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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 7, 2016

Exception of Exceptions

Financial conservatism harnessed money to make money, and quickly I had plenty, eventually realizing I could buy handmade Italian supercars, a good measure of comfortable frivolity.

Who is impressed by lavish displays of excess except those who wish to take it for themselves? Hungry jackals descend upon fresh meat advertising itself to be plundered, faking calm and care for a while in exchange for a claim on half your wealth and future earnings.

You realize most people scrounge for money as wage slaves trying to buy happiness, forgetting, escape, and favorable impressions from others. Leaving that cycle is an exception. Most remain within it forever.

Most of the world doesn't have clean water. The usual state of society is disorganization, filth, stupidity, duplicity, violence, theft, and attacking anyone who does not suffer equally. Most leaders are corrupt liars and thieves willing to sell out their people for personal gain, using ideology as a shield.

This process of pulling people back to perpetual misery prevents civilization and humanity's potential while normalizing failure.

There are a few fragile exceptions that can last decades or centuries and they are beautiful. Not everything needs be broken and ugly.

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