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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 4, 2016

Perfect Enforcement

We don't want a surveillance state because we don't want rules enforced strictly. Surely we don't want rules interpreted by petty officials.

More laws and regulations are added each year, while jokers remind that the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

We tolerate rules to prevent egregious and public acts, which is not to say all acts.

Surveillance is needed for perfect enforcement -- which we don't want because it is used for petty symbolic actions against normal citizens. Actual enemies already know how to evade modern surveillance.

French officials have repeatedly warned that more strikes are possible, saying security and intelligence officials cannot track all the Europeans traveling to and from Islamic State strongholds in Syria and Iraq.
Except the people traveling to Syria and Iraq aren't European. What a blunder!

Bin Laden took elaborate security precautions to avoid detection by U.S. and Pakistani forces, which have tried using spy satellites and electronic eavesdropping to find him, Gunaratna said.

"He knows America's greatest strength is through its electronics, so he does not want to fall into that trap by using a satellite phone or any other communication device that emits a signal that can be detected," he said.
[The Illusion of Safety and Intelligence]

They have long been aware of satellites and electronic surveillance, and thus abstain, and this information is well publicized. Serious adversaries will not be detected.

On another matter, Hussein stated he only recalls using the telephone on two occasions since March 1990. Additionally, Hussein did not stay at the same location for more than a day, as he was very aware of the United States's significant technological capabilities. Hussein communicated primarily through the use of couriers to communicate or would personally meet with government officials to discuss pertinent issues. Hussein stated that a technologically under-developed country, such as Iraq, was vulnerable to the United States.
[Working Around]

Disposable cell phones for a single mission will have no history and enter the network cleanly, thus are untrackable. Therefore expect authorities to create a system that requires passports to get them. Then expect terrorists to use buyers with a clean history.

All a government can do is capture all communications and paralyze the country's natives. Officials do the same thing as terrorists by imposing the dystopian misery upon citizens instead of alleviating the cause.

Multiculturalism that no citizen ever wanted remains useful to politicians because creating chaos means politicians can offer a solution to the problems they have created.

Surveillance prevents nothing. All it yields is dramatic audio and video footage to be shown on media programs and scare the public long after the violent event. The gates deliberately stay open.

Everyone is aware that governments monitor everything, even if illegally and against their stated mission. Citizens see this as banana republic governing with force, blame, and excuses instead of solving a problem. People react by limiting their communication and accept freedom has been lost.

Government obeys the petty dictator of the moment who seeks to expand his glorious regime. It never asks why someone let in so many who have no interest in the nation, its culture, or its values.

How many people blew themselves up when there was unity?

Before progress, we used to leave doors unlocked.

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