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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 26, 2016

Saving Souls

You don't want friends or strangers to be dupes who comply with the coercion of slick advertising campaigns.

We know advertising works, and by spending a little money will make much more by tricking people into buying shoddy products proudly shown as if far better alternatives were not available.

Many people are oversocialized and repeat the social behavior that commercials normalize, demonstrate, and promote -- though when abstractly considered, those behaviors are understood as undesirable choices. The trick is to show them as fun and enjoyable, rather than as harmful and gradually debilitating.

Often it's more about wanting others to keep their souls more than eventual health implications of consuming cheap garbage. We think about how much better they'd feel if they didn't listen to the crummy formulaic pop song being pushed this week, or how they have been made curious about another stupid movie that has nothing new to convey.

By paying attention to inferior works made for money, they never experience anything good. They are constantly rushed to try the next junk effort, never to taste excellence. There's enough excellence for a lifetime, but instead they are willingly steered towards the trivial.

They've been duped by liars making money selling fraud, telling them what to consume at the cost of their soul.

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