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  October 7, 2016

Non-locally Sourced

You can get water from an artesian aquifer in Fiji, bottled and moved halfway around the world for you to drink.

You can have out of season fruit flown to you from the other hemisphere.

It seems excessive and totally unnecessary when more sensible alternatives exist.

The same people championing locally sourced produce as a more reasonable way of eating also clamor for haste in constructing non-locally based populations, at least for advanced Western countries whose achievements are a result of the inherent qualities of their native people.

They want to send millions of backwards, incapable, unassimilable, and hostile people to every successful Western nation to change its character so it no longer is anything like what its people created, and surely not a happy or cheerful nation. Opposition must be imported and imposed against the nation's people so they cannot further develop onward beyond the norm of miserable and broken countries.

What's someone to do who has never seen a doorknob, elevator, or two-story house and then gets themselves inside a country where these are normal and the natives are advanced? They can only contribute burden and the currency of pity.

Misery loves company, so the majority of miserable countries seek the paradises of the West with sanitation, water, and walls, and to appear within those countries -- and to be accepted despite the obvious implications of their unwelcome introduction.

The newcomers aren't interested in the culture or ideas of the country. They only want the money the local people created, without bothering to gain fluency in the local language. In all their study of prospective targets to plop down into, they've only sought wealth others created.

They generally oppose the country's successful culture and ideas and wish to uphold their failed culture and ideas that made their homeland backwards and impoverished. They have nothing in common with the natives, so will never support the natives, uphold national standards, contribute to culture, or advanced anything ever created in the country. Their goal is to extract money for themselves.

The failed people and their descendants are a permanent burden that the government will try to deal with, like it deals with hurricane damage and leaking pollution.

Few advanced nations would welcome hurricanes and pollution into their countries and pronounced them important for achieving future goals.

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