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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 21, 2016

Gone to the Freak Show

A quick glance at the mob convinces you they are incapable of making a reasoned decision, and thus should not be entrusted to. Nor should you pay much attention to their utterances, as they will be uniformly crazy.

Panic, yelling, name-calling, violence, rioting, and disruptions are not arguments.

Every creature announces their interests so that others may know it, and these are communicating instability and psychological problems.

They need peace, love, and understanding to heal. They have become consumed with irrational hatred and lash out at others because they are tormented inside after years of exposure to venomous ideas about hurting others and getting revenge on those who are cheerful, healthy, and successful.

These troubled souls rage at a world they don't understand, wishing it was more like the imaginary workings they were promised by false prophets telling tall tales to attract impressionable followers.

They hate order, organization, standards, and excellence -- thinking that showing up disheveled and unprepared is good enough. They are supremely unstrategic, walking into error repeatedly.

Their ignorance makes them prone to deception and manipulation. They become so invested in empty promises that they no longer identify the good guys.

Take a look at all the dead eyes at the carnival, lost and wanting to believe that the freak show is new and revolutionary.

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