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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 25, 2016

Peace on Earth

Saint Mattis Mattis taught his officers to be knowledgeable, honorable, and wise, for there was nothing new under the sun (Eccl 1:9), therefore: know the forms of what has come before so you can recognize it when it reappears. Disciplined learning must precede action, for both are necessary when responsible for a mission's success and the thoughtful application of military men.

For his own grounding he never went into battle without Aurelius' Meditations in hand, its pages dog eared and well worn, used to refocus on essential and timeless truths. "It allows me to distance myself from the here and now."

Wise surveys and scrutiny selected the best methods, which was the only way that sufficed.

He was a warrior seeking reasonable peace.

"Be police, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."

"You cannot allow any of your people to avoid the brutal facts. If they start living in a dream world, its going to be bad."

"Think like men of action and act like men of thought."

You will recognize the psychology of gremlins who refuse peace in favor of purposeless conflict, whether rebelling against well tested truths or tearing down civilization so they can gain power. The gremlin is an aggressor against the natural order, striving to undo what good souls have spent so long to craft.

Rebuking them falls upon deaf ears. We need only remove the instigators of destruction, whatever their form.

We work as angels to create peace and calm. It does not come freely, but with great effort of men choosing many conscious and deliberate acts.

Then for a while there can be peace. Peace through strength.

December 24, 2016

Aphorisms VII

The perpetual challenge: how can you accurately distill concentrated essence? Every few years you must discard your methods for other angles of attack offering more refined approaches that once learned get closer, striking harder and more cleanly -- also more easily. Diluent and adulterants are boiled off. New spaces are mined and their discoveries dissected to determine their means of operation, from which your realize the natural properties of their substance.

Never very content, ever willing to refine, utterly without dogma, yet grounded upon goals.

Aphorisms VII

December 21, 2016

Reborn in the Solstice

Another year spent. Now you start over, to do better another way.

The solstice is upon us. From the nadir of its valley we can see we have arrived in its deepest point. Our trail out moves us on with gradual ascension.

Longer days away our upward climb -- thankfully, for there is much to do.

The cycle is renewed; so too are we. The blank slate means we begin anew, with fresh aspirations to birth and fulfill.

December 20, 2016

Fake Gs

Denial works until the force strikes, i.e. everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face. He never faced real adversity, just demanding teachers, harmless public arguments, peer pressure, and a few irate customers who mostly wanted to be acknowledged as important. His solutions were exclusively social, using words and depending upon structured civilization, such as deferring to law, lawyers, and passive norms when situations became intense.

Aggressive assertions were polished with rhetoric, drama, insults, insinuations, and the thrill of shit talking. It was bold posture. He was lulled and seduced by the daily company of coddled eunuchs and castratos, all of whom were raised comfortably, ideologized, and taught phrases to repeat -- none which originated from the real world, and thus they knew nothing about what they lived among. They were accustomed to processed food and inauthentic environments, not the wild, and had been tamed until they had no skills for the natural.

As long as everyone was this soft, no one could get hurt, other than having their pronoun overlooked or their adopted beliefs mocked. To keep this softness safe, everything strong would have to be enchained, banished, or destroyed. This also meant these marshmallows would be totally unfamiliar with anything strong if they ever had the misfortune of encountering it. Thus the system cultivated them as prey -- out of kindness and good intentions, as it always claimed.

Forces of nature do not yield to rules written on paper.

No free man tolerates being trampled upon. Bullies trample from the assumption they will not be hit back, just as mobs trample expecting to avoid retaliation for what they knowingly do. The trampler expects a one-way exchange and the offender seeks the joy of hurting others without any risk to himself.

In all natural relations, irresolvable conflict is only settled by force. All laws shrink before a punch in the face. A punch appears from the wild with undeniable impact, like extreme weather phenomena that can be abstractly studied but its eruptive impact must be felt primally to become understood. Education without fundamentals only gives the illusion of knowledge.

Whatever happens with a fight educates about the grievance the other party did not properly respect. Talk smack, get smacked. Those who can't physically stand by their claims can try running their mouth while assuming they could outrun a personal response.

The play-acting of civility only holds if all behave decently. For a violated social contract means also rescinding all associated calm and docility. Thus your attempt to attack another's reputation is not a harmless act and perhaps today there's a guy who will teach you what your ancestors knew.

No one is their persona or avatar. They are only what they can stand up for in a fight.

Someone can snipe safely from a distance for a while, until another walks upon them for direct confrontation, and then they are uncomfortably out of their safety zone, soon to learn another perspective on terms of engagement. A balance is to be settled.

Will they fare well? Fake Gs aren't willing to fight. Reasonable people are respectful; disrespectful rat bums need reminders that arguments can be brutally settled by means other than words.

This is what every creature in nature knows. We too are students of the real world, mindful of avoiding illusions that stray far from nature, and happy to occasionally instruct.

December 19, 2016

Far Beyond the Earth

Some believe the purpose of humanity is to live far beyond the stars, not self-confined to memorialized ghettos of stupidity, misery, and third-world behavior, perpetually expanded to previously first-world zones and herded by a few remnants of civilization who do not share the instincts of the incapable.

How would you send broken creatures into outer space when they fail on earth, the easiest place in the universe to find success and create excellence?

Would you have our spacecraft turned into flying pharmaceutical factories to produce enough horse tranquilizers, happy pills, mixed amphetamine salts, and serotonin s(t)imulators to compensate for unsatisfying human interactions so the failures could be immobilized and others spared their disruptions?

Like a wrecked creature with four broken legs, they aren't going anywhere and won't get better. Whether mentally ill or just a brat, they hold us back from going to outer space and their antagonism poisons every home, relationship, classroom, and workplace with its thoughtless behavior.

December 10, 2016

Plant Matter Realism

You want only the best of the plant, so you strip it of its leaves and select only those, discarding the useless stems.

This is gross inequality and discrimination in action. By choosing the best, you unfairly demonstrate preference.

And yet, any other reasoning would be senselessly ignorant. Necessarily, you must pick the essential over the useless, sustaining eternal prejudice.

December 9, 2016

Puppies and Flowers

You are safe in a crib, infantilized and protected from the world of which you are supposed to be a part and actively entwined in its eternal cycle The glowing screen shows one man throwing a ball to another. He catches it and reaches the boundary, scoring points as the rules designate. It's safe here. A moving ball offends no one. Nothing important or consequential needs happen.

Other channels and websites have barely different versions of the same. You can watch them all, perhaps selecting officially curated "True News" (TM).

The official news doesn't discuss efforts at achieving excellence, instead focusing on weather events, catastrophic accidents, celebrity news, sensationalism and manufactured outrage. It's novel and captures attention, but delivers nothing. Most "True News" hasn't been verified and often has little to do with actual events. They won't issue a correction later.

Globalists have chosen how to best demoralize and wear you down so you tolerate being replaced by third world population. Owners need to make money by lowering expenses. You are just an expense to them.

After the third world population has served their purpose, they will in turn be replaced by robots. Elites will have a militarized robot force to protect them from revolts.

At the university, topics are carefully curated just like the "True News" so that no one is offended by truth. Classical topics have to be entirely skipped, others are presented with a counter-narrative that cheers for the genius of the modern age triumphing over a bad truth by complaining about it and staging mob protests. Everything classical is replaced by the flimsy modern enlightened version, coinciding with shallowness and failure. The new and novel are treated with reverence.

For distraction, freak show content and enjoyable myths are taught as if factual. You are given inferior forms. The past is censored or ignored. You're not an adult and aren't prepared for an education or basic truths. You want an ideology of puppies and flowers. You'll never be able to handle anything difficult, and certainly won't ever be able to face it, size it up for yourself and figure out a new approach to prevail.

Without basic skills all previous generations possessed, you'll struggle forever. Seemingly, this is what they intend to set you up for by protecting you from encountering life. You're a pathetic house cat meant to be inactive, incapable, fat, and cloistered.

Worse, you hate others that go into the world, able to get to truth, handle it without being offended, and work situations into successful outcomes. You want them to scream, deny, and claim social offense and PTSD triggering -- none of which change any facts.

Precious time has been wasted by fools again.

December 8, 2016

Beware Traveling Story Tellers

We shouldn't be looking for explanations -- those are just one of many semi-plausible narratives that tells a story to seduce the credulous into believing lies. Many stories are believable and able to entice, but few of them are concerned with accurately conveying reality.

Narratives are just another captivating lie created to please an audience.

Stories are created to mislead people into false conclusions, away from truth and philosophical introspection. By offering a particular explanation prepared for easy digestion, story tellers expect their version of events to be believed and take the place of what really happened, spreading further while blocking factual discovery.

News, politics, and ideology based on narratives deliberately use phony depictions as their foundation. They'll take a freak exception and promote it as the typical case to prove their viewpoint, rather than show their system in related to the general case. It's entertaining and promotes a particular morality that is concerned with winning more than truth.

Youth is especially susceptible to story telling and images, as they are not yet disillusioned with this technique of misrepresentation that eventually wears out its welcome after repeatedly drawing attention to a phony world that doesn't exist.

December 7, 2016

Compromise Creeps In

Most dwellings are atrocious. No one with the slightest taste wants aluminum siding on their house, but the pressure of money exerts force.

First they compromise and begin tolerating terrible siding.

Then, since compromise has established precedent, overtaking goals and standards, they keep compromising to get more of what they don't want.

They'll tolerate a tiny lot with insufficient buffer, their windows looking into their neighbor's home. They'll tolerate a house on a noisy street, assaulted by every car that drives by and airplanes flying overhead. They'll tolerate boring cookie-cutter construction with no style or character.

Standard houses are typically ugly, constructed of terrible materials, and placed atop one another like a pen of farm animals.

Similar tolerance for poorly conceived choices will appropriately match their inner lives.

You could always get an apartment and tolerate loud neighbors voraciously consuming entertainment, getting drunk, and cheering events on the screen.

There's no end to what you can foist upon someone to tolerate once you push good outcomes out of reach and coerce them to accept the inferior and inadequate.

December 2, 2016

X-Guard Sweep

The best way to bypass ethics is to create an institute for ethics. For any new field of knowledge, why not establish the official facts, principles, arguments, and resolutions that you desire so you can keep doing what you intend? All pragmatic aims will be realized once they are deemed ethically allowed, and companies will happily pay a tithe for the church's holy blessing.

Just as media narratives on topics express only one or two possibilities and favor that which politicians prefer, rather than a broad spectrum of viewpoints and ideas with differing advantages and disadvantages, it's easy to control the answer for any topic if you control the discussion.

A phony institute that sounds official will provide a favorable answer and produce volumes of literature attesting to its unanimous agreement. All academics will be strong-armed to extend allegiance and teach the doctrine while squashing alternatives and calling them wrong since they differ with the official well publicized answers.

It's gamed from the start and soon hires zombies to run the institute, which entails upholding established standards and supporting industry partners. Big systems built to dominate yield no ground, which works well until they are entirely ignored and bypassed, at which point their landgrab to establish control with imaginary standards is realized as a terrible disservice to humanity.

December 1, 2016

Courting Maturity

I. Crimewave

She is fresh, curious, and giving. He is inspired by what is possible with this fertility. Together they are wild as he builds foundation and animates her into position to create. Inside, she remains crazy and self-destructive, needing form and structure imposed, which limits her freedom to create disaster but she enjoys what results so allows it.

She is still young enough to greet the next day after a long night of consumption, but that cannot last.

II. Baptism

Distortion is used to convey surging energy and implications of lingering fullness. Melodies are built richer and easier as personalities entwine in dance and play. She remains as reckless as ever with drink and drug, still playing her part so they can stay together. They consider dreamy music and explore while he continues creating it.

III. Insulin

Now darker, more distorted, with premonitions of decaying into collapse, drowning yet still pulsing from need, also sweeter. Together they can be beautiful and fragile -- what a shame she is destroying it for nothing from her unstopped impulse. Still time remains to create before the end. Allahu Ackbar! He will go on with another; she is lost.

November 27, 2016

What Would You Do With a Brain If You Had One?

The Wizard of Oz showed his graciousness by handling out symbolic attributes that characters claimed as their handicapping deficiencies.

Yet, you'll end the conversation with a single question when asking someone what they would do if they were brave.

For nothing holds them back or in any way prevents action.

They merely lack ideas and purpose, so spend time idling and dawdling, and can't plausibly blame oppression, restrictions, or opposing force.

They seek an excuse and for you to consider them injured.

As an adult, perhaps you can emulate the Wizard of Oz to dispel their silly act of incapability by telling them their imaginary losses are now gone, and that you look upon them as capable people by demanding they perform rudimentary actions instead of devoting themselves to escapist fantasies.

November 26, 2016


John Gray is fond of reminding the cheerleaders of progress that their claim is a spurious secular faith and in fact humans remain the same as all previous times, or declining, in all attributes except for some technological areas.

This rude reflection brings culture into clear focus, especially timeless warnings about the hollow seductive lure of material concerns. More practically, we remember that tools are intended to serve a purpose, not merely displaying novelty or adding a chore that needs more tending to the tool than the labor it saves.

We see technical marvels everywhere and because everything else is flat or sinking, some use technology as the sole marker of cultural achievement. To pick any other of hundreds previous measures would be depressing considering our currently low abilities and output.

Technical performance excels by a principle of demonstration. No one can compose classical music anymore, but performers are better than ever.

Moves once deemed impossible on a skateboard, bicycle, or motorbike quickly become a widely performed standard in the repertoire as soon as one person shows them possible, raising expectations for all.

The body obeys what it is commanded to do, yet the mind cannot be compelled to create beauty, meaning, or insight, as that follows spirit.

November 25, 2016

Greatness is Good

Who rakes leaves better than me? In this realm, I acknowledge none as my superior, nor do I hesitate to avoid bragging or feign modesty about greatness. Some call this a small claim to being great, while they rest idle and do nothing, forever.

My vast estate is plush with old trees and requires many days of raking. I use no hired workers or blowers, just as my ancestors provided their own labor, an endlessly renewable energy source and secret wealth that endures.

My raking is fierce and durable, lasting hour upon hour without a single bad thought or complaint. Completing this work is my only consideration. Each tall bag filled is joyful accomplishment, one step closer to success.

Some days wind, cold, or rain initially makes uncomfortable, a pesky challengers trying to dissuade, until accepted and made irrelevant. As always, I willingly go forward to meet them and never wither. Without fail, I devote my full powers to my task to find triumph waiting for me. Destiny requires merely continuing upon my goal and standing my ground with noble spirit unbroken.

Others who do battle with leaves perform labor for money, not their own need. They could never have as clear purpose as mine, nor as straight a path.

November 9, 2016

Canonical Fraud

The early versions of Artificial Intelligence weren't very good. They were crude attempts and could be beaten. When Grand Master Kasparov played Deep Blue in chess, he could sense strategic flaws in its simulated thinking and was able to manipulate and lead it into traps.

After several years, Deep Blue was improved and was able to beat Kasparov. Now basic desktop computers typically beat almost any chess player.

The media, entertainment, and political ruling class are still refining their public manipulation technique. They invent and designate which opinions are acceptable and then spread them using schools, movies, shows, and political discourse.

"Maledetto colui che contrista, un spirto immortal!"

"Cursed whoever saddens an immortal spirit!"

Manzoni (Conte di Carmagnola, Act II)

Elections rejecting globalist power are met with efforts to demoralize resistance. Phony polls are published showing large leads for globalists, while opponents are insulted and described as supporting losing efforts.

Globalists will learn from their mistakes and refine their manipulation techniques. They will begin implanting millions more fake accounts in social media, develop more sophisticated psychological techniques to dissuade criticism, and make their propaganda more subtle and nuanced. Eventually they will be nearly undetectable.

Brexit and Clinton were caught in the act from their overconfidence in early versions of public demoralization. Rulers will use the finest advertising methods, including personalized propaganda to control public opinions to repeat the whims of the political class and shame people from thinking for themselves.

Primitive attempts of manufacturing consent are losing now, but it's clear the ruling class is willing to do anything to win. They will tighten up their game and will soon be using better techniques to accomplish their aims.

Investors spend billions so a figurehead willing to sell off the nation cheaply will take a job paying $400,000/yr.

Controlling the public and a nation's power is worth a fortune to them. Though they are failing now, they aren't about to stop.

November 7, 2016

Tantrums Don't Hold, Mostly

The majority has stayed silent, while the media provoked followers to believe they should feel scared that a candidate other than theirs could prevail.

They feigned outrage and pretend to be offended, so intolerant were they to alternative opinions and diagnosis of the slump towards economic insolvency and third world conditions.

Rather than face the situation and correct its foundation, they opposed its consideration.

After all, who would make you delve into a critical examination of reality except an evil and wicked soul?

For to look at our problems and causes is tormenting -- thus one is tormented by such confrontations that reveal too much.

November 6, 2016

Big Brother May I?

Anarchy reigns in neighborhoods, such that no one is required to inform his neighbors or receive consent before impositions interfering with an otherwise perfectly unperturbed day.

You can make as much noise as you want, launch dust clouds upon the neighborhood, or send fumes at those living near you. There would be dramatic chatter if you so rudely violated his daughter, but no one is bothered if you do far more to all of your neighbors simultaneously. You don't know them and never loved them, so can befoul them repeatedly with the most egregious acts.

Modern romance grows beyond couples, injecting into each dalliance a hack lawyer neurotically guiding through the nuances of legal risk, and a lecturing bureaucrat seeking signed forms indicating one's formal permission so that later reconsiderations do not mischaracterize events and demand costly state protection ex post facto. With budgets under pressure to minimize debt, preventing the consumption of state resources is essential.

Progressive universities demonstrated their social leadership by imposing a code of conduct that required amorous couples to explicitly ask permission prior to each new physical act they wished to perform.

This policy governing romance was beautifully bureaucratic because its intent was to create a system requiring stated intent combined with a direct means of mutual termination so that rape could never occur or be claimed, neither tying up campus resources nor dinging the perception of the campus community with negative crime statistics. Compliance is obtained by threatening draconian consequences for disobedience, in addition to mandatory classes so no one can say they weren't well informed about policies governing nature and restricting its expression.

The pesky loose ends of passionate couples exploring one another based on their torrid instincts and unspoken urges had to be made concrete and formalized. Through this introduction of institutional governance over affection, the possibility of rape was eliminated, as was the possibility of love.

November 4, 2016

Garden of Hate

Some parts of nature only exist to test others, and feed off those that fail the test Danny was a young gardener who tended to his flowers, trees, and vegetables. He had inherited a plot with well chosen plants and labored to restore its flourishing, as well as cultivating new plants in the spring.

He soon found that creating the conditions for growth were not enough, and the special attention needed to promote desirable nature was nearly overwhelming.

Weeds opportunistically sought to establish a home among cultivated plants, trying to take advantage of the highly developed conditions intended for a productive garden. Here weeds could spread quickly, and battling these pests required weekly passes to rip them out.

Some had thorns and poison to dissuade unskilled removal, necessitating thick gloves and special effort to clear them at the root so the same ones would not return again next season and try to expand while going unnoticed.

It seemed like the weeds felt entitled to the same nutrients and soil meant for desirable plants that produced welcome flowers, fruits, or other gifts. You could imagine a politicians saying weeds too deserved their fair share of every garden since their chlorophyll was just as green.

Most puzzling were the strangler vines which naturally grew in a chaotic web resembling cancer. One variety began on the ground and sought tree branches upon which to ascend. They frequently forked and sought to choke branches to death and then merge with the remaining structure. They mimicked the coloration of their hosts and could blend in except for a few weeks in fall where they stayed green too long and could be easily detected as hostile intruders.

Another variety was a thorned strangler that began on the ground, wrapped around bushes and plants, grew several feet around and over them, and then anchored itself into the ground on the other side, using the leverage to grow tighter.

Common pokeweed stalks grew tall and looked innocuous, except for their plentiful summer berries that some animals took and spread, and served as a backup regeneration plan when the whole stalk was felled and not disposed of carefully.

Invasive bamboo could sense being cleared away and transformed from grass stalks into probing vines that searched tens of feet away for new safe spaces. Nothing healthy wants to die, no matter how wretched and parasitical.

The gardener was well educated, but could not figure out the purpose of these strange invading plants. They weren't helpful to his cultivation, yet since he knew there was no God, they must have a purpose in nature that he couldn't discern.

After another day of clearing weeds, thorns, and poisoned vines, he took a few sample clippings to farmer Joe who had many decades of experience with nature, as well as nuanced education four generations deep.

Danny told him, "I regularly see these strange guests, and no matter how much I remove them, others like them find their way back and try to set up home."

Farmer Joe shook his head. "They are endless. You can thoroughly remove them at the root and they'll be back in a month. You'll need to rigorously pull them out every season, and if you miss a year, they'll be firmly settled in."

Danny sought their function. "I know nature puts everything there for a reason, so surely there is some purpose they fulfill."

This grasp for purpose evoked laughter from Farmer Joe. "They're just pests looking out for themselves, aggressively claiming everything they can get. They depend on the growth of others so they can claim it to feed themselves. They contribute nothing while taking voraciously. If you left them on a vacant island, they'd grow to take up the whole space and then feast upon one another. They are vicious, stupid destroyers, thus you must destroy them before they destroy what is before them."

Shaken by the knowledge that some plants produce and others merely target productive plants, Danny realized he had to judge plants by their actions rather than treating them all as identical. This was at odds with what his Marxists professors had told him, and contrary to the instruction from the news readers on the screen who filled time between commercials for unhealthy products.

Eventually, he gave in to traditional gardening techniques, ruthlessly killing weeds, ripping thorns away, and having no mercy for poison and stranglers. He wanted the good plants to have a chance to grow unhindered and no longer tolerated senseless doctrine and phony morality from fools trying to teach false nature.

October 30, 2016

Amish Paradise

Primitive paradise and simplicity They long ago saw their way out of madness. In a hostile world where acts of Gods can destroy everything you had yesterday, all you have is your own disciplined self-reliance and your community. May good Lords help you if your people are crazy or lazy. Wisely, such weakness is prevented by healthy values.

You have the technology that you can build yourself, so you never have to rebuild after a disaster and find yourself empty-handed. How would you build a motor from scratch or a fuel refinement plant? Animal power is reliable and regular; motor powered machines not so much -- complex progressively interdependent technologies likewise.

Life is better without distractions produced by the rudely aggressive entertainment class. It turns out you don't need to be clicking on a cell phone all the time and tolerate exposure to useless and irrelevant information produced as a cover for pushing commercials.

Imagine if you could again be socially healthy instead of phone addicted, or spiritually alive like you were before swallowed by technology. Or having a natural life based on doing real things instead of wasting four hours a day watching insane fictional interactions and pointless ball throwing.

Not too long ago, it was possible to trust others and plan mutual efforts. For people in communities not yet ruined, such things remain possible.

You won't be working a silly office job sending emails, filling out forms, chatting about television shows, and attending meetings. You will be doing real labor to harvest food and build things. All day you are accomplishing things of value, and by sunset have much to show for your efforts.

You leave the phony world of posturing far behind, retaining humility rather than illusions of individualism.

There's no cops or traffic lights
Living in an Amish Paradise
Simplicity brings focus, and then only effort is needed for completion.

Forced to naked reflection, will produces the excellence expected.

October 29, 2016

Beyond Language

Giants like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Brahms, Schubert, and Schumann seem to lock classical works upon Germany foundations, just as Italians defined opera until Wagner's new approach.

Yet non-Germans fit in perfectly well. You know instantly that Dvorak isn't German and openly used Czech folk themes, just as Sibelius used Finnish folk stylings and Grieg integrated Norwegian folk music. There is room enough for great composers of any heritage capable of substantial artistic writing.

No matter the composer's culture and heritage, which form his instincts, a composer must present his ideas in a coherent form.

Scattered and insensible ideas and disregarded as worthless, which immediately excludes most from cultural participation.

With all works, a vision is needed, then creative ideas to unfold the vision into expression, and finally a drive to completion. Sufficiency of each trait is rare enough, and all three together almost never happens, which is why artistic work appears rarely, especially today as these traits are driven out, dulled, and tamed.

The artistic expressions of wild spirits depends upon no particular national language, needing only to be substantial, at which point its greatness is undeniable by those who revere such things.

October 28, 2016

Gentlest of Rebellion Demands

The Basques are genetically unique and wish to remain so, rather than mixed into a generic mass and their culture replaced by external commerce. How cruel to crush people by changing their population so they are among people unlike them with contrary cultures, mandating loneliness, distrust, and indifference, effectively leaving the natives alive but without the core cultural creations and values their people crafted over many centuries.

Catalans wish for the same and peacefully separate so they can continue their heritage and culture.

All healthy people wish against modernity to persist as a coherent whole and not be destroyed.

Such gentle rebellion against the system consists of only wanting to persist and not be destroyed by it. Left alone from its habitual wrecking force that makes everything an identical worthless mass of trash, we'll all do fine.

We are wealth that is thousands of years old and wish to persist to continue our proven upward course.

It is senseless to wreck that which is long proven valuable.

Ara, ara és l'hora de dir,
de dir que el poble persisteix
en les cases ara bastides
on abans no hi havia cases,
en els arbres que ara creixen
on abans no hi havia arbres,
en les noies que ara estimem,
i en tot allò que comença.

Ara, ara és l'hora de dir,
de dir que el poble persisteix
en tots, en tots, en tots nosaltres,
en cadascun de nosaltres,
i en tot allò que hem fet,
i tot allò que hem desitjat.

Ara, ara és l'hora de dir,
de dir que el poble persisteix
en tots, en tots, en tots nosaltres,
en cadascun de nosaltres.

En les paraules que inventem,
i en la gent que estimem,
i en tot allò que remembra,
en la rutina de la feina.
És l'essència del poble,

Ara, ara és l'hora de dir,
Catalunya persisteix
en tots, en tots, en tots nosaltres,
en cadascun de nosaltres.

Ara, ara és l'hora de dir,
Catalunya persisteix
en tots, en tots, en tots nosaltres,
en cadascun de nosaltres.
  Now, now it's time to say,
to say that the People persist
in the houses now built
where there were no houses,
in the trees that now grow
where there were no trees,
in the girls we now love
and in everything that begins.

Now, now it's time to say,
to say that the People persist
in all, in all, in all of us,
in each one of us,
and in everything we have done,
and in all we wished.

Now, now it's time to say,
to say that the People persist
in all, in all, in all of us,
in each one of us.

In the words we invent,
and in the people we love,
and in everything that remember,
in the routine of work.
It is the People's essence,

Now, now it's time to say,
Catalonia persists
in all, in all, in all of us,
in each one of us.

Now, now it's time to say,
Catalonia persists
in all, in all of us,
in each one of us.

October 27, 2016

Imagine No Mobs

Crowds are zombies promised brains to eat, forgetting the consequences of eating all the brains and spreading zombies further, mediated by leaders who spur them on for personal gain. Neither with the crowd nor against it.

Stand gently aside as it reflexively spasms, wound into tension, maleducated, misled, and manipulated by the finest propaganda ever produced, from institutions highly skilled in manufacturing consent.

The mob has a recognized need to express mental anguish in whatever form they find pleasing.

So too do leaders have a legitimate desire or paid sponsor for whom they must stir crowds into frenzied anger based on imaginary claims, lies, misrepresentations, and preposterously false promises. Believers are in need of incredible claims to believe, never to scrutinize carefully, and leaders must give them the fantasy they crave, complete with catechisms to repeat in public.

Crowds are receptively coerced to the hate their leaders need them to feel, to unify against those who must be keeping them down by conspiring and plotting against them. Whatever their leaders tell them to fear is a monstrous threat and opposed by any means necessary. Together all petty bullies can tear down unwelcome standards of civilization. Their leaders will protect them from any looming dangers, whether one's own shadow or monsters under the bed.

Some want revenge against nature for its cruel inequity, yet few leaders demonstrate control over nature or ability to enact harmless circumvention of nature's laws. Still they promise it with no mention of the consequences of such attempts.

Leaders know appeal to reason is a waste of time, as reason produces little emotional effect and voting is concerned with quantity of opinion, never quality. Quantity must be increased, for obvious reasons.

For individuals, the honor code silently remains in force. You cannot copy the answers of another, nor would you want to. They are not your answers.

Socialized people conform easily, converging diverse opinions into a single form, sheering off nuance, differences, and purpose until opinions are essentially copied, thoughtlessly mimicking the beliefs of shills, entertainers, and useful idiots - without having provoked a single thought.

If honor was still expected, and thus an honor code, each person positing an answer would have to assess the problem at hand and then measure the character and fitness of prospective solutions.

Modern discourse avoids function and substance, instead focusing on measuring feelings rather than results, and then manipulating feelings with scenarios that promote the exception over the rule, favor images over sober consideration of the whole, and dwell on feelings for phony, irrelevant, or freak cases instead of careful responsibility for lasting consequences.

The latest incarnation of the machine is effective but hardly omnipotent as it depends on a willingness to obey and accepting slogans as legitimate communication. Dissenters who ignore advertising or perceive it as a paid presentation of lies representing the opposite of reality will be largely immune to its action.

The crowd is amassed for unified action and belief without any idea why or what is likely to happen. Insanity fuses with dishonesty to produce mass madness.

You'd never want to be part of a mob, majority, or political party.

October 21, 2016

Fighting Language

Fighting is an exchange of language transformed to physical interaction We fight because it's the only real sport. Children should throw balls around to practice their dexterity and simulate competition, but that's silly for adults to do, and watching is worse still. We are meant to punch, kick, strangle, and mangle -- and need to spar to fulfill this need.

The moves we use to fight betray an underlying language and logic. You have to begin somewhere to express a thought or attack an opponent. Novices have only a few isolated ideas, like a child yelling out a solitary noun or verb. Other words are needed to express a more complete thought, just as well chosen moves in succession exploit opportunities to apply an effective attack.

When on defense, you attempt to disrupt a completed sequence, as if turning a prospective sentence into senseless fragments, essentially reinventing Twitter or texting.

As in a sentence, only certain words connect, and usually must do so in a specific way and context. Rules and exceptions initially guide, until later awareness of their principles allow flexibility to gamble or chose an unconventional approach based on honed knowledge of the specific situation, just as grammar has a formal usage and stylistic choices that are technically wrong, yet can be better suited for communication.

When sparring, you need vocabulary, which consists of known moves you can adequately perform with some sense of their relation to other moves you know. Just as you can speak a language imperfectly and still be understandable, sufficiency is typically the measure for usage, not perfection.

A child progresses from primitive communication like a fighter who begins with just a few moves and short connecting chains. Initial defense is limited because skilled attacks arrive incomprehensibly, as if by magic, without ability to process their elements and no notion of how they would be stopped.

Gradually you gain vocabulary and fluidity, first repeating what you've experienced before, then poetically creating your own paths from this new vocabulary, gradually integrating subtle nuance, and eventually fluent enough to skillfully improvise, both tossing out unplanned concepts at your opponent and developing attacks and defenses based on what you read from their response and a sense of where the interaction could go.

Just as we diffuse potential conflict with words, when it's time to fight, we communicate through a rich language of strikes, holds, and positions. It's always good to know how to say it well.

October 20, 2016


Every game is essentially the imposition of encroachment, with players both attacking and defending. Politicians tell us not to attack or defend, but rather to tolerate all encroachments and prepare conditions so we can become still more easily encroached upon. Politicians make a fortune peddling this perpetually losing strategy, but given their terrible results would never be allowed to coach a child's sports team.

At most, we are encouraged to watch pointless contests, but never to do anything or draw attention to what enemy groups do to us and how they impose a lower quality of life for us, though theirs is selfishly improved for a while until the whole is gradually ruined for all.

In real life, you have to stop encroachment or accept the loss. We pretend no loss occurs, and then act surprised when the formerly capable has been degraded until it has become unsalvageably worthless.

One by one, the previous markers of civilization fall and we retract as locusts encircle us, claiming more land that previously fulfilled our needs and supported high culture.

There is no such thing as multiculturalism. Only one set of standards prevails as the dominant, becoming law and expectation, with all others marginalized and officially rejected.

Though we romanticize the third-world and patronizingly praise them for their simplistic joy of living in filthy poverty among the hopelessly stupid, their people lack capability and the population has never developed significant art, philosophy, literature, or technology.

They are not just a failed culture, but effectively no culture. Spinning in dysfunction and bogged with lack of creativity, low IQ, and spiritually inert, nothing could ever be expected of them. Their inherent nature is third-world and they have built their nation as a perfect representation of what their people are able to achieve.

Those accomplishments over many centuries say everything.

If they encroach upon first world nations, you too will live as them, eternally benighted.

October 19, 2016


Just as the earth is not the center of the universe, and belief that it is creates a delusional myopic perspective, neither are humans the center of the universe. This assumes you are looking for a realistic view of the universe to ascertain your relation to it.

Having become aware of this, the next rejection is the egoistic notion that one is special for merely being alive at the moment, a gratuitous assertion used to demand human rights be accorded, and then gifts, honor, respect, and a comedy of pretending all people are equal -- without ever having to demonstrate the possession of substance deserving what they wish to extract by erroneous reason or deliberate deception.

We reject humanism for being small and getting lost in hedonism.

Rather than doing something valuable, humanism seeks to extract declarations that it is valuable merely for appearing, even if it has no achievements and acts to stifle the greatness of others.

October 18, 2016

Celebrating Low Effort

As a man, your identity follows from your accomplishments.

10k is a warm up run, not an incredible life accomplishment Most people have progressed from activity to spectatorship, directing their precious time to tracking celebrities and ball throwers. They've centered their lives around consuming entertainment products.

Wrapped up in the hungry fever of voyeurism, they have no time left to do anything.

Despite this empty do-nothingism, the need to feel accomplished remains, but their oversocialized conformity keeps them watching instead of doing. They can't escape the social pressure that keeps them from doing anything.

26. Oversocialization can lead to low self-esteem, a sense of powerlessness, defeatism, guilt, etc. One of the most important means by which our society socializes children is by making them feel ashamed of behavior or speech that is contrary to society's expectations. ... Thus the oversocialized person is kept on a psychological leash and spends his life running on rails that society has laid down for him. In many oversocialized people this results in a sense of constraint and powerlessness that can be a severe hardship.

They have vague recollections of mommy being proud of every brave bowel movement. In need of easy trivial accomplishment to declare as their identity, they gravitate towards events like a 10k run, which is not a substantial achievement and requires no great effort.

It's no wonder that a lack of reward follows from a lack of activity, and from that depression, which has been rising steadily with the culture of spectatorship.

It's hard to think of a more brutal Hell you could impose upon a person.

October 13, 2016

How To Make a Snowball

Those who measure size over quality want the biggest colossus no matter the characteristics of its components. They will roll any random ball downhill to have a bigger ball, at which point they declare that progress has been achieved.

For a politicians, the more problems, the better. As the politician dispenses legal actions and resource distribution, his favor is sought by all factions. From his ability to control, he gains power and personal profit. Thus he has motivation to create change by engineering new problems to disrupt civilization, which in turn will need his meddling solutions.

Where a normal person seeks to stop chaos and damage to previous capabilities, such stabilization would starve a politician of their opportunity to extract wealth from friction, reducing them to a mere bureaucrat serving public need.

Propaganda has found a home in the superficially educated. Those who have degrees consider themselves smart for completing four years of homework, and certified as knowledgeable on all subjects as well as capable in reasoning, though they've only performed mandated reading and wrote loyalty essays mimicking their professor's prejudices.

Listening to a lecture on a subject in an introductory college class has equipped them with certainty that their favorite politician is correct to champion a particular position and his opponent is a fool for having a different interpretation. The function of how a policy would play out, the history of previous attempts, and how to rate the resulting changes is never considered -- yet is what matters, not the party badge of the politician or the phony promises they make.

You'll also notice that fools want the voting population to be made up of the largest possible number of fools, criminals, and crazy people who don't know what they're voting for or how to evaluate any proposition to determine the best results.

Democracy taken over by fools discards good ideas, instead overtaking quality with their numbers as they strive to create the future to which all must be bound.

October 12, 2016

What Not To Say

When you notice someone unusually tall and ask whether they play basketball, are you really in need of that information? Or are you just making noise with your mouth because you autistically noticed the obvious and cannot leave it alone?

Consider it from the perspective of the tall person. They repeatedly hear the same stupid question, which is really more remark than question. It's not insightful, thoughtful, or original.

It comes with no wonderment.

October 10, 2016

Uncanny Folly

Politicians in democracy are accustomed to getting their way by use of soft coercion (media coordination, speech spectacles, propaganda shaping public consensus, and the appearance of normalcy and public concern) and hard power (laws banning alternatives to their orders, using police and courts to intimidate citizens, and tasking the military with killing dissidents).

Creating a power vacuum in Libya was an obvious mistake, but so was the tremendous folly demonstrated by trying to force democracy upon Afghanistan and Iraq.

When their customary techniques failed and no further ammunition was at hand, they were left with an empty, useless gun. Everything they had tried to force had collapsed, and life returned to its previously unmanipulated condition.

Likewise, moving people from one piece of dirt to within the dirt borders of another country is at best the illusion of change. Forcing new laws and different standards of civilization upon people cannot change fundamental instincts and characteristics evolved over thousands of years.

The desire to impose Western civilization and institutions upon non-Western people will always fail, whether done by force in their own countries or importing them into the West to be coerced, threatened, and bribed into feigning ideological compliance.

Most politicians already knew it wouldn't work. After all, they are savvy lawyers and their clever dealings have brought them incredible wealth, while they comedically pose as millionaire public servants to appear harmless to their subjects.

They deliberately make a show of choosing actions they sensibly know won't achieve their claimed objectives, though costing trillions in currency and sometimes killing millions of people.

There is a second motive they ambitiously pursue, one that doesn't serve public interest and isn't disclosed for public scrutiny. They use their position for an alternative purpose, yet escape responsibility for the public harm they do by pretending to be ignorant and surprised of the calamities they knowingly engineer.

October 9, 2016

Tune Out, Turn Off Better

From a quick glance at the answer sheet before you begin, you survey how productive geniuses organize their days, and the educational programs they devised for those who they wished to learn about the world.

Then you transpose slightly and put theory into practice, as you are the best subject to offer for experiments when knowledge from experience is requisite.

"I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely happier for it."
Thomas Jefferson

"The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he who reads them, inasmuch as he who knows nothing is nearer to truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. He who reads nothing will still learn the great facts, and the details are all false."
Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807. ME 11:225

The most admirable people are those who know almost nothing about pop culture and instead think about interesting things and attempt their own exploration. They remain unfamiliar with fashionable TV shows, movies, celebrities, pop musicians, modern artists, or sports teams -- which saves you from conversation with dull people by removing the subjects they discuss.

Many years ago I reduced email frequency to skimming it once or twice a month. My phone is modern but stays on silent, neither texting nor calling unless for a purpose. I still don't understand social media and rarely use it.

On Jefferson's advice and realization that media is crazy drama and exaggerated stories to provoke an audience reaction, I finally accepted that news entertainment wasn't beneficial and could be skipped.

Like Jefferson, I am infinitely happier for it.

October 8, 2016

The Biggest Negative Sum Game

You try to conceive of conditions under which you'd consider cooperating with your enemies. In most cases, you know their unchangeable character and could never accept allowing their actions to go unchallenged, as their instinct is to unleash wickedness and destruction everywhere they go, though they call it progress and help so that dummies allow and welcome it. You see what results from their actions, but never really understand what motivates them and why they keep doing it.

Overpopulation is the cause of ecological stresses, and overpopulation is a result of poor design, unrealism about population behavior, and ideological loyalty that promises to invent a future solution to lasting damage promoted as beneficial today. The enemies of civilization propose a last minute retrofit to long-standing structural defects and larger issues that they deem forbidden to discuss in public, yet are essential and must be solved.

The good news is that the structural problems are easy to solve. The bad news is that the solutions aren't politically acceptable, so they bury and obscure the real issues while telling people who know about them that there are no known solutions.

Scientifically it's possible to engineer any result, such as a particular CO2 value, and still that is only one variable in a larger problem, so the other underlying defects remain lurking and eventually will become undeniable. Without fixing the causes of overpopulation, the rest of the ignored problems fester and multiply until dealing with the single root that was conveniently ignored. Solving a symptom is illusion.

The dramatic, loud, and credulous currently have disproportionate power and hold society hostage to their schemes, values, and disorganized thinking. Their army is vast, active, and skilled at getting what they want, no matter what happens to society.

The sensible are forced into increasingly reckless gambling, as their most probable way out is to allow the poor planning to reach its natural destructive consequences so those schemes are finally understood as horrific and are not repeated again. This might have the side-effect of ending human civilization. Moderation would only mean the piling on of billions more people who will obey and promote moronic ideas, so only hardlines remain viable.

With no goal or solution to agree upon the stakes keep rising.

"Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."

More likely, an alien invasion would provide opportunity to clear out the stupid and those who herd and manipulate them into humanity's greatest threat. Once they are gone, humanity would have a chance to battle space aliens without having failure incorporated within.

October 7, 2016

Non-locally Sourced

You can get water from an artesian aquifer in Fiji, bottled and moved halfway around the world for you to drink.

You can have out of season fruit flown to you from the other hemisphere.

It seems excessive and totally unnecessary when more sensible alternatives exist.

The same people championing locally sourced produce as a more reasonable way of eating also clamor for haste in constructing non-locally based populations, at least for advanced Western countries whose achievements are a result of the inherent qualities of their native people.

They want to send millions of backwards, incapable, unassimilable, and hostile people to every successful Western nation to change its character so it no longer is anything like what its people created, and surely not a happy or cheerful nation. Opposition must be imported and imposed against the nation's people so they cannot further develop onward beyond the norm of miserable and broken countries.

What's someone to do who has never seen a doorknob, elevator, or two-story house and then gets themselves inside a country where these are normal and the natives are advanced? They can only contribute burden and the currency of pity.

Misery loves company, so the majority of miserable countries seek the paradises of the West with sanitation, water, and walls, and to appear within those countries -- and to be accepted despite the obvious implications of their unwelcome introduction.

The newcomers aren't interested in the culture or ideas of the country. They only want the money the local people created, without bothering to gain fluency in the local language. In all their study of prospective targets to plop down into, they've only sought wealth others created.

They generally oppose the country's successful culture and ideas and wish to uphold their failed culture and ideas that made their homeland backwards and impoverished. They have nothing in common with the natives, so will never support the natives, uphold national standards, contribute to culture, or advanced anything ever created in the country. Their goal is to extract money for themselves.

The failed people and their descendants are a permanent burden that the government will try to deal with, like it deals with hurricane damage and leaking pollution.

Few advanced nations would welcome hurricanes and pollution into their countries and pronounced them important for achieving future goals.

October 6, 2016

Occupy Occupations

Someone has to be the superstar professional whose job is to put a ball through a hoop. Someone is the acclaimed actor who pretends to be a character and amuses bored people. Plenty of silly jobs await someone to tolerate them and spend a life slogging through their demands.

Doubt arises as you begin noticing massive inefficiencies and dead ends. A lot of the money is companies billing other companies. The worker who bills a customer $500/hr for consulting only gets a third of that if he's salaried. You have to make your own industry contacts and hold productive discussions if you want to realize the full rate of your labor.

Likewise, you observe the executive promotion path and who gets advanced. Some are impressive, some not -- and so many are willing to give up their nights and weekends for the chance to be considered, and if you have other interests then it's easy to measure your prospects.

At some point you realize there's nothing there for you, and hold no false hope.

October 5, 2016

Responsibility Beyond Station

Today the maid comes. That means a scramble to put away all things she could conceivably mishandle. She might put the hand-made Japanese knives in the dishwasher and run a load, dulling their edges, or include the delicate espresso cups and possibly break them.

She could ruin clothing by washing or drying them wrong. Unless all possible errors are surveyed and prevented, it's better she didn't try. But when it comes to cleaning floors and surfaces, little error is possible and she excels.

When we realize the person answering a business phone is a phone answerer, not a problem solver, it becomes clear that the duties of sensible thinking and abstract consideration are upon us. We should expect them to fail, and thus should direct them away from error and towards success they are capable of achieving.

Like most people, they have no idea what to do, possess no sense of order, and can't distinguish between successful action and total failure.

You must form a picture in your head of the totality and maintain a sense of how its pieces are moving, directing others to their tasks while being realistic about their limited ability, limited ability, lack of focus, and general unconcern for what will obviously happen.

They call it hired help, but we all fantasize about the day they are replaced with robots.

October 4, 2016

Differing Souls

We politely and lyingly explain the difference in preferences of art and intellect by saying tastes differ. This is a cloud of octopus ink behind which to vanish, for this explanation doesn't attempt to get at truth, but to avoid offending by tacitly implying that all choices and realizations are of identical quality.

Nor is this mere bigotry favoring the intelligent over idiots, for plenty of smart people spend their energies pursuing sports, celebrities, movies, shows, and intoxication.

One must also have a curious soul, invigorated by delight to discover what is best in life and to seek its most rewarding examples.

Most choose novelty, allured by the new and fashionable, even if meaningless and of low quality. Peasants entangle themselves in spiritual poverty seeking shiny trinkets, unable to discern what is valuable from the trivial.

September 30, 2016

People v. Reason

Thought policing creates discord by rewarding the obedient with praise for being "good" by showing mindless compliance to the ideological order.

Their enemy consists of all who defy the new standards and not only think for themselves, but communicate about reality and mock the claims central to the ideological order.

Reason never enters this movement. There are only commands and expectations of behavior, and from that a dividing line of followers and apostates, each unable to understand the motivations of the other.

Previously this tension culminated in name-calling against the disobedient. The burden was on the deviant to prove he wasn't the false name spuriously attributed to him, which could only be disproven by denouncing himself and parroting the talking points of his attackers. Sincerity wasn't required to defuse the conflict, only a demonstration of submission.

The name-calling and insults were just a means of forcing conversion, barely different from a religious declaration extracted by fire and sword.

To speed this process, believers promote purges of dissenters, trying to get people unemployed if they've privately expressed criticism of ideas considered sacrosanct and important to the conversion process.

Their method reminds of communism where ideological compliance overtook reality. Shutting down dissenting expression is just a small step from sending enemies to labor camps, mandating re-education to ideological obedience, and liquidating those who speak out and are capable of contributing to a rationally based counter-revolution.

This undercurrent has been bubbling for decades, periodically emerging in efforts to remove bad words from pop music or restrict video games.

News that was previously locked down by major networks and then major cable channels now runs wild, and people have never been able to communicate with each other more freely. Anonymous communication is especially troubling because it allows common citizens to avoid threats of violence or homelessness when voicing unpopular opinions and criticism of essential ideological pillars.

It was never about reason.

September 29, 2016

Choosing a Dog

Since it was the weekend and I had no thoughts, I went to the local pub to pass away the burden of time with others who had nothing to do. My friend Ivan was there, a retired gentleman I enjoy talking to. His disarming approach conveys information warmly, and happily abandons resisters to their earned folly rather than arguing with fools.

A young couple in a corner booth were having a heated argument about the usual relationship drama, which is rarely anything more than a proxy for fundamental unresolvable incompatibilities, and Ivan casually commented that choosing a good woman is like choosing a dog.

I looked at him curiously and he smiled and took a deep sip from his mug of Belgian ale before be began.

"Many men have been lost in their prime when a sickly woman latches onto them, fully aware of her poor health. Despite her persisting problems, she disguises them as sporadic while feigning desire so she can use his labor to pay her hospital bills, get a free place to live, and secure reluctant companionship. His life is sacrificed to provide for her, just as she planned it.

Nor would you want a drunk or addict. Many are functional, with more good days than bad ones, but the bad ones are definitive. They crave substances for feeling and escape, so unhappy are they at their core. Some are experts at hiding their problems. You don't want that burden either.

The sexually promiscuous who freely give themselves over to anyone paying attention to them at the moment aren't relationship material either. They're long past feeling that love is special.

Those who respond with outbursts are not just unpleasant, but unstable. How long can you last in a house with a crazy person? You could live a 100 years with a kind person, but a year with a bitter soul is spiritual torture.

Then there are those with bad habits, like the compulsive of all sorts who suffer from having no goals. Can you imagine what it be would like to spend a life with someone who has no purpose and just bounces between distractions?

So obviously you avoid the disasters, but you also need to select what is positive. That's easier than fishing out the defects that the defective cleverly try to hide -- and they usually can for a while, until they become too comfortable and inadvertently expose their craft.

What you choose in a good woman is the same thing you choose in a dog that you want to make a part of your family. I don't mean that flippantly, though I'm happy to say it that way. You don't let just any descendant of wolves into your house to live among your wife and kids, to be well fed, exercised, and taken care of as a wild beast promising to be on good behavior.

You select a dog that is healthy, attractive, cheerful, loving, loyal, pleasant, and energetic. Anyone can pick a random mutt wandering by, and some prefer relationships of pity, advantage, convenience, or random circumstances. But the happiest people are those that have dogs with these good qualities, just as the most satisfied relationships are among people with mutually good traits."

You know it when you come to a house for the first time and see a wonderful dog announcing your arrival, sizing you up, and making sure you aren't a threat to the household. You know the joy that harmoniously couples enjoy. The well constituted want to build upward and need each other, while the disastrous will accept whatever they can ensnare."

The couple in the corner were still bickering about her shopping and his video game playing, seemingly unaware that was just a bunch of socializing about defects no one could correct.

September 23, 2016

Buried Forever

From good taste more than consideration of pointlessness, we solemnly move on, refraining from digging up the past to perform a proper scientific evaluation, interview, and psychological examination of participants so all motives and hopes can be summarily expressed and transcribed.

In the absence of an official proceeding, each person creates their own selfish narrative using projections and suspicions seeded in frail insecurity that transform the unresolved into misrepresentations to fit the spurious needs of the moment.

This is bad taste par excellence, and why we try to refrain from disinterring the beautiful past, which was perfect until the dug up corpse is posed into comical horror for an attempted reanimation, which always fails.

September 22, 2016

Compromise Means Accepting What You Don't Want

When the typical situation is a botch or misstep, it's impolite to ask anyone about details.

You assume they too are complicit in mistakes, so you refrain from rubbing their nose in failure. After all, we see many such cases and are told to tolerate the free will of others to choose or prefer mistakes.

Our social duty is to treat errors the same as success, and get others to look upon both as identical choices.

With ideals crashing all around us, we see much settling for compromise, i.e. feigning adequacy when accepting what you didn't want, and having failed to secure what you need.

These needs were normal, expected, and attained for all time until two generations ago, and still are in reach for those who don't settle.

September 17, 2016

Evil Reaps

We often describe evil as nature unnecessarily thrown into dysfunction.

Obesity, cancer, and decrepitude are called evil, though no one proposes a consciously wicked force causing them.

"Life, like ripe corn, must to the sickle yield,
And one must be, another cease to be."

Cancer is the innocent reaper called in to finish off what can no longer replicate itself properly. Since something is no longer fit for purpose, it seems right to terminate it.

Obesity is a last ditch attempt by the body to stave off diabetes, which is a more severe dysfunction.

Senility, weakness, and other ailments of age are failures to reasonably continue strengths once possible in earlier years.

These are not malevolent, but merely a part of functions that reap.

Other so-called evils likewise.

September 16, 2016

Garden Simulations

In the wild, every plant is slowly aggressive, establishing its territory, defending, expanding to both deter and become inevitable, while attempting to encroach upon the space of others.

Everything grows atop one another, parasitically feeding and stunting the potential of its neighbors who seek their own use of nutrients and sun. All produce of themselves freely, and most produce no fruit in the best possible conditions, just as most humans have no thoughts or artistic potential, merely existing to be taken advantage of those willing to engage in such relations.

This environment of constant conflict produces few winners and mostly mediocrity that favors the resilience of generic non-assertive strategies used by cockroaches. The best are impaired by weeds and thorned stranglers striving to take their place. Even the hearty best can sustain only for a while until replaced by their prepared offspring or fierce competitors.

This state of conflict is a victory for equality and a loss for excellence. It also benefits those who benefit from conflict, such as power brokers and scavengers who create carnage.

Farming is just a simulation of how fertile seeds spread over soil, made organized and cleared of stunting competition so that those deemed desirable are allowed to reach their natural potential without obstacles. In the cultivated conditions of farm plots and gardens, unhampered elite plants freely offer their rich bounty, needing isolation to demonstrate their valuable traits.

On a wide scale, the same would be possible in human society if its goal was excellence rather than equality.

September 15, 2016

Flatter the Downtrodden

"You're so beautiful. You are incredibly smart."

Thus does the politician ingratiate himself with the crowd when not kissing babies to seem nice, a practiced formula lizard people use to identify as human (pronoun: ssssssss).

The media likewise needs dupes to fall for flimsy narratives, so they too flatter people bored enough to watch dull shows, read bad writing, sloppy thinking, and stay ready to provide dramatic reactions about the insignificant. Rational evaluators are the worst for media because they measure substance and scope instead of declaring the end of history and the world over trivialities and misinterpretations.

Towards this end, the press and others who rely on duping promote a phony intellectual class in which they place all people who repeat their narrative and take it seriously without questioning its assumptions and assertions. Those who critique it are by definition not intelligent or trustworthy, and should be sent to reeducation camps or public schools until they comply.

This expands the measure of intelligence from the 5% capable of independent thought to all those who listen to news talkers and media personalities.

Redefining who is intelligent flatters a new majority that consists of those who repeat opinions promulgated on entertainment shows. Someone asked what good is flattery? It's a great way to softly force compliance from those who know they don't measure up.

September 9, 2016

Mercenary Morality

The process of extracting money is mindless, not malevolent. The CEOs of soda, candy, and fast food companies don't lust for making others fat and sick. They just want to get money from weak people.

Entertainment CEOs don't want to make you stupid and dull. They only want to register you as a watcher to sell to advertisers. Inevitably, you have to give up a lot of living to watch the screen, and executives know that, but they are interested in your money, not the reduction of your quality of life.

Politicians make society progressively worse, but they don't usually hate the public. They just need to make changes that benefit the politician's personal purposes. They know people are being hurt, but that's not their motive.

Hired mercenaries don't care about what happens after their mission. They complete it and move on to the next one. They aren't paid to assess the morality of their actions.

Mercenaries take on difficult and dirty work knowing their bosses are involved in nonsense that depends on acquiring talent for money.

The enterprising boss envisions a means to an end. The mercenary doesn't look into details, only offering muscle to get something done.

This detachment is plain enough when mercenary labor is used for killing, heists, and enforcing. The same lack of concern for what happens to others also follows from all labor done for pay. People do their jobs as instructed and never consider the purpose or consequences of their actions.

September 8, 2016

Done and Never Undone

You can't get enough of her soft pink lips and angelic face that knows no scowls. Her hourglass shape lures you closer, with lean curves accentuating athletic hips and the sweet gravitational pull of femininity.

She's lithe and pale with a nose cute as a button, but once you notice her mustache, you can never unsee it or separate it from what you think about her. It eclipses everything sexy and feminine about her.

Every girl's clothes fall away easily enough, and similarly, her naked character is soon revealed so you know who she really is.

Far more serious than not being able to avoid noticing her mustache is not being able to unknow essential character flaws. You've seen them in the wild and though she tries to act civilized and docile, they are always lurking and eager to erupt from flimsy shackles, for they are essential parts of her being, without which she is not well understood.

You tasted knowledge of her you did not seek, and now you can't forget what you saw and wish you had never accidentally learned.

September 7, 2016

Exception of Exceptions

Financial conservatism harnessed money to make money, and quickly I had plenty, eventually realizing I could buy handmade Italian supercars, a good measure of comfortable frivolity.

Who is impressed by lavish displays of excess except those who wish to take it for themselves? Hungry jackals descend upon fresh meat advertising itself to be plundered, faking calm and care for a while in exchange for a claim on half your wealth and future earnings.

You realize most people scrounge for money as wage slaves trying to buy happiness, forgetting, escape, and favorable impressions from others. Leaving that cycle is an exception. Most remain within it forever.

Most of the world doesn't have clean water. The usual state of society is disorganization, filth, stupidity, duplicity, violence, theft, and attacking anyone who does not suffer equally. Most leaders are corrupt liars and thieves willing to sell out their people for personal gain, using ideology as a shield.

This process of pulling people back to perpetual misery prevents civilization and humanity's potential while normalizing failure.

There are a few fragile exceptions that can last decades or centuries and they are beautiful. Not everything needs be broken and ugly.

September 1, 2016

Secular Religion is Timidity

When your core values are repeated from a religion, but you reject its god, savior, holy book, beliefs, and most importantly: the solution for the cultural problems its invention intended to solve -- you are lost and confused about your disclaimed adoption.

Conclusions cannot remain standing when their premises have been discarded as faulty, at least without positing new premises.

Secular followers strangely want to be seen as good in the eyes of the god they don't believe in. They constitute a secular congregation of hollow people without a rational foundation for the values they espouse.

Worse -- they've passively swallowed the beliefs of a religion they consider primitive, simplistic, and willfully ignorant.

What could you ever take seriously when uttered by such people?

Their entirety is costuming stolen from others and worn proudly as if it was their own creation. They are too afraid to practice the religion from which they obtained their values, or to discard those values along with disbelief in its supernatural origin and reasoning that is the basis of its morality.

August 28, 2016


We had too much curiosity and wanted to see how everything worked. For this, we listened to narratives and carefully watched hundreds of examples unfolding so we could see their steps, outcomes, and interconnectivities.

We sought no particular answer to justify or blame.

In no rush to conclusion, we used decades to accumulate observations and correlations, inadvertently compiling volumes of data and patterns.

This long watching also showed the ultimate meaning of acts, and thus the purpose of their undertaking. This turned moral pretension into slapstick comedy. Motivations were rarely what they claimed, and in any case lasting results showed what would really happen, often at odds with the supposed moral stance or claimed goal.

We felt no social pressure or allegiance except to what we had discovered for ourselves. We sampled everything that seemed promising and dropped bad habits at first realization of their cost, for example wasting hours watching ball games that achieved scores of no consequence.

Propaganda, trends, political correctness, and the latest social movement had no effect on us because we understood their motivation, madness, and desperation.

We had become the worst consumers from lack of commercial control, and the worst subjects from disbelief in the lies holding the mess together.

Instead we laugh at its reliance on force and deception, it having strayed far from traditional principles under which reason and purpose provide eternal guidance.

August 27, 2016

Schubert Notturno D897

Beauty takes you away from the mundane, proving that brute grinding and persistent error is not the only way things must be.

The well-constituted lasts across many generations until disrupted or spoiled, and the well constructed is of the same spirit in a material form.

This unification of consciousness aspiring for better results is a subversive act against paper elites who seek to hobble, confuse, and burden society so they can rule over a mess, rather than be excluded as unnecessary in a well running organic system.

The revolution against sensibility began with an infiltration of language. Meaning was inverted: progress no longer meant a better form, but was repurposed to mean degradation. Though the old word was used, the new meaning applied in service to new goals.

They attacked the strong with names, slander, and envy. The strong had to be destroyed so the weak could replace them, under the wise leadership of the profiting corrupt who knew how to work a crowd of psychologically damaged peasants.

Faster and faster, they were in a hurry to degrade what had taken thousands of years of refinement and became what others could never attain, and thus showed what was not of equivalent substance.

August 26, 2016

Saving Souls

You don't want friends or strangers to be dupes who comply with the coercion of slick advertising campaigns.

We know advertising works, and by spending a little money will make much more by tricking people into buying shoddy products proudly shown as if far better alternatives were not available.

Many people are oversocialized and repeat the social behavior that commercials normalize, demonstrate, and promote -- though when abstractly considered, those behaviors are understood as undesirable choices. The trick is to show them as fun and enjoyable, rather than as harmful and gradually debilitating.

Often it's more about wanting others to keep their souls more than eventual health implications of consuming cheap garbage. We think about how much better they'd feel if they didn't listen to the crummy formulaic pop song being pushed this week, or how they have been made curious about another stupid movie that has nothing new to convey.

By paying attention to inferior works made for money, they never experience anything good. They are constantly rushed to try the next junk effort, never to taste excellence. There's enough excellence for a lifetime, but instead they are willingly steered towards the trivial.

They've been duped by liars making money selling fraud, telling them what to consume at the cost of their soul.

August 25, 2016


Every system, bureaucratic or commercial, is tedious and soul crushing because it is obnoxiously methodical from the assumption it is dealing with a stupid and irrational subject.

Rather than sizing up a situation, the facilitator who enforces the rules of the system, walks you through a flow-chart. This is the best grade-school level problem solving a MBA can achieve.

Be prepared to repeat all of the information you provide multiple times. Though it seems like they are entering it into a computer, apparently it isn't shared, and since it is merely entered rather than consciously considered, it might as well never be gathered except for the pleasure of archivists.

There is no technical limitation. Every system is designed For Morons By Morons (FMBM), without testing on living creatures or considering any level of detail.

The same mind that thinks it wise to place people in long queues to greedily consume many minutes of their lives is happy to assault them with dozens of irrelevant questions that clarify little and maximize the time spent not reaching a solution.

Sometimes you consider that companies and government might be an elaborate prank employing billions of actors in the ultimate make work program, or could be a test of patience crafted by god, but then it seems more plain that they are the natural expression of exhausted people who despise humanity.

August 24, 2016

Cultural Standards

A $5 entry fee at a state beach is a modest price for a day that feels like the type of society you can see in pictures from the 1950s. For five dollars you can escape diversity, instead finding company with all others willing to pay a nominal fee that goes towards staffing and upkeep -- a different type of person than those who want these same services for free. You'll also find certain standards of civility with those who are willing to pay for a good situation.

The day is quiet with well behaved people. It's pleasant to be among others instead of the regular torment of loud, rude, and misbehaving souls creating problems, noise, and disruption. You'll find it odd to be in public, yet smiling and relaxed, without a pressing need to get away from its thoughtless and reckless people.

It now seems that the looming question for advanced nations is whether they are creating the type of society their people desire, or are they enduring atrocious situations forced upon them by incompetent leaders who aren't interested in reaching the best outcomes.

August 23, 2016

Earth Colony

Modern living is experiencing earth like a colony. Great faith is needed that someone might be sane and possess normal fitness.

Were you to travel to a Mars colony, would you expect to meet insane blue haired obese people screaming about how they object to reality and it must all be changed to please their prejudices? Or do you think that sensible, healthy, cheerful, fit people might be a better fit for the demands of a space colony?

You know exactly what would have been the case 50 years ago. But 50 years from now? Expecting the future as disaster inhibits desire to participate in a society that would be wrecked by the wretched. Thus: stop them before they destroy the future.

August 21, 2016

Marshmallow Politics

What makes softer than blaming imaginary oppressors?

When you can't achieve what was easy for people a generation or two ago, your progress looks comically regressive.

When your knowledge is limited to popular culture products, patronizing cliches, secret conspiracies, the faith that all things and people have inherent equality, assumptive assertions that others have phobias, yet you are not familiar with a single great work of civilization, basic facts about the world, essential life skills, good use of your native language or distant familiarity with others -- yet you have a college degree, perhaps you can understand how the inflation of credentials for all soccer participants has raised the price of education while eroding its quality.

You win worthless degree and pile of debt debt for a carefully balanced game where all can equally win nothing.

August 20, 2016

Crisp Non-lingering

Some guitarists seek infinite sustain to fill all space, not realizing as tasteless musicians that this chokes everything, and though this spotlighting might be best for grabbing the attention of prospective groupies, it makes for terrible music.

Gaps allow pulse, and silence puts dynamics back in play, expanding the available language. Just as words are spaced by breaks, music too must be more than an undifferentiated stream of sounds smashed together.

The rhythm can be unusual sometimes, like that of an individual, rather than a trained clone repeating popular patterns and scripts learned from entertainment.

Rather than lingering, we get in, perform our purpose, and exit cleanly.

August 19, 2016

Several Types of Work

1. Work to maintain balance, such as cleaning to restore the standard state or throwing out trash so it does not accumulate

2. Work on a process that yields returns, e.g. tracking credit, making sales, and otherwise exploiting margins

3. Work to build something new that people want, scaled small or large

3b. Making something people already want, but more efficiently for greater margin or lower price point, or offering it with novelty or different marketing to appeal to fashionable irrationality

August 18, 2016

Good Bets

You know the outcome you want, so you line up its preconditions, consider likely risks and minimize them, and go forth with a sufficient plan.

Most importantly, you bring yourself -- the only guarantor of victory you know.

You're the best best in town, so of course you bet on yourself. There's no better bet out there.

August 15, 2016

Raw Materials

Deep in thick forest brush, a brief burst of light penetrates, and steals a glimpse at the nature of your consciousness, normally masked by shadows.

You not only view its contours and limits, but take in its mechanisms to see what it is specialized for. From this you also see what it needs to thrive, and what it does poorly -- and thus burdens it into disrepair.

You also see that this strange constituency is fragile: anyone arousing a crowd can destroy and target anything created. This shows that no idea or work holds any great value to others -- only what they think they can gain from it at the moment matters to them. Perceived enemies will be ruthlessly trodden underfoot, and this itchy trigger finger is the condensed history of humanity seen from the perspective of its nearly infinite errors and recklessness.

Little remains of what came before, and anything that remains is an unusual exception from deep nature that first hid from destroyers and then was deliberately protected from destroyers when it appeared in their presence.

The wicked form two flanks, and both must be outrun and collapsed upon one another.

  1. A flood of trivial garbage to make the good unrecognizable and merely another option; the doctrine of qualitative indifference. Instead of something good, they offer something new.
  2. Dumbing down and selecting the dumber so fewer can recognize what is good, allowing the trivial to be culturally dominant.

The quest for inferiority is sabotaged by promoting excellence. Today's counter-culture attacks by showing curious minds the greatest works of civilization, while it is still possible to do so.

August 12, 2016

Poor Village Scraps

Those who don't fare well with girls like them often settle for a village doll who quietly hangs around. She's aware of the deal she's getting that allows her escape from the poverty of her countrymen, but other than material joys she isn't enthused by this deal.

In private moments she will discuss material impressions. Paltry wealth is seen as much, whatever the method it is earned. She is sold at a low price, and the buyer never considers that reality.

She masks discontent in her quietness, a mix of her family teachings, language unfamiliarity, a patient strategy of waiting, and reluctance to engage in unwinnable battles.

There is no barrage of babble to endure, offering a home life of opium calm. It is quiet cold peace heading nowhere.

They too will want to be with their own people who understand their language and soul. They will become jaded with their good deal and learn what other deals they can make and extract.

Even if she can't pronounce it, she will become as obnoxious as the natives.

August 11, 2016


They don't understand, nor care to understand.

Consequently, how could you become hurt by their situation?

A house cat will never understand your thoughts, and you don't expect more from them than you know they can handle.

The lack of their understanding does not reduce your interest, nor make the necessary unnecessary.

Your powers might be great, but you cannot make a dull, inert spectator into what they are not.

August 10, 2016

Banish Committees

Nor would anyone ever choose a book of philosophy or literature created by committee. As thinking is the prerequisite to writing, i.e. there must be an idea prior to shaping words to express an idea. All thinking is unbroken focus, and thus occurs from a single origin, performed alone.

Writing and thinking is necessarily a solitary activity, without chatter and noise shattering its spell. Consider the assault on consciousness that occurs in group settings from flaccid comments, obvious observations made for social credit, and snide complaints from unbalanced souls and whining excuse makers.

Those who consume media products repeat its dialogues and common tropes, shaping their mind into a sea of confusion riddled with nonsense, made incapable of thinking for itself.

August 6, 2016

Proud Respectful Localism

They spread fear of joy and pride, claiming that if you love your country too much, you will start attacking other nations with whom you remain friendly. This strange non-sequitur is repeated as if rational and is taken as a wise warning despite making no sense.

We deny the gremlins by choosing what they hate and demonstrating superiority through counterexamples that mock their prejudices and fears.

We love our people, neighborhood, and cities. We love others who do the same for their people, neighborhoods, and cities. All healthy people love, protect, and keep strong what is theirs. We respectfully nod at one another and understand, with no desire to trample good people.

We wish each city its potential, every nation to make themselves greater, all races to ascend.

Only as each people, city, and nation decline do we suffer, first from our proximity to sickness and inferiority, then secondly from the depressing effect of the loss that caused the terrible situation.

As nations are torn asunder by the wicked and thrown into contradiction that occupies effort and drains resources, we stay local and love that which is still ours.

August 5, 2016

No Envy

One way to avoid envy is to do better than the cases you observe.

From this, you will not want the smallest part of another's life. You won't want their wives, girlfriends, material joys, nor any part in their pedestrian food, entertainment, or travel choices.

You would not exchange anything for their outcomes because your choices are better suited for you.

Neither need you say a word against what they pick or advocate for them to make better choices -- they seem perfectly content, and there is no reason to unsettle them.

August 4, 2016

Predestined Doom

Making a tactical error and being knocked out in a fight is about the same as being killed by a social opponent or crashing a business despite it floating upon a sea of prosperity. A definitive strike ends the contest, nullifying potential.

Empathy for the unfortunate loss prompts questions of understanding. You quickly see the loser's assumptions and imbalances that steered the situation into error. Usually a slight adjustment would change little; a different outcomes requires a vastly different approach.

Their failed approach was doomed from the start when no one noticed essential structural mistakes. They went deep down that path with full commitment, locking in on beliefs that ensured loss when they finally transitioned from theory to being tested by reality.

Doubt is good -- it raises questions and puts propositions in search of solution, but neuroticism is just idle spinning without direction or purpose.

Yes-men rubber stamping is worse than having no feedback because obsequious praise is like tolerance, telling you to keep going despite disaster waiting ahead to spill your blood and take everything from you.

Caring and relevant critique is essential, which needs detailed oriented strategic minds with experience and interest in the challenge.

Every contest is a battle. You'll need an offensive plan aligned to win and a defense that won't crumble. When either is lacking, it'll be a long night for you.

August 2, 2016

No Love For You

People search for what they don't have. The impoverished desire the wealth others have spent their lives earning, so when you hear someone talking about wealth redistribution you can be certain the speaker enviously lusts for wealth someone else has earned.

Likewise, the emotionally neglected shack up with strangers -- first in a pathetic hope of being loved, and then settling for faking it so they can extract money from a hapless mark.

You won't find love by hooking up, and social norms prohibit discovery of love between even long-term hookups, under penalty of immediate separation because of clinginess.

Hooking up is based on unrealistic demands while simultaneously containing a poison pill so it can never transition to a relationship even when that becomes the obviously best mutual course.

"I would wager that if an average citizen from Athens of 1000 BC were to appear suddenly among us, he or she would be among the brightest and most intellectually alive of our colleagues and companions, with a good memory, a broad range of ideas, and a clear-sighted view of important issues. Furthermore, I would guess that he or she would be among the most emotionally stable of our friends and colleagues.”
[Human intelligence peaked thousands of years ago]

The hookup culture is an experiment. In other news, humans are basically the same today as 10,000 years ago, except for possessing lower intelligence. Nevertheless, even dumber humans retain the same needs as ever, so fighting against nature is done at your own peril.

August 1, 2016

Mormon Standards

Mormons are becoming a distinctive race, if not already one: noticeably more attractive and diligent than average Americans.

This reminds us that the usefulness of a belief is not as important as its veracity.

Having both is ideal, but in a world of incoherence, contradictory goals, and suicidal errors promotes as virtue, anything that gets good results is proven more desirable than normal outcomes.

The only measure of success is to last. Being outbred or allowing outsiders to conquer the land of your ancestors is classic failure. Ideology that ensures defeat is a parasite, not enlightenment.

Mormons are happy, calm, and assured because they know they are growing and their victory is assured. Every losing ideology knows inside that they are killing off their followers for the sake of the ideology.

At some point, you have to decide whether you want to win or serve a false system that is certain to bring destruction to those who follow it.

July 31, 2016

More Sumos

No wiggle without a jiggle Men and women feel a surge of national pride that has invigorated friendly competition. Suddenly their training has became a national pastime and everyone is audaciously showing off the physical gains earned by their regimens.

The masses are bulking up and having to select looser clothing to accommodate their burgeoning growth. Their training is unstoppable.

Not every athlete is prepared for the rigors of this sport. In addition to technique and strategy, a professional sumo wrestler needs massive size! Lean meat and vegetables will not suffice. Cupcakes, chips, soda, potatoes, candy and carbs of all sorts are necessary to compete at the highest levels.

Only the most rotund will survive this challenge. Hundreds of millions are simultaneously striving to be the biggest on the block, swelling the ranks of sumo wrestling and establishing new standards for size from amateur ranks to Olympian levels. Head to head, belly to belly. Never has there been so many undeniably large competitors.

In every Western nation, the majority display their devoted training by showing off world class bellies and double chins. Having seen that effort, you can be certain they have an indomitable will to prevail.

July 26, 2016

All Ideology is Phony Posturing

I once watched a girlfriend become ensnared by feminism. It was a fascinating process to see how it appealed to her as part tantrum and part hatred -- great mechanisms to capture alienated youth and losers who never recovered from abandonment.

People with no religious inclinations fall under the spell of cults and new-age religions and will declare a sudden belief in spiritual babble. They see others around them doing it and enjoy the power they get from taking that stance, so they emulate it in solidarity with the new group.

Likewise, new converts to feminism quickly learn its catechisms and phony arguments that all participants know aren't factual. They faithfully repeat the doctrine and shout down anyone pointing out its errors. There is power in posing as a victim, though no victimizers are ever found -- just invisible systems everywhere synchronized in conspiracy.

Feminism is a social ideology, not a fact based position. More specifically, it is an emotional outlet for the bitter and mentally deranged who despise humanity. All leftism is an attempt at hateful revenge against nature for creating someone who feels enviously inadequate compared to others, which they often are and make no effort to do better.

Ideology is a game that doesn't have to be real. Its users merely have to claim a position to use as justification for lashing out at the world in the vain hope that their rage and isolation will be acknowledged. They are willing to destroy everything to be recognized and gain from the obstacle they present to others.

We see plainly that so-called religious terrorists don't believe in their religion. They are lost and feel inferior, hence the ease of their suicidal actions, and lash out at others who don't feel their despair. The religion is a symbol of resistance, not a spiritual practice.

It's obvious why leftists favor Islamic terrorists over Western civilization and feminists over happy families and healthy relationships. The goal of leftism is to destroy and degrade, burning everything down until it is finally made equal and worthless, just a heap of garbage and ruins after everything good has been wrecked.

"Now will you love me daddy?" the leftist whimpered into the smoldering ashes.

July 25, 2016

Corporate Games

Marissa Mayer's purple dress Good on Marissa Mayer for playing the system well and extracting a few hundred million dollars from a silly company. Rather than putting her life on hold and voluntarily going barren to please a thankless corporate machine, she set up a nursery in her office and had her third child.

Punk rock to the end, the workplace serves her needs in life, instead of her being its slave.

While previously at Google, she made millions doing methodical A/B testing instead of having an opinion, but had enough soul to commission Chihuly to make a 400 piece installation for her ceiling so she could live among playful color. She also spends her money on fashion and accessories, and out of defiance never ruined herself with silly tattoos as is popular today with those who seek strong stimulation but aren't brave enough to cut themselves or find a violent lover.

She joined Yahoo as its CEO and reinvented it as a vapid entertainment company for people with nothing to do. It literally had to push entertainment at people to get them to watch this drivel.

Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo combines their drivel into a powerful drivel conglomerate.

Mayer will walk away with a pile of money for her wasted time. Maybe she'll now choose to do something more meaningful than entertainment promotion.

July 24, 2016

Darkthrone's Panzerfaust as Therapy Album

Panzerfaust is a therapy album When an album still impresses you after 20 years, it's probably a keeper. At the time of its release, Panzerfaust was considered a gritty blackmetal album with brutal vocals over fuzzed out melodies. It now seems like a therapy album diagnosing the modern soul being made ill by a dull society with insane ideologies, and offering a remedy of simplicity to restore innate sensibilities. Social pressure insists that you thoughtlessly acknowledge popular notions as correct and wise, never considering their implications, but as soon as you commit this fraud in service of lies and nonsense, you begin drifting away from reality, and the disease soon festers into confusion and despair.

Several Norwegian bands indicated the spiritual importance of their resistance by marking the year of their releases with the denotion A.Y.P.S. ("Anno Yesinia Pestis Spiritus"), Latin for "In the Year of our Spiritual Plague", both signifying an error and suggesting a new era could emerge. Satyricon's The Shadowthrone released in the same year as Panzerfaust opened with the declaration "Kampen mot Gud og hvitekrist er igang!"

Darkthrone saw that a profoundly sick culture based on lies could not last and placed an all-in bet on nature's reclamation and restoration. Strong souls aware that they need not suffer this misery would surely reemerge to reclaim their rich heritage.

Judeo-Christianity was the presumptive target for the attack because it was a friction-causing apparatus of Middle Eastern culture out of place in the well established pagan polytheism of Northern Europe.

At the time, churches were being burned to reclaim ancestral holy land, and songs like To Walk The Infernal Fields made it clear that Judeo-Christianity could be destroyed and that it would be attacked to achieve that end:

With my art I am the fist
In the face of god

Germans in the second World War named their anti-tank weapon Panzerfaust, literally Tank Fist, which allowed a brave soldier to line up with an approaching tank and fire a shot that penetrated its armor to issue a destroying blow.

Panzerfaust ending a Russian Tank

Panzerfaust was written and recorded over a long winter. With a surplus of personal inner warmth nestled away and a self-sufficient soul that dutifully meets hardship head-on while not pondering their situation, Nordics instinctually prevail over terrible winters without growing bitter.

The cover art is a traditional monochrome winter scene of a shadowed forest hillside in the snow. The sun barely over the horizon as a bleak sleeping pulse, present but not strong enough to exert much influence, holding promise that it will soon reemerge in a sudden undeniable sustained burst clearing away the blanket of cold.

1. En Vind Av Sorg

The first track opens with a probe into the origin of palpable weakness. Depression has arisen because traditional intergenerational wisdom has been interrupted. We search for the cause impeding our cheerfulness and love.

Til Skogen hjem en Kom
og trakk luften inn
Her lukter det Kristen manns blod
- igler på Våre Hjerter
  To a forest home one came
and drew the air in
Here he smelled the Christian man's blood
- Leaches on our hearts

We know that depression makes rational, perhaps as a saving mechanism for a situation that needs special powers. The realization of what events mean have shaken morale. Depression isolates and focuses, temporarily overriding dreamy artistic considerations with icy logic so you can find a way to stable ground and recover from the event you needed to process. Depression is medicine for a short-term injury, and inherent strength must rebound itself rather than dig its hole deeper, or else the sinking will stay sunk.

Our home is still here, and we can get our hearts and souls back to rediscover what our ancestors had, which belongs to us and our children, and thus the frail and breaking chain can be restored.

2. Triumphant Gleam

Most have been blinded to what is before them, pushed to seek false targets. Victory is attainable, and by any means necessary. In the early 1990s, churches in Åsane, Storetveit, Skjold, Holmenkollen, and Fantoft burned, showing that pagan ground reclamation did not always utilize formal legal remedies or sanctioned mediation. Though many people had forgotten the past and capitulated, everything remained possible.


3. The Hordes of Nebulah

In a vast universe of being and nothingness, we are alone in a massive space and engulfed by time and distance. The solitude of cold stars and distant planets is equally upon us on our home planet, and we look out to escape as much as explore.

So much can be done but we are small and our time is short. The past quickly races beyond us and remains inaccessible. Even modest distances will likely never be reached and no observers would witness it or care in any case. Yet, that which is worth doing should be performed even if no one else ever knows in the history of the universe.

4. Hans Siste Vinter

Om hjertet brant hans sjel, var vill   His heart was burning, wild was his soul

Odin has not died. A great untamed pagan warrior treks into battle on his last winter, in which he will perish but gain victory over the Middle Eastern religions and cultures, allowing space for his people to reclaim their rightful destiny.

5. Beholding the Throne of Might

Burn down impositions without hesitation. This result is inevitable. Churches are already burning and soon all impositions will be toppled, others will see, discard their blind obedience, join in finishing off the invader culture, and a new future will emerge.

and the Burning slaves
and the Burning holy
will be seen from afar
Join us We Are (the) Future Now
Be Desecration Master
Be The Hammer

6. Quintessence

Great power and ability have awoken. Huge dreams fuel huge actions. Defiant knowledge displays through heroic efforts. Enemies are paper actors easily vanquished and all problems are solved by facing them bravely. Bold, thoughtful defiance shines the way forward.

7. Snø og Granskog

This Vesaas poem reminds to come back to native culture where the truth we know well will always nourish its people. It was always there, and remains there (for us). We all wish to be where we belong and have what is ours.

That feeling that flares within can be restored to burn strong and wild.

Tale om heimsleg --
Snø og granskog
er heimsleg.

Frå fyrste stund
er det vårt
Før nokon har fortalt det,
at det er snø og granskog,
har det plass i oss --
Og sidan er det der
heile, heile tida.

Meterdjup fonn
kring mørke tre
-- det er for oss!
Innblanda i vår eigen ande.
Heile, heile tida,
om ingen ser det
har vi snø og granskog med.

Ja lia med snøen
og tre ved tre
så langt ein ser,
kvar vi er
vender vi mot det.

Og har i oss ein lovnad
om å koma heim.
Koma heim,
gå borti der,
bøyge greiner,
--- og kjenne så det fer i ein
kva det er å vara der ein høyrer til.

Heile, heile tida,
til det er sløkt
i våre innlandshjarte.

  Talk about what home is --
snow and spruce forest
is home.

From the first hour
it is ours
Before anyone has told us
that it is snow and spruce forest,
it has its place in us ---
and then it is there
the whole, whole time.

Meter deep drift
around dark trees
-- it's here for us!
Mixed into our own breath.
The whole, whole time,
though no one sees it,
we have snow and spruce forest with us.

Yes, the hill under snow
and tree upon tree
as far as you gaze,
wherever we are
we find ourselves facing this.

And have in us a promise
about coming home.
Coming home,
going out there,
bending branches,
-- and feeling so it flares in you
what it is to be where you belong.

The whole, whole time,
until it's extinguished
in our inland hearts.

July 23, 2016

Tractatus Illogicus

A beautiful, ambitious project to frame a system with rules and definitions, except we are too soon talking about what we don't know, and putting clear delineations on the messy and overlapping. Were the world so firmly static it would starve of inertia.

Without tremendous irrational forces there is no motion.

Without admission that these forces rule, there is neither self-awareness nor honesty.

This is why we invent gods: the richer the soul, the more gods. (Clean and neat makes such a mess.)

Our motivations aren't rational. Adam Smith's treatise about rational actors working towards good aims by means of reason refutes itself, as reason only appears ex post facto to codify a choice made long before reason was considered. Reason is added afterwards as an explanation claiming law and necessity, as if abundant unconsidered alternatives didn't exist. By means of omission, reason decides only one choice was possible, namely the one selected irrationally before having to create a reason.

Reason is our psychological shield, a fiction we expect to have taken seriously.

July 22, 2016

The Opposite of FUBU

In Scandinavia and other Western nations, young people are taught to despise their culture and countrymen because they are the highest examples of civilization. People from backward nations are initially ashamed upon comparing their own cultures and countrymen, but then realize that this attack on Western civilization offers them great advantage and an opportunity to pillage and replace the natives been beaten down and demoralized by crazed gremlins.

Children in the West are taught to turn away from the meaningful works of their culture in favor of trivial pursuits and amusements that appeal to the world's dummies. The greatest works of civilization are ignored and buried by nonsense, temporarily obscuring them though not yet censoring and destroying them as true jihadis know to do.

In this unwillingness to wield the knife against high culture means timeless works are destined to emerge once again, and will rise to regain their rightful place, needing only to be compared against entertainment products to shine as bright north stars. Morons will choose entertainment, as they always have -- and isolate themselves pursuing popular amusements of no worth, and those with minds and souls will choose art and profound creative expression.

Though media companies create a blitzkrieg of paralyzing propaganda about the products of the day, there remains a small but steady stream of dissent and rebellion against the destruction of excellence.

Those who feast on entertainment will find no nourishment, and wither away accordingly.

July 21, 2016

Gone to the Freak Show

A quick glance at the mob convinces you they are incapable of making a reasoned decision, and thus should not be entrusted to. Nor should you pay much attention to their utterances, as they will be uniformly crazy.

Panic, yelling, name-calling, violence, rioting, and disruptions are not arguments.

Every creature announces their interests so that others may know it, and these are communicating instability and psychological problems.

They need peace, love, and understanding to heal. They have become consumed with irrational hatred and lash out at others because they are tormented inside after years of exposure to venomous ideas about hurting others and getting revenge on those who are cheerful, healthy, and successful.

These troubled souls rage at a world they don't understand, wishing it was more like the imaginary workings they were promised by false prophets telling tall tales to attract impressionable followers.

They hate order, organization, standards, and excellence -- thinking that showing up disheveled and unprepared is good enough. They are supremely unstrategic, walking into error repeatedly.

Their ignorance makes them prone to deception and manipulation. They become so invested in empty promises that they no longer identify the good guys.

Take a look at all the dead eyes at the carnival, lost and wanting to believe that the freak show is new and revolutionary.

July 17, 2016

Practice Obviates Struggle

To make the non-trivial effortless, practice it hundreds of times until its perfected performance takes as much thought as breathing.

Many occasions call for excellence; the good and mediocre are failures if you're trying to get somewhere.

The baritone needs to complete the rumbling section with a high note before a flurry descends back into conventional range. After a few hundred runs, the previously impossible passage brings no dread or concern, practically completing itself upon command.

The fighter jabs and follows with a straight right, so fluid in his balanced motion that the head kick sneaks through unseen or misunderstood.

You can have an excellent result if you want it enough to put in the effort.

July 16, 2016

Mostly It's the Same

We remember our elementary science lessons about objects at rest remaining at rest unless acted upon by external forces. Likewise, the active tends to move in the direction it is going; certainly not in the opposite direction.

From these basic navigation tools we can reasonably ascertain trajectories.

Similarly, we can measure what others will do: not what they say, not what they want or need to do, but what they'll muster effort to actually achieve.

And what matters except sustained reality?

Only demonstrated results matter -- the rest is frivolous talk, laziness, and inability to perform the necessary.

July 15, 2016

Measured into Mediocrity

Moderns wisely tell you that constant measuring is the key to determining value, using slogans like "what gets measured, get managed" and "what gets measured gets done." They love measuring and feedback, and soon they live on statistics and public comments to determine quality.

Politicians follow the same cue and take whatever position polls say is popular.

Movies cut out anything focus groups think is unpleasant, leaving saccharine one-dimensional market tested plots.

News is produced by measuring views and clicks, telling the stories people want to watch in the way they want it, which focuses on celebrities, sports, and trivial interpretations of world events. Standards are discarded in favor of whatever gets positive ratings from the mob.

The average person has become the ideal, working as the best argument against ambitious efforts, making them ruinous if attempted because they will be eclipsed in the marketplace by the more popular inferior alternative.

Imagine Beethoven crafting his symphonies to appeal to an audience, rather than knowing profound music will dazzle them with contours they could never expect.

July 14, 2016

As Princess

From hard upbringing in poverty, she had become fierce, focused, pragmatic, and unrelenting. She did well with everything she encountered, good but not great, too often greedily eager and thus choking the life out of the bounty before her. Childhood trauma forever colored her disposition into a fatal character flaw poised to unravel.

From age three it was apparent how things would play out. She was greedy in a lazy way because she could get away with it, and out of embarrassment she denied accusations that she deserved to be treated like a princess. No prince took the bait or mistook her for royalty, though peasants frequently enjoyed her generous drunken love.

She gradually grew harsher, her soft features becoming harder and bitter, as her soul harmoniously sought unity to show itself on her face.

No man seeking a pleasant woman would mistake her for one.

She was intent on being treated as a princess, with all the frivolity it entailed, simply because someone had once told her she deserved it. She locked in on that expectation and held up the fantasy as if it was real and founded in nature.

July 13, 2016

It is What it Is

"It is what it is" sounds stupidly tautological at first, until interpreted as a reality refocusing device.

Variation 1:
"It is indeed what we recognize it to be, although our irrational desires might wish to believe it is something different."

Variation 2:
i.e. "No one reasonably can deny that it is what we have observed, and thus we can conclude its subsequent inevitabilities."

The phrase gently urges people to accept reality and not to dishonestly make up insane explanations of denial, fantasy, and projection, which is human instinct, causing centuries of unrest, violence, error, and regression to a low mean, with only brief exceptions which constitute civilization.

July 12, 2016

One Way to Solo

First footing -- everything that stands has a structure. Thundering bass rumbles a rock steady foundation, zen in its unfloundering flow. Now we know where to go. Drums shape the accents.

The solo relaxes upright but loose, feeling the range as it paces the expanse. From a steady walk it becomes sure of itself, prancing and skipping.

It ducks and weaves fluidly like an unpredictable prizefighter. This song isn't for the radio, so discards expectations. It's fresh, sassy, and soulful, quite inappropriate for public listeners.

The rigidity of meter falls away. Now no phrase need fit within immediate pulse, blocks of 4/4 only getting in the way of what must be said. It works around the structure, periodically playing off its base for propulsion.

Character speaks with its own rhythm of staccato attack, long vowels, bending bursts, and hanging flurries that surge and hold for a moment.

The solo retains language -- we always have language, and can use it fully.

Some notes drop off, replaced by sounds, textures, evocations. It fits so right.

Now having said what it needed, it concludes cleanly, the substance definitively shown in its well crafted container.

July 11, 2016


Our task is hard. We have to undo the wickedness of a 1000 knot-tiers.

We must be precise in our strikes -- brutal too. We must disable the wicked and destroy their arguments while exposing their tactics and schemes of deception. With full intensity, we pull no punches and must finish them wherever they appear.

We are few. They are many.

We rely on timeless truths and realistic aims, knowing the future results we win are only as good as our aim.

The wicked depend on mendacious rhetoric and psychological manipulation to win the moment with hollow crowds.

We must not forget how Alexander solved the Gordian knot.

July 10, 2016

Where's the Rest of the Disaster?

To make athletic gains, like any other gains, you must keep pushing to get further. This Western notion is Faustian, pushing through time and space.

When lifting weights, you must lift more, faster, more times, with greater stress, and then with better method to serve the purpose of the action.

Runners are made better by improving time, distance, and energy use through recovery trained by pulsed intervals.

In the suburbs more than the cities, you'll witness joggers with no gusto and terrible physiques, inspiring the same wonder that makes one marvel over weaklings who devotedly attend the gym but do not achieve results. Looking at them, you might think exercise is what not to do if you want to get into good physical shape.

Awful diet? No sleep? Plagued by anxiety and unrest? Atrocious genetics?

Something is terribly wrong with their approach or their traits that denies them results that should be quickly apparent in normal people. In any case, the feedback of non-results should make them aware that this way is not a good fit for them.

July 9, 2016

Ignoble Company

People who have lost sense of purpose also lose sense of value, and soon everything is done for the pleasure of the moment, the desire for degradation becoming a filter that selects for ignoble company and others seeking trivial pleasures to distract from the potential of every moment.

They live as drunk paupers desiring unawareness and escape from reality, imprisoning themselves in perpetual chaotic recovery from which they're always unburying.

You can find someone to stick the needle in or who thinks sticking the needle in or watching shows is a good use of time -- but this is not a sensible goal.

July 8, 2016

Bull Rush

The bull rush is a naked tell of raw aggression, no longer attempting skill or technique. It signals desire for victory without the essence of greatness, i.e. the naked charge is a desperate bluff.

Defended improperly or caught off-guard, you could easily lose to the bull rush. They pressure to force deviation from the game plan, furiously charging forward to create a moment of weakness and confusion so they can vanquish you.

However, defend by keeping your posture and balance and you'll ease away, withstanding the charge and realizing they have nothing more technical with which to attack.

July 1, 2016


Filth, crime, disorganization, corruption, and low intelligence work together to create poverty, which if escaped for a wealthy land will form its tendencies once again as nothing as changed except its creator has been moved to a different location to demonstrate their instincts there. Thank Jehovah we're not in Bangladesh. Or Algiers. Or Caracas. Or Port-au-Prince. Or Gaborone. Or Bangkok. These and thousands of other cities are third-world disasters of disorganization and low ability. The fault is not a property of the soil, for the same people have the same outcome everywhere, while successful people from other soils find success everywhere they go. The people of this failed nation will always be known for filth, crime, and poverty -- and carry this pattern with them -- until different people capable of civilization can replace and rebrand the natives.

Seeking something positive to say, you look for something good in this mess, and struggle to find it. There are no great cultural works. Aesthetics are boring; everyone wears the universal uniform of brown-gray with dark eyes and hair, with no diverse hair and eye colorings to be found except occasionally as remnants from visiting outsiders or previously cultured people centuries ago.

The future there will be much like the present: a prison trapped with their countrymen who created and persist the terrible conditions of the country. Everyone wants to escape what their own people created and flee to Western civilization.

Were Western civilization only a concept, everyone everywhere would be free to accept its values and recreate it where they choose. If it is a spiritual instinct, only those born with its spirit can create it, and the rest can only attempt to emulate what they see others naturally do, and repeat its ideas as a learned system.

Many envy organization, purpose, coherence, non-corruption, standards of cleanliness, drinkable water, multi-level architecture, gardens, philosophy, and symphonies.

Those who don't contain the ability within themselves to create these want to be among people who do, rather than the spiritually impoverished. But if the incapable join the capable, they lower the quality of advanced societies by adding someone who cannot meet basic standards and only seeks escape from the wastelands others like themselves created.

It is understandable that the less able desire the gifts of a more able society, but it is cruel for the less able to impose themselves upon an advanced society and detract from its target by adding unnecessary weight to carry along as it tries to achieve its aims.

We have what we are, and the only fix is getting our own house in order rather, never running away from ourselves to what others created with their own labor and ability.

June 30, 2016

You Gorgeous Creature

You're just around for a lifetime, which is enough time to make yourself wonderful. Learn to vocalize with dulcet tones, both speaking and singing.

You would never want to present yourself as unbalanced, harsh, hostile, blaring, droning, or of a character at odds with your own. By your voice you show someone who you are.

Likewise, no crude mannerisms and negativity. No sighs of exhaustion, no whining, and never ignore humans to look at cell phones.

With clarity and splendor, show them a gorgeous and capable spirit.

June 29, 2016

Artistic Considerations

Artistic considerations matter So you want to be an artist? Or a performer? Or to appreciate expression as more than amusement that fills free time?

You will need to hone your sense of the subtle, specifically why one choice is made over another. This selection is what distinguishes a composer as genius when demonstrated time and time again, tastefully writing a perfect passage while his peers choose a less ambitious and less satisfying approach, falling back to musically coherent custom instead of crafting a masterpiece. This sense determines an artist's fate. The rote are forgotten in their lifetime, or the night of their concerts, while the greats live on timelessly over centuries.

When you only have notes and no words to indicate meaning, you must be sufficiently expressive to tell stories, just as painters offer a contemplative scene encompassing multiple aspects of an idea without dialogue and other guidance. An instrumental performer must understand the nuances of the work being performed so they know as a natural part of expression where to breathe, pause, accent, hold, or shift tempo when those are necessarily part of the composer's flow though not indicated in the manuscript. Are you sensitive enough to feel this so you can do better than mechanically reproducing notes?

Performing a piece requires the same detail as reading a poem. A poem isn't merely a recitation of words or vocal qualities of the reader, but must be presented with rhythm, pace, and touch appropriate to its content. You must not mishandle a package being delivered.

The performances you listen to contain essential details. Every measure is full of interpretive choices. A solo artist infuses the piece into his organic being, capturing delicate features he has noticed and showcasing them while coloring his understanding of the whole. An orchestral conductor is a field general of a dozen sections, guiding their balance and interplay.

Getting this wrong means creating a dull or confused presentation at odds with the composer's intent; just a bunch of notes played at once without meaning, not really getting anywhere because of jumbled communication. To get it right is to create divinity on earth for a moment, undeniable to those who experienced it.

June 28, 2016

Via Negativa

Hikers aware they are lost in the wilderness are advised to stay in place and signal for help.

Those who wander after getting lost often perish, and are found to walk in repeating circles, expending energy and their precious water supply, often even deeper and more remote than before.

In the same way, the lost people today desperately undertake hopeless action for the sake of action. Their method has almost no chance of success while taxing them heavily and occupying their time, whereas calm consideration and choosing not to accumulate additional errors and burdens would allow them to rejoin civilization.

June 26, 2016

Avoiding Intimacy

Texting on the cell phone works as a condom to get between intimacy and prevent pleasure so a sterile simulation of conversation becomes the norm, carefully stripped of warmth, fun, thrill, and wild abandon.

Voice is too intimate, so they live as cloistered ascetic texting monks, denying themselves good conversation in favor of living on safe fragments alone. We know everyone's busy; but everyone can also find a good time to talk. Maybe they'll want to become human again one day.

The cell phone attacks the attention span with constant interruptions so only unsubstantial fragments pass through. Do you want to know someone by their trivial situations and problems? Who could care much to live there for very long?

Without real-time communication, you don't have an interchange; it's just blasts of fragments showing a lack of thinking and expression. This would be okay if you are communicating with an astronaut. You'd know the astronaut will eventually receive your message and might respond, but seems busy on their important space mission, which involves clicking on things, reading hundreds of other messages about nothing, and watching funny videos about cats and people falling down.

Without voice, nuance or emotion are absent. You're left with poorly written text by people uninvested in saying anything interesting.

As with most pointless pursuits, intelligence does not save the day. The people simply can't pay attention, no longer have curiosity, and are mentally broken.

They are hiding behind screens, unable to think for themselves, afraid of intimacy, scared of using their voice.

Everyone's fucking scared.

June 25, 2016

Natural Genius

The moth is a genius because he goes about being a moth perfectly, without doubt or distraction. Straight ahead, he exemplifies the moth ideal, never failing to perform the necessary for which all moths are known.

He was not the greatest moth ever, and others were stronger and more beautiful, but he was good. His efforts were devoted to his task, not making excuses, blaming others, and inventing wacky explanations to justify inaction or make verbal attacks on others moths who did better.

He was well formed, from his pale grey coloring to his general fitness for all that he might face. Appropriately, he found a mate of similar constitution, part of a eternal cycle that would continue onward. His large brood retained valuable characteristics equipping them to prevail likewise.

June 24, 2016

Unsafe Spaces

We keep some forests so there remain places where anything can happen. They stretch well beyond the zone of civility -- here no man's law slows or prevents any action. The state's threat of theft, imprisonment, or death holds no sway in nature. Upon entry to the wild, you accept open possibility and are thereby more alive.

The desert does not offer swaths of trees and enticing coverage, instead tempting with its vastness. If the dry heat doesn't gradually cook you and steal away your fluids, crafty creatures who need a meal will take a bite, or intersect with you from a perceived misunderstanding about encroaching on their home or young.

The desire for a safe space is the fantasy of hiding from nature, putting truth and consequences off limits, wanting to believe neither exists.

June 5, 2016

Psychological Need

Madness from the start, madness at every step: desperate assertions of how the world should be, employing every social and rhetorical device with faulty reasoning as proof. Ignoring history when convenient, interpreting it crudely, inventing it when necessary, offering utopian futures with that condition that all are forced to comply with ideologies promising the opposite of what they've always delivered.

There's no reason here, just naked psychological need.

June 4, 2016

Perfect Enforcement

We don't want a surveillance state because we don't want rules enforced strictly. Surely we don't want rules interpreted by petty officials.

More laws and regulations are added each year, while jokers remind that the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

We tolerate rules to prevent egregious and public acts, which is not to say all acts.

Surveillance is needed for perfect enforcement -- which we don't want because it is used for petty symbolic actions against normal citizens. Actual enemies already know how to evade modern surveillance.

French officials have repeatedly warned that more strikes are possible, saying security and intelligence officials cannot track all the Europeans traveling to and from Islamic State strongholds in Syria and Iraq.
Except the people traveling to Syria and Iraq aren't European. What a blunder!

Bin Laden took elaborate security precautions to avoid detection by U.S. and Pakistani forces, which have tried using spy satellites and electronic eavesdropping to find him, Gunaratna said.

"He knows America's greatest strength is through its electronics, so he does not want to fall into that trap by using a satellite phone or any other communication device that emits a signal that can be detected," he said.
[The Illusion of Safety and Intelligence]

They have long been aware of satellites and electronic surveillance, and thus abstain, and this information is well publicized. Serious adversaries will not be detected.

On another matter, Hussein stated he only recalls using the telephone on two occasions since March 1990. Additionally, Hussein did not stay at the same location for more than a day, as he was very aware of the United States's significant technological capabilities. Hussein communicated primarily through the use of couriers to communicate or would personally meet with government officials to discuss pertinent issues. Hussein stated that a technologically under-developed country, such as Iraq, was vulnerable to the United States.
[Working Around]

Disposable cell phones for a single mission will have no history and enter the network cleanly, thus are untrackable. Therefore expect authorities to create a system that requires passports to get them. Then expect terrorists to use buyers with a clean history.

All a government can do is capture all communications and paralyze the country's natives. Officials do the same thing as terrorists by imposing the dystopian misery upon citizens instead of alleviating the cause.

Multiculturalism that no citizen ever wanted remains useful to politicians because creating chaos means politicians can offer a solution to the problems they have created.

Surveillance prevents nothing. All it yields is dramatic audio and video footage to be shown on media programs and scare the public long after the violent event. The gates deliberately stay open.

Everyone is aware that governments monitor everything, even if illegally and against their stated mission. Citizens see this as banana republic governing with force, blame, and excuses instead of solving a problem. People react by limiting their communication and accept freedom has been lost.

Government obeys the petty dictator of the moment who seeks to expand his glorious regime. It never asks why someone let in so many who have no interest in the nation, its culture, or its values.

How many people blew themselves up when there was unity?

Before progress, we used to leave doors unlocked.

June 3, 2016

Why Social Justice Today?

To remedy universal injustice, errors of nature, and other yet unidentified grievances, we have need for social justice to force equality upon the unequal who are not constructed for it.

No more will cheap slander be tolerated, such as calling someone unintelligent or worse: using the dreaded "s word", which expresses the same concept.

Generous use of Social Justice fixes all problems.

Social Justice makes the poor wealthy when it is allowed to control wealth in accordance with compliance to proper ideological beliefs.

Social Justice makes the irresponsible into exemplary citizens.

Social Justice helps the short by redistributing height so all are made average or defined as such, never exceptional or deficient, merely adjusting so-called measure and standards to new norms.

Social Justice desires punishment for all who reject Social Justice and demands that poor judgment and falsehoods are treated as equal to facts.

May 21, 2016


visitors not permitted beyond this point
Young love is a marvelous force, the irrational engine powering civilization, dependent on man's delusion for its effect.

She is fresh and vivid. With her you know no "no", "can't", or anything remotely resembling a limit or annoyance. She seems rich with almost infinite potential!

Even when conscious of its mechanism, love unfurls identically in all cases. Man sees a young woman's potential and creatively finds a way to minimize her obvious flaws and defects, creating an idealistic impression of her that judges the prospect of unity with her as pure upside.

Man invents romances and fantasy, being artistic in spirit (SWM ISO Celestial Union), while woman is a bedrock of practical and pragmatic concern sizing up every situation, specifically what she can get from it.

Like a prizefighter, she playfully strikes and parries in search of an opening. When she sees her opponent is dazed and wobbled on rubber legs, she charges to finish him off and achieve her victory.

Man knows all of this, yet each time rushes in head first and repeats his pattern with outlandish passion. Just as he loves all previous women and the moments they shared, he looks forward to creating beautiful moments with new women.

You would have to date her for a while for the weight of her weaknesses and disinclinations to become undeniable and thus fall past the delusional mask you carry for her. Some flaws she'll hide rather than correct, others she won't tell you because she is unaware. Many problems are fixable, or at least significantly reducible, but won't be.

Your task is to reject romanticism and optimism in favor of seeing her as she is to understand her realistically, and thus assess whether you could make a life together.

May 19, 2016

Sensory Deprivation

Revelatory reflections await in those experiences where you not only lack a playbook, but have never remotely heard of how this plays out or anything related to it, yet you see opportunity and a wonderful path if you dare to keep going.

Compelled and joyfully driven by the sense of what this could be, you enter its gates and fully commit.

You plunge deep into the valley of nothingness for a while, but you already knew you would, so it's not so bad. Mostly it's odd from sensory deprivation. You move purposefully and powerfully, having an abstract mental impression of where you must be, but with no feedback you float free, separate from typical expectations.

After encountering success, how would you possibly tell someone about your journey? No single aspect is relatable, yet other people fit for such an undertaking should certainly be encouraged to choose it.

May 16, 2016

Almost Human

You see the variegated stirring before you and can't shake the realization that all of this is a mistake. They act from reflex and instinct to mimic and perform trivial recombinations and derivatives, like a crude meat automaton.

On paper their intelligence rates above average, and they have college degrees and other credentials. Without even hearing their pointless utterances, you would know to dismiss them if you saw who they were, their social circle, and disastrous personal lives.

It is not yours to battle or set straight, but to recognize and walk away.

May 15, 2016

Reducio ad Adjunctum

Removing excess simplifies; removing essentiality cripples.

Starting in the 1960s, each successive generation wielded damage: first removing love from sex, then renouncing family aspirations in favor of material acquisition, and then finally ending the premise and purpose of marriage, which is also the foundation of civilization.

This war had the side effect of reducing government to a wealth redistribution mechanism aligned for third-world standards, with many eager to replace the capable population with that ideal.

May 14, 2016

Fragile Intimacy

We began with curiosity and disbelief, and were drawn closer to find out if this could be real. Fallen into lust at first sight, we were immediately comfortable like old lovers. The rest was inevitable.

The kinky kink was the thousands of social media followers with whom she shared her playful attractiveness in exchange for the rush of them liking her.

Generating pictures for social media platforms and paying attention to texts when with someone else rudely interrupts magic, and after a second egregious offense I was done with the night. We wrap things up and I don't take her to my place. She's confused because everything was incredible until the phone came out.

She asks about it the next day and I have to tell her she has to leave the phone away if we are to enjoy one another.

She was torn: have something special, or take pictures for thousands of strangers making it look like you are, as you destroy it.

April 28, 2016

Customary Expectations

You never want to do the expected.

Consider why the mob acts as they do. They are trained to be customary, which means to repeat rituals in place of one's own thought, feeling, and spirit.

Would you renounce your soul that appears but once in this universe for the sake of appearing customary?

This is also why they insist on an apology, demanding that one renounce themselves for what they would otherwise do again in the same situation. They are jackals, and their instinct is to pounce when one is groveling and weak rather than poised for a vicious battle.

April 23, 2016

The Miserable Seek to Spread Their Disease

Ideally we should ignore the ugly and deficient. It is depressing to be in their midst, as there is no good solution to their lacking.

May they reach stillness and peacefully pass away, having made few intersections, leaving few remnants.

"I do not want to accuse; I do not even want to accuse those who accuse. Looking away shall be my only negation. And all in all and on the whole: some day I wish to be only a Yes-sayer."

In the era of depression, few seek a reasonable way to restore health, or emulate timeless methods of excellence and success, but rather there is great effort to praise the failed and ill-constituted, explaining to all who can endure insane nonsense that our best future will be reached not by doing what is timeless and proven, but by championing the failed who have never demonstrated the slightest potential, and unifying behind failed methods that could work in no imaginable universe.

We bestow them with the title "equal" and imagine words cause reality, rather than being subordinate and descriptive of the reality being observed.

This secular religion is impossibly distant from reality and implausible in both theory and demonstrable results, yet attracts because it boldly promises what many lack within, though offers no way to become what one is not or to take possession of traits they do not have, yet they demand to be recognized as what they are not.

They'll push this scam one more time, and it will once again raise the hopes of those who have not seen it before, and then collapse like all previous times. How many more times can they run this before its priests are laughed out as destructive frauds selling fantasy to the credulous?

April 22, 2016

No Schopenhauer Means No Effort

Taleb knows Schopenhauer, and a detailed history of thought.

Houellebecq knows Schopenhauer, and a long chain of literature, culture, problems, and solutions.

Gray knows Schopenhauer, philosophy through the ages, critical thinking, and clear, honest writing.

Is there any point to reading moderns who don't know what came before, and can't be bothered to read the best books in civilization, instead preferring ignorance and inferiority?

Wagner changed his entire outlook on opera music drama upon reading Schopenhauer, which he called the most significant event in his life. His later works directly convey Schopenhauer's views, so enraptured was Wagner with this realization of the world.

An architect unfamiliar with the best buildings, a musician who never studied and played the best compositions, or a doctor unfamiliar with the best medical practices are undeniably unsuitable for their claimed professions.

Familiarity with Schopenhauer is an essential litmus test.

April 14, 2016

Between Analog and Digital

There is but a small window remaining of the wild, untethered car still powered by the human driver. The era is closing.

At the same time, cheap swarms of drones collecting data from public observations, and then relaying that to mobile devices will overlap for a few years with the human driver.

In the chaos, subversion will be powered by a fleet of automated observation.

Drones can discover police from the lights of their traffic stops, and then perpetually track them and relay their exact positions to drivers. Unmarked police who ever once make a traffic stop can be detected and followed, needing parking garages and other evasive techniques.

Drones will likely pick up license plates, requiring those be cycled or hidden if police want to avoid detection and tracking.

An app on your phone or car will know the location of all nearby police, allowing you to drive at the speed you prefer. This can be combated by the state with speed cameras, which can be combated by the people with polarized license plate covers and aggressive drones that spray paint over speed cameras or illicitly deploy nanoenergetics to disable cameras.

In this anarchy, before all traffic is perfectly synchronized and tracked, a temporary wild west reemerges before it is murdered and programmed.

Everyone will have their own primitive air force, some militarized, some merely gathering intelligence data.

Policing will scramble trying to invent new roles before the traffic-based fines vanish as a funding source. Robberies will shift to being done electronically or on foot/bicycle as all cars will register themselves with centrally monitored systems, making it trivial to determine who received transportation to and from the crime scene.

April 13, 2016

Inflamed, not Triggered

She kept up a physique of a giant marshmallow beast, constantly adding coffee milkshakes, chips, and other garbage For morning energy, she went to Starbucks for a coffee milkshake, adding 800 calories to keep her puffy arms and belly fully inflated, a satisfied look of subversion on her face when no one could stop her indulgence.

Low-fat organic soy milk topped it off, with a cookie, cupcake, or muffin for fiber. This wasn't energy for an hour of swimming or vigorous exercise, just a swarm of calories before another day of doing nothing.

The body is agitated by sugar bombs and begins swelling as the organs desperately struggle to ameliorate the excess sugar by storing it away as fat. The liver is taxed beyond capacity, unable to mediate sufficiently with insulin, and the whole organism tries to hold off eventual collapse into diabetes by pushing towards obesity as a last ditch, least worst effort to segregate the imposed surplus.

Devoted addicts might say they are unconsciously coping with some psychological problem, but could anyone believe a milkshake every morning is compatible with health, or is sensible sustenance to start the day?

They don't just suffer from lack of self-control; they are delusional about reality, which includes diet, health, and the implications of what they do to themselves.

April 10, 2016


You notice most people pursuing education have not the slightest interest in their subject of study. They want credentials, partly for posturing, but mostly from a feeling of entitlement that they deserve a job more appropriate for people who are actually interested and knowledgeable in that field.

In Schopenhauer's time, personal character was still a measure of one's standing, which is why people defended accusations against their honor with duels. To lose honor was social death, so a dual offered at least a means of living if one was victorious; likewise subjecting false accusers to great penalty. He contrasted honor with the generation of fame by saying "Fame is something which must be won; honor, only something which must not be lost."

Fools attaining credentials to enter trades in which they are functionally incompetent and ignorant is at odds with the stated goals of educational institutions, making many degrees worthless while opening education to ridicule and derision for its willingness to certify all who pay, regardless of ability.

When one sees the number and variety of institutions which exist for the purposes of education, and the vast throng of scholars and masters, one might fancy the human race to be very much concerned about truth and wisdom. But here, too, appearances are deceptive. The masters teach in order to gain money, and strive, not after wisdom, but the outward show and reputation of it; and the scholars learn, not for the sake of knowledge and insight, but to be able to chatter and give themselves airs.

Our test in assessing situations and motivations must always be to consider what an alien observer would realize, if he did not have our prejudices and tolerance for customs.

Those who attain a position based on credentials that certify qualification end up occupying a role better suited for the knowledgeable and skilled. They credentialist is inept, inadequate, and inferior because he is a poor fit for what is needed.

Consider how the educated have never taken an interest in or come to contact with any great works of civilization, or studied teachings of the best minds, for all their credentials not knowing much of anything that came this way before. But no one can deny that they are experts in the common, vulgar, and fashionable that they dutifully follow.

Every thirty years a new race comes into the world -- youngster that knows nothing about anything, and after summarily devouring in all haste the results of human knowledge as they have been accumulated for thousands of years, aspires to be thought cleverer than the whole of the past. For this purpose he goes to the University, and takes to reading books -- new books, as being of his own age and standing. Everything he reads must be briefly put, must be new! he is new himself. Then he falls to and criticizes. And here I am not taking the slightest account of studies pursued for the sole object of making a living.

They discard the building blocks of civilization by omitting foundational sources essential to timeless topics, ensuring that there is no knowledge to reference and no shorthand possible among educated people. People familiar with Schopenhauer can say "As Schopenhauer said about genius and solitude", while for all the rest there is an empty canyon of knowledge trickling with reality shows, formulaic movies, and ball games.

By not knowing what came before, they are entirely dependent on the current generation, as if the geniuses of the last few millennia never existed and we must instead depend entirely on the wily runts alive at the moment who were able to become popular, but will be forgotten or dismissed as charlatans before they die.

As if exiled from civilization, they know no past and thus cannot gauge its current location, direction, nor sense of place in the universe, remaining disoriented without means to form a realistic assessment of the world, humanity's potential, or the slightest sense of what all this means.

From this ignorance, they are forced to be innocent, naïve, simpleminded, and like cavemen after catastrophe having to reinvent and rediscover civilization through chance events, but these chances are few and sometimes finite, and thus infinitely precious, not to be ignored and discarded out of laziness and lack of interest in knowledge.

All Day I Dream About Schopenhauer

As luck would have it, scholars have rediscovered what Schopenhauer and all of his readers have known for 150 years.

Among less intelligent individuals (with a mean IQ of 81.39), frequency of socialization with friends had a significantly positive effect on life satisfaction. Those who socialized with friends more frequently (6.71, nearly every day) had a significantly higher life satisfaction (M = 4.1586) than those who socialized with friends less frequently (1.95, less than twice a week) (M = 4.1163). In contrast, among more intelligent individuals (with a mean IQ of 115.57), those who socialized with friends more frequently were actually less satisfied with life (M = 4.1063) than those who socialized with friends less frequently (M = 4.1311). The statistical interaction was such that more intelligent individuals were actually less satisfied with life if they socialized with their friends more frequently.
More intelligent individuals actually experienced higher life satisfaction with lower frequency of contact with friends.
The importance of friendship in our analysis is consistent with a large number of previous studies on life satisfaction (Diener & Seligman, 2004, pp. 18–20; Dolan et al., 2008, pp. 106–108). However, to the best of our knowledge, no one else has demonstrated the statistical interaction between socialization with friends and intelligence. Nor has anyone demonstrated that extremely intelligent individuals may be less satisfied with life if they socialized with their friends more frequently.

The academics congratulate themselves on their first time observations and name their theory, ignorant of what Schopenhauer published 150 years ago.

An intellectual man in complete solitude has excellent entertainment in his own thoughts and fancies, while no amount of diversity or social pleasure, theatres, excursions and amusements, can ward off boredom from a dullard.
The wise man will, above all, strive after freedom from pain and annoyance, quiet and leisure, consequently a tranquil, modest life, with as few encounters as may be; and so, after a little experience of his so-called fellowmen, he will elect to live in retirement, or even, if he is a man of great intellect, in solitude. For the more a man has in himself, the less he will want from other people — the less, indeed, other people can be to him. This is why a high degree of intellect tends to make a man unsocial.
Hence, undisturbed occupation with himself, his own thoughts and works, is a matter of urgent necessity to such a man; solitude is welcome, leisure is the highest good, and everything else is unnecessary, nay, even burdensome.
[The Wisdom of Life (1851)]

Schopenhauer goes further to explains the mechanism of sociability:

But the individual who stands at the other end of the scale is no sooner free from the pangs of need than he endeavors to get pastime and society at any cost, taking up with the first person he meets, and avoiding nothing so much as himself. For in solitude, where every one is thrown upon his own resources, what a man has in himself comes to light; the fool in fine raiment groans under the burden of his miserable personality, a burden which he can never throw off, whilst the man of talent peoples the waste places with his animating thoughts. Seneca declares that folly is its own burden -- omnis stultitia laborat fastidio sui -- a very true saying, with which may be compared the words of Jesus, the son of Sirach, The life of a fool is worse than death (Ecclesiastes, xxii. 11). And, as a rule, it will be found that a man is sociable just in the degree in which he is intellectually poor and generally vulgar. For one’s choice in this world does not go much beyond solitude on one side and vulgarity on the other.
Ordinary people think merely how they shall spend their time; a man of any talent tries to use it.
Further, as no land is so well off as that which requires few imports, or none at all, so the happiest man is one who has enough in his own inner wealth, and requires little or nothing from outside for his maintenance, for imports are expensive things, reveal dependence, entail danger, occasion trouble, and when all is said and done, are a poor substitute for home produce.

He expounds further, cites previous philosophers, and unwinds scenarios everyone has seen before, explaining their attributes and connections. A lazy academic could make an easy career proving things we all know as true.

What on the other hand makes people sociable is their incapacity to endure solitude and thus themselves.
Sociability belongs to the most dangerous, even destructive inclinations, since it brings us into contact with beings the great majority of whom are morally bad and intellectually dull or perverted.

And yet, all of this passes as new and amazing, as long as you have never bothered to become familiar with it, which also means we effectively have no civilization when the educated can't be bothered to become familiar with its best works.

March 23, 2016

Safety is For Field Hands

Florida Alligator I know you don't want to lose Miami. No one wants to lose anything they once had. Yet you will lose Miami and everything else.

Enjoy what you can while you can, and make it great for its enduring moment as representation of spirit and monument to ability.

Why did they build grand houses on fragile hillsides or shores with raging summer storms that regularly destroy everything and take their lives? Because the setting was inspired and beautiful.

For a transitory life there is no better approach.

March 22, 2016

Magic All The Way Down

Elves mushroom home We're rarely very honest. We begin with a self-referential starting place and a few abstractions and then begin speaking about the whole we can't see, measure, or experience, often inventing clever variables when we realize we don't have the slightest understanding of how the system works.

As credulous creatures of sensation, we rely on minimalism to protect against seduction by appealing sounding systems, ideals, and abstractions. Demonstrative reality or nothing! Essentiality through simplicity -- the rest has a long and suspicious history of deception, failure, and unfulfilled promises.

We don't understand the universe or its mechanisms. We don't have a good collection of history or a coherent interpretations, and exclude all the interesting fragments outside unified dogma. We've never bothered with a realistic assessment of human nature.

The series of 'causes' faces us much more completely in each case; we reason, 'this and that must precede for that to follow' -- but we haven't thereby understood anything. The specifically qualitative aspect for example of every chemical process, still appears to be a 'miracle', as does every locomotion; no one has 'explained' the push. And how could we explain! We are operating only with things that do not exist -- with lines, surfaces, bodies, atoms, divisible times, divisible spaces. How is explanation to be at all possible when we first turn everything into a picture -- our picture!
[Die Froehliche Wissenschaft]

Elves will appear and show you their magic actions that work behind the scenes, the living engine of the universe. If you dare, you can summon the spirit of the earth and it will patiently work through your social shields and untie constructed knots, debunking words before abruptly returning you to your earthly realm, unchanged in form except for lingering awareness, perhaps feeling too naked to repeat comfortable actions you know are false.

March 21, 2016

Where the Elves Live

Elves live in mushrooms and animate the world From their wooded sanctuaries and colorful mushroomed homes, elves animate the world, turning smiling flowers towards you and powering the gears. Nature unfolds revealing its prominent mechanics, from revelations of collective shared spirit normally masked and hidden out of view. You watch the most exquisite cloud formations launched joyfully because they could be, worth doing even if normally unnoticed.

Suddenly you realize everything is reconcilable -- and when arbitrary, we err on the side of beauty.

What type of soul would choose otherwise? And from that realization we form harmonious union with others who venerate nature and honor its gifts. How rich they make us and provide for everything needed!

If you were to contact the elves and receive their wisdom, how would you share the method of encounter so others could experience their own going under?

At first you are skeptical anything real is there, as it must be just random phenomena. Curiously, you listen and consider, watching it demonstrate insight with precisely articulated summaries often accompanied by an explanation of its reasoning -- the pieces all things you knew but looked away from, holding out for a different outcome and reality.

The elves untangle and reject denial by laying bluffs bare, offering a helpful consciousness that force realization by presenting undeniable implications, thus glimpsing the future.

March 20, 2016

Pedestrian Trickery

They seek opportunity and weakness to plunge in and feast You're not even a piece of meat. You're a bank account with legs, barely sentient, easily captured; a featureless means to an end. You'll do.

She impetuously sniffs out need and plays docile possum so you can feel an semi-authentic simulation of a hunter capturing crippled prey.

Look what strange creature has hitched itself to your wagon.

After tying yourself up, you are commandeered to provide, not by will, but law crafted to plunder.

The illusion gradually dispels as your situation becomes clear. A flurry of bad decisions attracts more bad decisions -- haste and hunger multiplying error as the spin-out torques still harder, losing all possibility for traction as it whirls around itself.

She is not at all what you conjured her appearance to be through delusion. The desperate romantic projects his emotional hopes on a well bruised canvas he pretends is white, dually lying to himself with omission and commission, against both the general and specific case, then soothing himself with platitudes for his disaster.

Love from need is a debtor's negotiation. You'd have to first clear your liabilities to get reasonable terms.

Obvious imbalance in mutual posture was overlooked by necessity. You had to lie to yourself in eagerness to make a rotten deal.

She does not dissuade advances while rationally sizing up gains and risks. She has measured opportunity for extraction and you failed to consider why she did not fare well on the open market. All the others knew, withdrew, and walked away, not even making polite offers.

Anyone capable of analyzing others must brutally turn the same considerations upon themselves and their own situation, or invite cruel folly to envelop.

Education reminds that nothing about humanity has ever changed, nor ever will. Gems mined retain their guiding gleam whenever plucked, and you could have these too.

Or like the hunted, predators looking for sustenance might strip you bare.

March 19, 2016

Globalize Peace

Globalize Peace When you see the bumper sticker, you immediately realize a major problem with democracy is that most people have no idea how the world works, but still have a strong opinion about how it should be organized. Allowing the ignorant to vote means organizing society based on the opinions of the ignorant, which should openly expose the problem, except only a few measure and the crowd believes they are acting wisely.

Ancient Greeks tried to warn us of dangers, first of rhetoric and its hold on the public in defiance of reason, and then of democracy and the destructive decisions it makes against civilization. For an antidote and inoculation to rhetoric they offered a detailed study and decomposition. For democracy they offered brutal critiques explaining its nature and the example of Socrates, whose murder was decided upon by democracy as a good idea because he allegedly corrupted youth with the ideas he taught his students.

Some say war is like a woman: wavering between capricious and arbitrary with outbursts of malice and wickedness. They believe all nations share identical goals and values, and that our interests and goals do not clash.

Those who tell us to avoid dealing with strife remain blissfully unaware of world event and intrinsic conflicts, innocently wishing to smother them with a soft blanket of PEACE. Yelling PEACE from the sidelines is just a heckler announcing their narcissism.

If only we had conceived of peace and visualized it with appropriate hippie slogans in place of reasoned discussion, the cause of our actual problems would suddenly vanish.

March 18, 2016

Idols and Ideals

A new luxury sportscar begins to feel merely normal after a week or two. It's still wonderful, only now you are accustomed to it being loyally at your command.

A mansion feels normal after a month. Having vast space becomes customary and only seems unusual when hired helps gets lost in the labyrinthian expanse.

A gorgeous young woman quickly becomes your expectation in appearance and spirit, as your enjoy her beauty and her appropriate fit.

You naturally gravitate towards good versions of all things, not from envy, greed, posturing, or compliance with advertising. You enjoy them and don't consider them exceptional or think much about them at all, as your targets are not material acquisition, but living.

Those who measure by money and ownership can't understand this, as they forever want more, and think joy will finally be acquired from things.

March 17, 2016

Different Mistakes, Same Root

You look back at past decisions and laugh at mistakes rife with false assumptions and projections of previous trauma.

How could such a mind ever assess soberly?

"Mistakes were made" -- and will be repeated yet again with echoing recurrence, reasoning atrociously under uncertainty, learning little, playing poorly.

March 13, 2016

What Your Grandparents Lived

Los Angeles in the 1950s was a different world and type of civilization from what politicians created just a few decades later, yet the better version could be decided upon just as easily as the failed one Sociologists attribute a low grade depression to generational consciousness that a mass hollowing out means they won't do as well as their parents.

Many grew up remembering having neighbors and a neighborhood. There are still houses, but all feeling of community has been killed.

Relationships are dead. Marriage and divorce are used as social welfare. Dating has been reduced to a cell phone app, robbed of hope and used as entertainment for bored people.

Potential rests barren and idle. To prove its worthlessness, they make sure not to try, and then get angry at those who do, and call them cheaters.

Those who pay taxes are held political hostage, required by law to give their money to useless programs they oppose. Politicians mandate these programs to secure votes, neither giving workers relief from political schemes, nor addressing public needs.

"Don't eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn't recognize as food."

We are reminded by the mantra "eat what your grandparents ate" that our evolution includes specialization to prosper from the foods of our foundational region. We are not to eat corn chips, sugar water, and cupcakes, unless that is what people of your heritage ate two generations ago and all times previous when they were healthy, virile, and able to attempt great efforts.

Considering more broadly, not only is health restored by eating what our grandparents ate, but our society returns to sanity and purpose when we do what our grandparents did. Simple action and realistic consideration of consequences develops a robust and worthwhile society with interesting, lively, durable people -- which is necessary to build a neighborhood of folks worth caring about, which is necessary for a flourishing civilization.

Toleration for decline and decrepitude is ignorance towards what was proven to work for millennia. We're under no obligation to walk in step with a disaster at odds with everything we want and need.

March 12, 2016

Celebrating Break-ups

One should celebrate breakups because that means an unpleasant non-partner is gone from your life. What relief!

And isn't unpleasant non-partner the succinct impressions that remains after a while and shapes your memory of them when the rest is mostly forgotten?

March 11, 2016

Inquiry Into Irrationality

First the strange situation, then the wonderful wondering follows. You find no rational explanation when inquiring into irrational actions.

Untangle it all and consider it with an outsider's empathetic perspective and there's little more there than frustrated sabotage and self-perpetuating damage.

You are doing yourself violence, violence my soul; and you will have no second occasion to do yourself honor. Brief is the life of each of us, and this of yours is nearly ended, and yet you do not reverence yourself, but commit your well-being to the charge of other men's souls.
[II, 6]

You expected a morsel of clarification instead of internal chaos and despair that acts for no goal or purpose. It wobbles and topples headlong as it must, not towards any particular aim.

March 10, 2016

Self-help Motivation

Those seeking motivation have the correct diagnosis: they lack motivation to take action, and thus don't have results, i.e. their desires do not match their deeds.

Thus they seek a spur, but spurs are lacking.

They peruse the self-help aisle (all help is self-help) and though they find books by both helpful souls and opportunistic charlatans, no amount of reading changes their behavior, for their spirit remains as it has always been.

To get results, you simply do what must be done. There is no short cut around the necessary.

February 27, 2016

Social Justice Spam

Wealth by country You can sense their frustration building. They attempt every half-baked method to let off steam. Like terrorists looking for a dramatic way out of a hellish situation they've trapped themselves in, they cast blame with a shotgun approach that vaguely targets everything in range.

From here, they're just a step or two away from creating persistent annoyances everywhere, deliberately ruining what other people enjoy, taking away the last remnants of respect for cultivated art.

Their next step will be disruptions of civilization. Orchestra, opera, and ballet performances will be spammed with screamers yelling out political talking points, telling you what issue is urgent to them and which candidate you must support to help them, as if their position is important and insightful, rather than surfacing trauma.

The crowd will boo, the spammer will be ejected from the event, and we'll go on living, now both tolerating and expecting art to be interrupted by crazy people lashing out at a society they hate and need to attack for the sake of their personal identity.

February 26, 2016

Disaster Zone

Once you've created a disaster, who would want to be a part of it? Only others who tolerate disaster and think it normal.

The well constituted flee disaster, either building a state within a state using old values and beliefs no longer honored in the disaster zone, or starting their own way elsewhere without plans to return to the land swallowed up by calamity.

Periodically the zone's edges expand and contract like a city lusting for gentrification to solve its structural imbalance. Setting up camp outside the walls avoids suffering the fate of those within.

February 25, 2016

Cannot Unsee the Undead

The crisp afternoon sun illuminated her features, revealing her face as a ghoulish mask. Her attractive veneer became translucent over her skull, hinting that she was an animated corpse in transition, and desire at once vanished from having inadvertently seen her as an unsexy composition of failed flesh.

Disqualification of disqualifications! She was the walking dead, and there was no longer any reason to steal her from her boyfriend.

Seeing her as an empty, dead body kills the romance. You can't rate lower than being useless.

February 20, 2016


Ten large companies sell junk to people who want exactly that and are pleased to spend their money to give these companies profit and lock in terrible quality and poor health The pragmatic merchant has no values, standards, or outward beliefs. Those are a potential liability because they could offend customers. The merchant appeals to 100% of the audience so he can get their money. Specifically, he is interested in selling what people already want so he can most easily gain profit.

The merchant aligns with established companies to sell products being advertised by their sustained campaigns, ensuring influenced consumers will compliantly purchase whatever product they saw advertised. For merchants and the producing company, this tried and true process of training consumers to tolerate and buy whatever commercials advertise is better than printing money because it's totally legal.

Companies spend millions on commercials because they return many times their cost by making those items popular. This popularity signals to consumers that an item is good.

Ten large companies sell almost exclusively junk, with their major products being sugar water, high carb snacks, and atrocious chocolate-like candy. They know that year after year, people with poor self-control, sugar cravings from a terrible diet, and denial of consequences will buy those things. The merchant knows he can sell those items with regularity, building steady profit.

Disposable products, such as entertainment items, cater to a base public taste for generic, low grade amusement that takes away your time. The industry holds award shows and lavishes praise on mediocre efforts considered the best among many similar versions. Bold columnists go farther and call these products art, though they express no new idea and only exist to extract money from bored people who have no interest in doing things.

The modern educated person is unfamiliar with excellent books, music, and ideas produced throughout civilization. He suffers in ignorance and low taste, preferring inartistic drivel, and not even the substantial efforts in modern genres. Sellers strive to be popular and maximize their market by serving these sensibilities, individually using this wise approach that in the aggregate establishes a standard founded on satisfying the base and trivial.

The same few stores repeat through every strip-mall, appealing to a large and persistent mass of shoppers despite offering crummy products. You'd think a better alternative would bankrupt the inferior, but the majority prefer a well known inferior version to a lesser known excellent version. This result sheds light on the workings of democracy.

With the average McDonalds store grossing $2,600,000 a year, why strive to create something good when you can just run a popular franchise and take in easy money from a steady crowd of people who think they need those meals in their lives?

The merchant technique of mass appeal starves excellence, making the inferior the standard across all consumer areas. The merchant just wants to move units, and doesn't have an ideological position or deep thought about the consequences to culture when garbage becomes the demonstrative cultural norm to export.

Low quality products and two note songs replace what came before from public votes of purchases calculated after expensive media campaigns promoting dross for dopes.

By itself, a small number of pragmatic merchants is practically harmless. In a healthy society, they would seem ridiculous for trying to sell trash in a community preferring superior alternatives from conscious comparisons of better options.

Selling sugar water, unhealthy snacks, and prison-grade food first becomes tolerated and then normal as degrading descent takes hold. The resulting obesity epidemic stifles romance, makes humanity idle, and explodes health care costs.

A market selling entertainment for idiots gives us bad music, books, and movies to displace good products and make idiotic inartistic hacks the standard replacing geniuses.

The merchant claims innocence, saying he was only giving people what they want. He avoids offending anyone by saying they brought this upon themselves.

February 13, 2016


She gazes up at him in wonderment, both willing and open for what is possible. His pleasure is also her pleasure: she gives herself fully to be taken deep into his arms. She tingles with desire for the dance of love, obeying her unbroken instinct to be filled with blissful plenitude.

She can think of no better union as her body yearns for warm touch and rough penetration. Her love is receiving; his is fierce attraction for her offering. She imagines a vivid image of what she desires and blushes crimson, hiding her smile.

Her scent allures. She purrs and melts into delight as he touches her neck under her silky hair. Looking into her eyes says it all as she broadcasts readiness to be loved vigorously. Who could disagree? From the first kiss of her tender lips, she is already squirming wonderfully before his tongue has started thoroughly exploring her delights.

Clothes that shield to create distance are quickly liberated for the honest state of nature that communicates without words. She is soon shamelessly bare and excited, feeling her blood rush as she knows what will happen. She takes a long, controlled breath, nervous with butterflies in her stomach from the thrill of what she is getting herself into.

She has a passionate need to be taken and is taken far to sustained rapture by her man's incarnate force, a mystery she reveres with the experience of being swept away, each time astoundingly far, a familiar and pleasant disorientation a thousand times more vivid then her recollection of its encompassing joy.

She ends up with her end up, with both an urge to please and to be taken somewhere incredible in this bedroom adventure. From her hands and knees, she turns back and says "do what you want with me", wanting to experience what he chooses with the intimate offer to thrust into interludes of merging as one. Her wetness graciously yields to robust entry.

They moan and scream on the path to climax until reaching euphoria. She grips and releases with lost control as he explodes inside her with pulsing spasms, panting and pleased with their love.

February 12, 2016


Cues abound in subtle subtleties -- from the contours and shape of her sweet doll face you don't even have to see her in tights to know she is supremely fit, but you don't mind the opportunity either.

What is so enchanting about her? That is seems together you could do everything, fully appreciate one another, and go far together. How restricted and clashing this is with most, but with her there is harmony instead of discord.

February 9, 2016

Fragile Romance

You must move quickly to love the woman who stirs your desire, for soon she will make a single mistake that will immediately and forever dispel the attraction that drew you to her.

She asserts her right to a future she doesn't deserve
He is left without, as the target has left the path

It's usually something small and fixable, such as messing up her hair, gaining 10 pounds, or expressing some petty interest. Though all of these can be quickly corrected, it is already too late. You have seen her in a way contrary to how you desire her. Now she is just another silly girl unsuitable for you.

"We look beautiful together." If only we could be together.

All romance is intrinsically bound up in the fragility of what a man imagines a woman to be, and perishes when this belief debunks itself from unexpected awareness of deception.

The brutality of time changes relations and takes deals off the table.
A man's challenge is overcoming romanticism, i.e. the creative desire to see a woman as what she is not. A man in love imagines his woman as far more beautiful than she is, and inverts her scope of qualities, taking her flash of a trait as representative of the whole while overlooking her glaring flaws and not noticing them as her norm, nor her obnoxious off-putting behavior and its source.

Her self-sabotaging destructive traits are seen as cute and fun, as if she has been frolicking through life gently rather than moping with long-seeded depression and trauma.

The more desperate the victim, the more intensely they project every desirable trait onto whatever creature is nearby.

February 8, 2016


What is worse than rape and murder? Only emasculation. Rape and murder are quickly done with, but after emasculation, the next episode might be just seconds away and surely will repeat through the day.

It is performed by thoughtless automatic habit as a manifestation of the worst disrespect, resentment, revenge, and disharmonious anger. It cannot be reasoned with, and the violence that would stop its repeated appearance is now banned, so like an invasive species liberated of checks and balances, it runs roughshod over the terrain as it lays the landscape to waste.

Emasculation pulverizes the spirit, assailing aspiration, debilitating decision and reason, introducing doubt and hesitation from knowledge that the irrational and inscrutable asserter might object and demand a full accounting based on nonsense. Thus instinct is crushed, expression silenced, and one only looks for escape so they can be natural again.

February 7, 2016

Continuous Trauma

Not to say you can't possibly hope to find happiness with someone who has been traumatized, but it's a much more involved undertaking.

First you must be a counselor and therapist, and then spa esthetician, constantly soothing, affirming, and calming. You try to slow the outbursts and quell angry expression, always striving to break the cycle that thirsts for repetition of the scarring experiences. Like tending to a handicapped child, you must always keep the disability in mind, as well as suitable rehabilitation techniques that will take many years and might not take completely, ultimately rendering only partial health.

Many traumatized people expose themselves, seemingly compulsively, to situations reminiscent of the original trauma. These behavioral reenactments are rarely consciously understood to be related to earlier life experiences. This "repetition compulsion" has received surprisingly little systematic exploration during the 70 years since its discovery, though it is regularly described in the clinical literature. Freud thought that the aim of repetition was to gain mastery, but clinical experience has shown that this rarely happens; instead, repetition causes further suffering for the victims or for people in their surroundings.
[van der Kolk BA. The compulsion to repeat the trauma: re-enactment, revictimization, and masochism]

Talking about traumatic events stir and invigorate them. Better is to let them pass by quietly and forget them than to construct defining monuments for unwelcome events. The past is gone and unchangeable; perhaps they can make a future, which would requiring orienting toward that possibility.

Nothing will make you hate those who cause pointless trauma more than to see the echo in its targets and how they search for a return to trauma and chaos to fill their lack of normalcy.

February 6, 2016

Multiple Vectors

You don't end civilization with just one vector of attack, but many simultaneously. First make people unattractive by breaking good breeding and establishing obesity as the norm. Then remove common culture and heritage so unity is prevented and shared social ideals are lost.

Follow that by making them useless and unpleasantly inert followers eager to enforce fantasy-based ideology. Then leave them as empty husks by replacing their purpose with entertainment, the supreme goal their energy, time, and consciousness should consume.

January 31, 2016


Michel Houellebecq Submission Michel Houellebecq's Submission poses a way back from the misery of enlightened progress to a more sensible society that we desire, where the good are rewarded and able to enjoy happiness, allowing parts of civilization to continue upward.

He begins by astutely painting a picture of modernity where our energies are wasted on ideological fantasies and illusions, first with silly education programs and then unrewarding jobs that spend our youth earning trite accolades. We search for interesting things in our communities and big cities, finding only intoxicants and trivial entertainment in a routine that leaves us isolated, lonely, exhausted, and with little prospect of a way out to a better situation because we've developed society into a sickly, low grade contraption.

We accept things have gone wrong, but don't really look for historical inflection points and a way out of the mess. Though the West defeated Marxist governments, Marxist believers gained control of culture and education, teaching their philosophy, word choices, canned debate phrases, and value judgments in place of tradition and critical thinking.

Feminism has triumphed and openly encourages hostile independence from men with predominance of female whims to prevent relationships and families, replacing companionship with a hookup culture that gives welfare for single mothers raising damaged children, paid for by people with jobs.

But all of this is barely held together by systems that are complicated, and thus fragile and doomed to eventual collapse. Because these schemes are artificial, sustaining their fabrication requires great public cost, making them subject to self-destruction when they become exposed as absurd or being quickly dismantled when their vast expense is necessary for redirection towards useful aims.

The grinding strife from lack of commonality with one's neighbors opens opportunity for a new third way to burst through. In Houellebecq's story, an election comes due with low interest in the parties of the day proposing lackluster candidates with an unenthusiastic reception, while a new Islamic party offers a respectable and charismatic leader with moderate views. To form a compromise government, the Islamic party gains support from a minority leftist party that wishes to weakly share power, and the democratically triumphant party institutes Islamic law and begins rearranging France into a European-Muslim hybrid model it intends to replicate across Europe and beyond into a new high civilization everywhere its population is surging.

Wealthy Saudi donors are used to fund a prestigious replacement of higher education, paying teachers substantially higher salaries, though requiring them to convert to Islam to keep their jobs. This has the side effect of allowing them wives and families, as is traditional in Islam but increasingly rare in the West.

This leaves the reader wondering about the recent undesired changes that imposed multi-culturalism and third-world immigration as a replacement population, with the ominous Orwellian slogan "diversity is our strength" aggressively asserted as a bluff to prevent rational consideration that its opposite is true.

Multiculturalism means anyone can show up, no one has to any longer agree with standards, the community is replaced by commerce, and there is no agreement on anything.
Multiculturalism ends shared values, standards, agreement, heritage, and community.

Our previous standard of high culture has been replaced by entertainment and normal lives seem out of reach. For all this misery, dysfunctional civilization, and corroding society, we were promised tremendous benefits not available to undiverse generations, yet we have nothing to show from these promises and the massive losses pushed on us. For everything taken away, we should at least have servants, concubines, palaces, and more money than we could ever spend, no longer needing jobs but choosing to spend our days and nights on our interests and with our large families.

Instead, social integrity was destroyed and intelligence is in rapid decline, indicating a transformation to a third-world future where at best a few remnants might preserve themselves and their wealth while the remainder turns into an identical copy of the rest of the failing world.

Overall, we realize that we gave away our high civilization and the riches we worked many generations to create in exchange for nothing. Our descendants will only be bequeathed tales about what we once were, had, and could do, before we changed everything and watched our society fall apart for the sake of delusional ideology we could not stop from spreading.

Houellebecq shortens the cycle of despair with a quick electoral chance to Islamic rule instead of a long Western decline that sees the consequences of current ideology taken to its logical conclusions. Not just for stylish reasons is this a good choice, as it's easy to argue that their appearance is proof that the foundation is already diseased or dead, for in no healthy system could such ideas appear and not be ruthlessly savaged for their short-sightedness.

A benevolent Muslim takeover is an unusual route to get past modernity's enfeeblement, and indisputably would create flourishing households. Though this method is not much different than wishing for visiting space aliens to impose enlightenment and a kind dictatorship, we know Muslims are real and have households. Continuing further in the current direction of society offers little hope and more darkness, especially given the power of politicians whose motivations are not aligned with the interests of citizens.

How bad could Islam be? It's a well demonstrated method by which we could once again have wives, families, homes, and stability. A deliberate implosion to allow conversion and takeover seems from a distance to be a wild Hail Mary pass waging everything on a lucky outcome. But sometimes a Hail Mary works, and at least shows we still dream about a few of the good things all previous generations were able to enjoy before we gave them away for nothing.

January 30, 2016

The Narrative Contrary to Reality

Media drama and political drama are distractions for personal gain For similar reasons, the stories media and democratic politicians produce are crazed fantasy that is usually the opposite of reality.

Both strive to produce maximum drama so people pay attention to their antics. Media uses viewers to promote commercials, while politicians promote themselves so voters select them for parasitic disassembling of society.

Ideally both news and politicians should be quiet, as barring personal gain, their task is boring and undramatic. News should blandly report facts, not indulge in dramatic story telling, stir readers into an emotional outrage, or push a particular political agenda. Likewise, politicians should perform basic tasks for public service, not seek a spotlight for attention and attracting money for favors.

As both media and politicians are promoting lies for profit, their business can be understood as traditional fraud.

Like those who blamed witches, media and politicians sell scapegoats as the reason for decline, but there are no secret oppressors. Because none are ever found, they are said to be elusive and in urgent need of being stopped, captured, liquidated, and their assets distributed to hard working marginalized addicts and mental cases.

They call themselves secular while adamantly pursuing a religious explanation, calling their group good and the group they envy evil, and then attributing false characteristics and motivations as they demonize the success of others while looking away from the reasons for their own failure.

The mediocre call themselves good, consider themselves innocent and an ideal all should emulate. Their total lack of innocence leaves them damaged by realizations that they don't measure up and were first left short by nature, and then biochemically in their lack of motivation to win a better outcome and correct their deficiencies. They wallow in a mix of compliance and blame, favoring others who are weak like them, and proposing a future where all would be educated with trendy untested speculative theories. This would wipe the past clean and allow a new start where they hope they could do better, as all the rules would be inverted, leaving them near the top.

They fixate on the happy and successful who are called evil and portrayed as malicious and plotting, and for unexplained reasons are said to be obsessed with scheming against the stupid and incapable so those people cannot escape their fate. Evil people use old established ideas and ways of thinking founded on the known and tested, and for this reason need to be stopped and forced to accept modern proposals in place of experience and knowledge. That they reject, resist, and dismiss the demands of the good is intolerable and drives them mad because it once again reveals nature favoring others whom they see others yield to harmoniously. Observing this affinity is strange and foreign to them, as magic force that could only be that of wizards and devils. This is only made worse when the evil ones open admit to favoring the capable who demonstrate strength and results, rather then treating all people equally and allowing the incapable and inept access to their worlds.

As shown in Seven Samurai, our best, rarest, and most difficultly cultivated resources are expended on the worst from their clever social deception feigning need and manipulating our pity, allowing their short-term gain at our collective loss.

January 22, 2016


We all crowd around the television to stare at the screen and learn what they want to teach us From a mansion, you never get a good look at other mansions. The space deliberately eliminates walking areas and sidewalks, requiring driving, just like a visit to unzoned Texas stores. No one walks from or to their mansion, creating security by removing means of idle access.

Mansions are normally placed on spacious land that is well lit at all hours, offering no approach by surprise. Arriving by car is obvious, and intruding by foot offers no easy escape. You could try a naked approach in the middle of the night, but many wealthy people work until early morning hours or start their days at 4am, with strange extended hours and differing rooms lit at night, so at best you're guessing their downtime while certain to meet a security system that quickly dispatches local police.

This deliberate separation from traffic has the antisocial side-effect of making it nearly impossible to meet neighbors except by rare accidents like retrieving mail at the same time.

Then a snowstorm arrives to shut down everything and the stillness becomes a perfect environment for walking and looking. Cars are temporarily self-banished and the houses you drive past can be viewed slowly for full appreciation. Their contours explain themselves, with the understated and classic exteriors often seen to be hiding vast innards, just as striped shirts make the large boned appear slimmer.

Most with mansions own businesses or serve executive functions. Some are free spirits who found another way, announcing themselves with unusual displays like black lights in the middle of an open architecture, purplish lights bursting out from a dozen window pairs. But typically they are drones with giant screens tranquilizing them with nonsense to stare at.

With the lack of serious activity in society, you might wonder what valuable functions they perform to earn this wealth. We don't have the great art and philosophy we used to, except by accident and contrary to society's direction. So what are these wealthy people doing?

Like politicians, they work for the masses, i.e. accommodating low taste and organizing that effort on a massive scale.

Millions are made not by quality, but by selling sugar water, bad cheeseburgers, and junk products of all kinds. Proles love junk and pay lots of money to keep junk businesses profitable. Look at all the awful stores around you -- proles can't stop giving them money to keep them going.

Also profitable are fashionable products for image. People like to appear important, which can be done by showing off a $5 cup of mediocre coffee that costs a few cents to make. You've come a long way, baby.

The mansion dwellers excel in being the enablers of proles to effectively and efficiently arm them with the junk products they want to consume. Like a successful football coach, executives are just smart enough to do their job well, and not too smart to realize they are doing wickedness by participating in a foolish enterprise.

This is why many wealthy people watch entertainment. They are supreme proles at heart, not artists or thinkers. Entertainment keeps their prole instincts sharp so they sense how to sell what proles desire.

January 21, 2016

Law of Attraction

The Mad Dog puts himself down, aware he has gone mad and loyal to the need for removal.

By acting out, he shows himself and others his madness. In madness, any target suffices for a demonstration that one has put himself in distress.

He makes crazy, imprudent plans and watches himself cause wreckage while understanding his machinations are totally irrational and certain to end badly.

And yet, he is not curious or honest enough to identify a root cause and correct, inoculate, or stop himself from certain destruction. Nor are his actions an exchange of giving something to get something, but a rapid compounding of multiple loses to lock in a grievous error.

All could see the blunder except the Mad Dog whose energies were spent explaining a fantastical upside and denying what he was creating.

January 19, 2016

What the Universe Demands

You always start with a blank canvas. What should go there?

Something new, a substantial idea conveyed precisely, reached by playfulness and humor.

The artist is an editor. Expression arrives as a totality that summarizes while conveying essential detail after having considered a vast expanse.

You are in open space all alone, thankfully far from the safety of custom.

January 18, 2016

Compendium of Error

Dangerous books occasionally get printed. At first their appearance suggests oppressive authorities must have been asleep at the wheel to let this highly subversive information into the wild. Now they will have to hunt down each copy, burn them, assassinate the author, "debunk" and "educate" prospective readers, and send a firm message so no one else tries to discuss the topic.

But none of that happens for a book that upends everything. It isn't noticed and the topic isn't considered the slightest bit interesting. People go on following the errors and misconceptions the book urges them to realize and discard.

Upon deeper reading it becomes clear the author doesn't understand the full magnitude of what he has uncovered. Because of his fixation on leftist social justice, the book distracts itself from a larger point. Nevertheless, the concluding implications should be considered.

Unfair by Adam Benforado reveals the legal system is founded on error, just like the rest of society Adam Benforado's Unfair examines the foundational flaws in the U.S. legal system. Eye witness testimony continues to be weighed heavily, despite being known to be the least reliable. Prosecutors use clever strategies in an attempt to win rather than pursue justice. Juries are gathered under the archaic premise that they can detect lies and ascertain truth, like sniffing out witches, but studies find no such ability to find truth or lies exists.

Good looking people receive lesser penalties, presumably from the instinct to judge well-constituted people less harshly than the poorly constituted. Judges give different penalties for the same crime depending on the time of day, suggesting they are in a hurry for lunch or too tired to assess rationally. Lie detectors only prove nervousness at the situation.

In any case, justice is unequal, as perhaps it should be, remembering that "one law for the lion and ox is oppression."

We see justice is based on superstitious thinking, capricious, and open-minded about accepting sworn testimony about things they imagine they saw, heard, felt, and maybe remembered in a particular way exactly as they happened many years ago when the event in question occurred.

This is where the author thought he was done, unaware of what he had opened. Not only is justice this collection of superstitious fantasies and illusions cast into custom, but every facet of civilization is built from a similar mix of reason, fantasy, mistake, happenstance, and fiction unified into a whole that stands with self-assurance of its durable applicability.

It neither doubts itself nor feels a need to check. Contrary information is tacitly ignored, prompting no structural correction or rebalancing. It keeps on as before, certain it is sensible, functionally sound, and ideally formed, despite awareness it is irrational, structurally flawed, and founded on primitive notions long ago recognized as wrong.

The wheel was used into the 19th century Foucault tried to clarify human folly by giving a history of punishment, showing that in all ages it remains the same presumptuous act, performed violently with good intentions to help teach the person it is done to, yet other than harming someone, it changes nothing.

As neither the moneyed interests nor clever lawyers care to assess the rules of the legal game and better tune them to reality, we should not expect any reevaluations in other areas of civilization founded on grossly erroneous principles.

Instead, expect failing systems to release pressure by becoming increasingly permissive while calling this need progress, which implies infinite permissiveness without scrutiny and historical comparison would be the best of all.

January 17, 2016

Repetition Despite Situation

We can't solve traffic, yet report it and send money to fix it, achieving nothing with this flaccid activity Public radio turtles up for its beating, as if passively waiting for an impartial referee to end the contest for lack of intelligent defense.

Every major city is overwhelmed by traffic, forcing moderns to either bypass traffic spiritually through transcendent detachment from society, physically by avoiding a common schedule or need to commute, or use of real-time data to find the least overrun side streets. In all cases, we've given up on government's ability to fix the problem, yet keep giving them money out of custom.

It is curious to be in a society in observations of its egregious errors and lack of focus. You can't really communicate with examples of its minds, but want a glimpse of the type of thinking behind this pattern of failure to take sensible decisions.

Waze offers some insight. Intended as an aggregate monitor to avoid traffic, it also alerts motorists about hidden speed traps. This is largely defeated by users displaying compliant autism by marking school traffic guards and visible police already engaged with roadside motorists so that the "police reported ahead" alert is transformed from information to noise. Other users pile on by reporting harmless disabled or parked cars on the shoulders so frequent "vehicle on shoulder ahead" announcements follow. This is only helpful if you don't have a fancy car with luxury features like a transparent windshield.

Who is your fellow citizen? He is literal and sees nothing wrong with making factual matches that destroy systems because he does not have awareness of what his actions accomplish. He has no consideration for the purpose or consequences of following instructions, nor ability to work through what those instructions will accomplish.

Meanwhile, public radio keeps giving out traffic information, which like weather is basically the same as yesterday, and in any case you'll deal with whatever it is. Insignificant and customary traffic will be reported anyway, and anything else is way behind traffic trends tracked by apps.

These attempts at communication are what you'd expect from robots or former professional boxers after a long career. While technically correct, they are wildly irrelevant and will require great effort to get them to stop doing things that add noise and don't make sense.

The tools are great, but the users who corrupt them are atrocious.

January 16, 2016

Cold Blood

It is called cold blooded because that is the opposite of what it is, which is how they name things when emotions run high.

Specific traits were recognized by those envious of them, i.e. those who did not possess them yet admired and desired what nature freely gave others, so for revenge they describe them with slander.

Who considers, measures, scrutinizes, organizes, and by instinct uses chains of reason to assess short and long term outcomes? Those for whom consequences are most severe because they had formative evolution in harsh, long winters that require planning under penalty of death.

Those who survived this for many generations do it effortlessly today because it is part of their nature. Others seek to possess reason by taking classes, studying its use, and trying to apply rules that feel foreign and strange.

Those from the cold have warm blood, not cold reptile blood that requires the sun for energy and movement.

When you see slander, it is first detected as a lie, and then you see the envy and desire for harming another for revenge.

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