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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 13, 2016

How To Make a Snowball

Those who measure size over quality want the biggest colossus no matter the characteristics of its components. They will roll any random ball downhill to have a bigger ball, at which point they declare that progress has been achieved.

For a politicians, the more problems, the better. As the politician dispenses legal actions and resource distribution, his favor is sought by all factions. From his ability to control, he gains power and personal profit. Thus he has motivation to create change by engineering new problems to disrupt civilization, which in turn will need his meddling solutions.

Where a normal person seeks to stop chaos and damage to previous capabilities, such stabilization would starve a politician of their opportunity to extract wealth from friction, reducing them to a mere bureaucrat serving public need.

Propaganda has found a home in the superficially educated. Those who have degrees consider themselves smart for completing four years of homework, and certified as knowledgeable on all subjects as well as capable in reasoning, though they've only performed mandated reading and wrote loyalty essays mimicking their professor's prejudices.

Listening to a lecture on a subject in an introductory college class has equipped them with certainty that their favorite politician is correct to champion a particular position and his opponent is a fool for having a different interpretation. The function of how a policy would play out, the history of previous attempts, and how to rate the resulting changes is never considered -- yet is what matters, not the party badge of the politician or the phony promises they make.

You'll also notice that fools want the voting population to be made up of the largest possible number of fools, criminals, and crazy people who don't know what they're voting for or how to evaluate any proposition to determine the best results.

Democracy taken over by fools discards good ideas, instead overtaking quality with their numbers as they strive to create the future to which all must be bound.

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