supported high culture.

There is no such thing as multiculturalism. Only one set of standards prevails as the dominant, becoming law and expectation, with all others marginalized and officially rejected.

Though we romanticize the third-world and patronizingly praise them for their simplistic joy of living in filthy poverty among the hopelessly stupid, their people lack capability and the population has never developed significant art, philosophy, literature, or technology.

They are not just a failed culture, but effectively no culture. Spinning in dysfunction and bogged with lack of creativity, low IQ, and spiritually inert, nothing could ever be expected of them. Their inherent nature is third-world and they have built their nation as a perfect representation of what their people are able to achieve.

Those accomplishments over many centuries say everything.

If they encroach upon first world nations, you too will live as them, eternally benighted.

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