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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 13, 2016


She gazes up at him in wonderment, both willing and open for what is possible. His pleasure is also her pleasure: she gives herself fully to be taken deep into his arms. She tingles with desire for the dance of love, obeying her unbroken instinct to be filled with blissful plenitude.

She can think of no better union as her body yearns for warm touch and rough penetration. Her love is receiving; his is fierce attraction for her offering. She imagines a vivid image of what she desires and blushes crimson, hiding her smile.

Her scent allures. She purrs and melts into delight as he touches her neck under her silky hair. Looking into her eyes says it all as she broadcasts readiness to be loved vigorously. Who could disagree? From the first kiss of her tender lips, she is already squirming wonderfully before his tongue has started thoroughly exploring her delights.

Clothes that shield to create distance are quickly liberated for the honest state of nature that communicates without words. She is soon shamelessly bare and excited, feeling her blood rush as she knows what will happen. She takes a long, controlled breath, nervous with butterflies in her stomach from the thrill of what she is getting herself into.

She has a passionate need to be taken and is taken far to sustained rapture by her man's incarnate force, a mystery she reveres with the experience of being swept away, each time astoundingly far, a familiar and pleasant disorientation a thousand times more vivid then her recollection of its encompassing joy.

She ends up with her end up, with both an urge to please and to be taken somewhere incredible in this bedroom adventure. From her hands and knees, she turns back and says "do what you want with me", wanting to experience what he chooses with the intimate offer to thrust into interludes of merging as one. Her wetness graciously yields to robust entry.

They moan and scream on the path to climax until reaching euphoria. She grips and releases with lost control as he explodes inside her with pulsing spasms, panting and pleased with their love.

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