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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 27, 2016

Schubert Notturno D897

Beauty takes you away from the mundane, proving that brute grinding and persistent error is not the only way things must be.

The well-constituted lasts across many generations until disrupted or spoiled, and the well constructed is of the same spirit in a material form.

This unification of consciousness aspiring for better results is a subversive act against paper elites who seek to hobble, confuse, and burden society so they can rule over a mess, rather than be excluded as unnecessary in a well running organic system.

The revolution against sensibility began with an infiltration of language. Meaning was inverted: progress no longer meant a better form, but was repurposed to mean degradation. Though the old word was used, the new meaning applied in service to new goals.

They attacked the strong with names, slander, and envy. The strong had to be destroyed so the weak could replace them, under the wise leadership of the profiting corrupt who knew how to work a crowd of psychologically damaged peasants.

Faster and faster, they were in a hurry to degrade what had taken thousands of years of refinement and became what others could never attain, and thus showed what was not of equivalent substance.

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