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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 9, 2016

Fragile Romance

You must move quickly to love the woman who stirs your desire, for soon she will make a single mistake that will immediately and forever dispel the attraction that drew you to her.

She asserts her right to a future she doesn't deserve
He is left without, as the target has left the path

It's usually something small and fixable, such as messing up her hair, gaining 10 pounds, or expressing some petty interest. Though all of these can be quickly corrected, it is already too late. You have seen her in a way contrary to how you desire her. Now she is just another silly girl unsuitable for you.

"We look beautiful together." If only we could be together.

All romance is intrinsically bound up in the fragility of what a man imagines a woman to be, and perishes when this belief debunks itself from unexpected awareness of deception.

The brutality of time changes relations and takes deals off the table.
A man's challenge is overcoming romanticism, i.e. the creative desire to see a woman as what she is not. A man in love imagines his woman as far more beautiful than she is, and inverts her scope of qualities, taking her flash of a trait as representative of the whole while overlooking her glaring flaws and not noticing them as her norm, nor her obnoxious off-putting behavior and its source.

Her self-sabotaging destructive traits are seen as cute and fun, as if she has been frolicking through life gently rather than moping with long-seeded depression and trauma.

The more desperate the victim, the more intensely they project every desirable trait onto whatever creature is nearby.

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