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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 16, 2016

Garden Simulations

In the wild, every plant is slowly aggressive, establishing its territory, defending, expanding to both deter and become inevitable, while attempting to encroach upon the space of others.

Everything grows atop one another, parasitically feeding and stunting the potential of its neighbors who seek their own use of nutrients and sun. All produce of themselves freely, and most produce no fruit in the best possible conditions, just as most humans have no thoughts or artistic potential, merely existing to be taken advantage of those willing to engage in such relations.

This environment of constant conflict produces few winners and mostly mediocrity that favors the resilience of generic non-assertive strategies used by cockroaches. The best are impaired by weeds and thorned stranglers striving to take their place. Even the hearty best can sustain only for a while until replaced by their prepared offspring or fierce competitors.

This state of conflict is a victory for equality and a loss for excellence. It also benefits those who benefit from conflict, such as power brokers and scavengers who create carnage.

Farming is just a simulation of how fertile seeds spread over soil, made organized and cleared of stunting competition so that those deemed desirable are allowed to reach their natural potential without obstacles. In the cultivated conditions of farm plots and gardens, unhampered elite plants freely offer their rich bounty, needing isolation to demonstrate their valuable traits.

On a wide scale, the same would be possible in human society if its goal was excellence rather than equality.

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