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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 19, 2016

Globalize Peace

Globalize Peace When you see the bumper sticker, you immediately realize a major problem with democracy is that most people have no idea how the world works, but still have a strong opinion about how it should be organized. Allowing the ignorant to vote means organizing society based on the opinions of the ignorant, which should openly expose the problem, except only a few measure and the crowd believes they are acting wisely.

Ancient Greeks tried to warn us of dangers, first of rhetoric and its hold on the public in defiance of reason, and then of democracy and the destructive decisions it makes against civilization. For an antidote and inoculation to rhetoric they offered a detailed study and decomposition. For democracy they offered brutal critiques explaining its nature and the example of Socrates, whose murder was decided upon by democracy as a good idea because he allegedly corrupted youth with the ideas he taught his students.

Some say war is like a woman: wavering between capricious and arbitrary with outbursts of malice and wickedness. They believe all nations share identical goals and values, and that our interests and goals do not clash.

Those who tell us to avoid dealing with strife remain blissfully unaware of world event and intrinsic conflicts, innocently wishing to smother them with a soft blanket of PEACE. Yelling PEACE from the sidelines is just a heckler announcing their narcissism.

If only we had conceived of peace and visualized it with appropriate hippie slogans in place of reasoned discussion, the cause of our actual problems would suddenly vanish.

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