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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 28, 2016


We had too much curiosity and wanted to see how everything worked. For this, we listened to narratives and carefully watched hundreds of examples unfolding so we could see their steps, outcomes, and interconnectivities.

We sought no particular answer to justify or blame.

In no rush to conclusion, we used decades to accumulate observations and correlations, inadvertently compiling volumes of data and patterns.

This long watching also showed the ultimate meaning of acts, and thus the purpose of their undertaking. This turned moral pretension into slapstick comedy. Motivations were rarely what they claimed, and in any case lasting results showed what would really happen, often at odds with the supposed moral stance or claimed goal.

We felt no social pressure or allegiance except to what we had discovered for ourselves. We sampled everything that seemed promising and dropped bad habits at first realization of their cost, for example wasting hours watching ball games that achieved scores of no consequence.

Propaganda, trends, political correctness, and the latest social movement had no effect on us because we understood their motivation, madness, and desperation.

We had become the worst consumers from lack of commercial control, and the worst subjects from disbelief in the lies holding the mess together.

Instead we laugh at its reliance on force and deception, it having strayed far from traditional principles under which reason and purpose provide eternal guidance.

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