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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 22, 2016


We all crowd around the television to stare at the screen and learn what they want to teach us From a mansion, you never get a good look at other mansions. The space deliberately eliminates walking areas and sidewalks, requiring driving, just like a visit to unzoned Texas stores. No one walks from or to their mansion, creating security by removing means of idle access.

Mansions are normally placed on spacious land that is well lit at all hours, offering no approach by surprise. Arriving by car is obvious, and intruding by foot offers no easy escape. You could try a naked approach in the middle of the night, but many wealthy people work until early morning hours or start their days at 4am, with strange extended hours and differing rooms lit at night, so at best you're guessing their downtime while certain to meet a security system that quickly dispatches local police.

This deliberate separation from traffic has the antisocial side-effect of making it nearly impossible to meet neighbors except by rare accidents like retrieving mail at the same time.

Then a snowstorm arrives to shut down everything and the stillness becomes a perfect environment for walking and looking. Cars are temporarily self-banished and the houses you drive past can be viewed slowly for full appreciation. Their contours explain themselves, with the understated and classic exteriors often seen to be hiding vast innards, just as striped shirts make the large boned appear slimmer.

Most with mansions own businesses or serve executive functions. Some are free spirits who found another way, announcing themselves with unusual displays like black lights in the middle of an open architecture, purplish lights bursting out from a dozen window pairs. But typically they are drones with giant screens tranquilizing them with nonsense to stare at.

With the lack of serious activity in society, you might wonder what valuable functions they perform to earn this wealth. We don't have the great art and philosophy we used to, except by accident and contrary to society's direction. So what are these wealthy people doing?

Like politicians, they work for the masses, i.e. accommodating low taste and organizing that effort on a massive scale.

Millions are made not by quality, but by selling sugar water, bad cheeseburgers, and junk products of all kinds. Proles love junk and pay lots of money to keep junk businesses profitable. Look at all the awful stores around you -- proles can't stop giving them money to keep them going.

Also profitable are fashionable products for image. People like to appear important, which can be done by showing off a $5 cup of mediocre coffee that costs a few cents to make. You've come a long way, baby.

The mansion dwellers excel in being the enablers of proles to effectively and efficiently arm them with the junk products they want to consume. Like a successful football coach, executives are just smart enough to do their job well, and not too smart to realize they are doing wickedness by participating in a foolish enterprise.

This is why many wealthy people watch entertainment. They are supreme proles at heart, not artists or thinkers. Entertainment keeps their prole instincts sharp so they sense how to sell what proles desire.

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