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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 17, 2016

Repetition Despite Situation

We can't solve traffic, yet report it and send money to fix it, achieving nothing with this flaccid activity Public radio turtles up for its beating, as if passively waiting for an impartial referee to end the contest for lack of intelligent defense.

Every major city is overwhelmed by traffic, forcing moderns to either bypass traffic spiritually through transcendent detachment from society, physically by avoiding a common schedule or need to commute, or use of real-time data to find the least overrun side streets. In all cases, we've given up on government's ability to fix the problem, yet keep giving them money out of custom.

It is curious to be in a society in observations of its egregious errors and lack of focus. You can't really communicate with examples of its minds, but want a glimpse of the type of thinking behind this pattern of failure to take sensible decisions.

Waze offers some insight. Intended as an aggregate monitor to avoid traffic, it also alerts motorists about hidden speed traps. This is largely defeated by users displaying compliant autism by marking school traffic guards and visible police already engaged with roadside motorists so that the "police reported ahead" alert is transformed from information to noise. Other users pile on by reporting harmless disabled or parked cars on the shoulders so frequent "vehicle on shoulder ahead" announcements follow. This is only helpful if you don't have a fancy car with luxury features like a transparent windshield.

Who is your fellow citizen? He is literal and sees nothing wrong with making factual matches that destroy systems because he does not have awareness of what his actions accomplish. He has no consideration for the purpose or consequences of following instructions, nor ability to work through what those instructions will accomplish.

Meanwhile, public radio keeps giving out traffic information, which like weather is basically the same as yesterday, and in any case you'll deal with whatever it is. Insignificant and customary traffic will be reported anyway, and anything else is way behind traffic trends tracked by apps.

These attempts at communication are what you'd expect from robots or former professional boxers after a long career. While technically correct, they are wildly irrelevant and will require great effort to get them to stop doing things that add noise and don't make sense.

The tools are great, but the users who corrupt them are atrocious.

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