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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  July 1, 2016


Filth, crime, disorganization, corruption, and low intelligence work together to create poverty, which if escaped for a wealthy land will form its tendencies once again as nothing as changed except its creator has been moved to a different location to demonstrate their instincts there. Thank Jehovah we're not in Bangladesh. Or Algiers. Or Caracas. Or Port-au-Prince. Or Gaborone. Or Bangkok. These and thousands of other cities are third-world disasters of disorganization and low ability. The fault is not a property of the soil, for the same people have the same outcome everywhere, while successful people from other soils find success everywhere they go. The people of this failed nation will always be known for filth, crime, and poverty -- and carry this pattern with them -- until different people capable of civilization can replace and rebrand the natives.

Seeking something positive to say, you look for something good in this mess, and struggle to find it. There are no great cultural works. Aesthetics are boring; everyone wears the universal uniform of brown-gray with dark eyes and hair, with no diverse hair and eye colorings to be found except occasionally as remnants from visiting outsiders or previously cultured people centuries ago.

The future there will be much like the present: a prison trapped with their countrymen who created and persist the terrible conditions of the country. Everyone wants to escape what their own people created and flee to Western civilization.

Were Western civilization only a concept, everyone everywhere would be free to accept its values and recreate it where they choose. If it is a spiritual instinct, only those born with its spirit can create it, and the rest can only attempt to emulate what they see others naturally do, and repeat its ideas as a learned system.

Many envy organization, purpose, coherence, non-corruption, standards of cleanliness, drinkable water, multi-level architecture, gardens, philosophy, and symphonies.

Those who don't contain the ability within themselves to create these want to be among people who do, rather than the spiritually impoverished. But if the incapable join the capable, they lower the quality of advanced societies by adding someone who cannot meet basic standards and only seeks escape from the wastelands others like themselves created.

It is understandable that the less able desire the gifts of a more able society, but it is cruel for the less able to impose themselves upon an advanced society and detract from its target by adding unnecessary weight to carry along as it tries to achieve its aims.

We have what we are, and the only fix is getting our own house in order rather, never running away from ourselves to what others created with their own labor and ability.

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