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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 25, 2016


Every system, bureaucratic or commercial, is tedious and soul crushing because it is obnoxiously methodical from the assumption it is dealing with a stupid and irrational subject.

Rather than sizing up a situation, the facilitator who enforces the rules of the system, walks you through a flow-chart. This is the best grade-school level problem solving a MBA can achieve.

Be prepared to repeat all of the information you provide multiple times. Though it seems like they are entering it into a computer, apparently it isn't shared, and since it is merely entered rather than consciously considered, it might as well never be gathered except for the pleasure of archivists.

There is no technical limitation. Every system is designed For Morons By Morons (FMBM), without testing on living creatures or considering any level of detail.

The same mind that thinks it wise to place people in long queues to greedily consume many minutes of their lives is happy to assault them with dozens of irrelevant questions that clarify little and maximize the time spent not reaching a solution.

Sometimes you consider that companies and government might be an elaborate prank employing billions of actors in the ultimate make work program, or could be a test of patience crafted by god, but then it seems more plain that they are the natural expression of exhausted people who despise humanity.

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