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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 30, 2016

The Narrative Contrary to Reality

Media drama and political drama are distractions for personal gain For similar reasons, the stories media and democratic politicians produce are crazed fantasy that is usually the opposite of reality.

Both strive to produce maximum drama so people pay attention to their antics. Media uses viewers to promote commercials, while politicians promote themselves so voters select them for parasitic disassembling of society.

Ideally both news and politicians should be quiet, as barring personal gain, their task is boring and undramatic. News should blandly report facts, not indulge in dramatic story telling, stir readers into an emotional outrage, or push a particular political agenda. Likewise, politicians should perform basic tasks for public service, not seek a spotlight for attention and attracting money for favors.

As both media and politicians are promoting lies for profit, their business can be understood as traditional fraud.

Like those who blamed witches, media and politicians sell scapegoats as the reason for decline, but there are no secret oppressors. Because none are ever found, they are said to be elusive and in urgent need of being stopped, captured, liquidated, and their assets distributed to hard working marginalized addicts and mental cases.

They call themselves secular while adamantly pursuing a religious explanation, calling their group good and the group they envy evil, and then attributing false characteristics and motivations as they demonize the success of others while looking away from the reasons for their own failure.

The mediocre call themselves good, consider themselves innocent and an ideal all should emulate. Their total lack of innocence leaves them damaged by realizations that they don't measure up and were first left short by nature, and then biochemically in their lack of motivation to win a better outcome and correct their deficiencies. They wallow in a mix of compliance and blame, favoring others who are weak like them, and proposing a future where all would be educated with trendy untested speculative theories. This would wipe the past clean and allow a new start where they hope they could do better, as all the rules would be inverted, leaving them near the top.

They fixate on the happy and successful who are called evil and portrayed as malicious and plotting, and for unexplained reasons are said to be obsessed with scheming against the stupid and incapable so those people cannot escape their fate. Evil people use old established ideas and ways of thinking founded on the known and tested, and for this reason need to be stopped and forced to accept modern proposals in place of experience and knowledge. That they reject, resist, and dismiss the demands of the good is intolerable and drives them mad because it once again reveals nature favoring others whom they see others yield to harmoniously. Observing this affinity is strange and foreign to them, as magic force that could only be that of wizards and devils. This is only made worse when the evil ones open admit to favoring the capable who demonstrate strength and results, rather then treating all people equally and allowing the incapable and inept access to their worlds.

As shown in Seven Samurai, our best, rarest, and most difficultly cultivated resources are expended on the worst from their clever social deception feigning need and manipulating our pity, allowing their short-term gain at our collective loss.

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