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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 20, 2016

Pedestrian Trickery

They seek opportunity and weakness to plunge in and feast You're not even a piece of meat. You're a bank account with legs, barely sentient, easily captured; a featureless means to an end. You'll do.

She impetuously sniffs out need and plays docile possum so you can feel an semi-authentic simulation of a hunter capturing crippled prey.

Look what strange creature has hitched itself to your wagon.

After tying yourself up, you are commandeered to provide, not by will, but law crafted to plunder.

The illusion gradually dispels as your situation becomes clear. A flurry of bad decisions attracts more bad decisions -- haste and hunger multiplying error as the spin-out torques still harder, losing all possibility for traction as it whirls around itself.

She is not at all what you conjured her appearance to be through delusion. The desperate romantic projects his emotional hopes on a well bruised canvas he pretends is white, dually lying to himself with omission and commission, against both the general and specific case, then soothing himself with platitudes for his disaster.

Love from need is a debtor's negotiation. You'd have to first clear your liabilities to get reasonable terms.

Obvious imbalance in mutual posture was overlooked by necessity. You had to lie to yourself in eagerness to make a rotten deal.

She does not dissuade advances while rationally sizing up gains and risks. She has measured opportunity for extraction and you failed to consider why she did not fare well on the open market. All the others knew, withdrew, and walked away, not even making polite offers.

Anyone capable of analyzing others must brutally turn the same considerations upon themselves and their own situation, or invite cruel folly to envelop.

Education reminds that nothing about humanity has ever changed, nor ever will. Gems mined retain their guiding gleam whenever plucked, and you could have these too.

Or like the hunted, predators looking for sustenance might strip you bare.

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