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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 4, 2016

Predestined Doom

Making a tactical error and being knocked out in a fight is about the same as being killed by a social opponent or crashing a business despite it floating upon a sea of prosperity. A definitive strike ends the contest, nullifying potential.

Empathy for the unfortunate loss prompts questions of understanding. You quickly see the loser's assumptions and imbalances that steered the situation into error. Usually a slight adjustment would change little; a different outcomes requires a vastly different approach.

Their failed approach was doomed from the start when no one noticed essential structural mistakes. They went deep down that path with full commitment, locking in on beliefs that ensured loss when they finally transitioned from theory to being tested by reality.

Doubt is good -- it raises questions and puts propositions in search of solution, but neuroticism is just idle spinning without direction or purpose.

Yes-men rubber stamping is worse than having no feedback because obsequious praise is like tolerance, telling you to keep going despite disaster waiting ahead to spill your blood and take everything from you.

Caring and relevant critique is essential, which needs detailed oriented strategic minds with experience and interest in the challenge.

Every contest is a battle. You'll need an offensive plan aligned to win and a defense that won't crumble. When either is lacking, it'll be a long night for you.

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