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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 21, 2016


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Young love is a marvelous force, the irrational engine powering civilization, dependent on man's delusion for its effect.

She is fresh and vivid. With her you know no "no", "can't", or anything remotely resembling a limit or annoyance. She seems rich with almost infinite potential!

Even when conscious of its mechanism, love unfurls identically in all cases. Man sees a young woman's potential and creatively finds a way to minimize her obvious flaws and defects, creating an idealistic impression of her that judges the prospect of unity with her as pure upside.

Man invents romances and fantasy, being artistic in spirit (SWM ISO Celestial Union), while woman is a bedrock of practical and pragmatic concern sizing up every situation, specifically what she can get from it.

Like a prizefighter, she playfully strikes and parries in search of an opening. When she sees her opponent is dazed and wobbled on rubber legs, she charges to finish him off and achieve her victory.

Man knows all of this, yet each time rushes in head first and repeats his pattern with outlandish passion. Just as he loves all previous women and the moments they shared, he looks forward to creating beautiful moments with new women.

You would have to date her for a while for the weight of her weaknesses and disinclinations to become undeniable and thus fall past the delusional mask you carry for her. Some flaws she'll hide rather than correct, others she won't tell you because she is unaware. Many problems are fixable, or at least significantly reducible, but won't be.

Your task is to reject romanticism and optimism in favor of seeing her as she is to understand her realistically, and thus assess whether you could make a life together.

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