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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 31, 2016

More Sumos

No wiggle without a jiggle Men and women feel a surge of national pride that has invigorated friendly competition. Suddenly their training has became a national pastime and everyone is audaciously showing off the physical gains earned by their regimens.

The masses are bulking up and having to select looser clothing to accommodate their burgeoning growth. Their training is unstoppable.

Not every athlete is prepared for the rigors of this sport. In addition to technique and strategy, a professional sumo wrestler needs massive size! Lean meat and vegetables will not suffice. Cupcakes, chips, soda, potatoes, candy and carbs of all sorts are necessary to compete at the highest levels.

Only the most rotund will survive this challenge. Hundreds of millions are simultaneously striving to be the biggest on the block, swelling the ranks of sumo wrestling and establishing new standards for size from amateur ranks to Olympian levels. Head to head, belly to belly. Never has there been so many undeniably large competitors.

In every Western nation, the majority display their devoted training by showing off world class bellies and double chins. Having seen that effort, you can be certain they have an indomitable will to prevail.

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